Best Magnesium Chloride Bath Soak Products – Healing Benefits?


Magnesium chloride bath soaks are flakes, which contain pure magnesium chloride whose chemical formula is MgCl2. These flakes can be conveniently included in both full baths as well as foot soaks.

This way, they provide for an exceptionally effective means of letting the body imbibe the essential mineral magnesium along with a host of other important trace elements. This can be brought about through the process that is referred to as trans-dermal absorption. Absorbing nutrients trans-dermally simply means they get into the body by penetrating the outer layer of the skin. In turn, this enables users to absorb as much magnesium as their bodies require.

This method has been exhaustively proven by research to be much better than oral supplementation. Mainly, this is due to the fact that the latter method is somewhat restricted in terms of the limits, which are imposed on the uptake of this mineral, not to forget the actual assimilation once in the body. However, magnesium chloride bath flakes can quickly penetrate the skin and then permeate into the tissues and cells all over the body.

Additionally, these products can be an extremely cost effective solution for significantly elevating the levels of magnesium in the body. This is simply because they usually come in much stronger concentrations, and are to be had for a substantially lower cost than most other similar solutions.

At this juncture, it is vital to note that a quality magnesium chloride bath soak can deliver as much of 47% of pure magnesium. This is markedly a stark contrast to magnesium oil solutions that, at best, can offer no more than 34% of this essential mineral.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Magnesium Chloride Bath Soaks?

Like it has been already noted, the main benefit of magnesium chloride bath flakes is, without doubt, their ability to facilitate for optimal intake and assimilation of magnesium. In its turn, this can be able to bring about a wide range of critical health benefits. Let’s review in length some of the most important advantages you can conveniently access by using these bath soaks.

Remarkable Calming, Relaxing, And Pain Relieving Effects

Magnesium chloride bath soaks are highly renowned for possessing very exceptional calming, relaxing, and pain relieving properties. For the first 2, this definitely signifies they are in an excellent position of efficiently dealing with issues like physical exhaustion, and even the symptoms of pent up stress levels. As for pain relief, these particular products can be of immense aid when it comes to effectively dealing with muscle strains, sprains, inflammation, and even aching joints.

This naturally implies magnesium chloride flakes can be an ideal treatment for managing those symptoms, which are attributable to medical conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, to mention but a few.

Boosts Energy Levels

As you may probably be aware, magnesium is an extremely crucial factor in a variety of enzyme reactions that occur in the body. By far one of the most vital parts it plays in this given context is catalyzing the production of adenosine trisphosphate (ATP) at the cellular level.

For those who might not be in the know, ATP is the exact ‘fuel’ that the cells require to carry out their various functions. In turn, this means magnesium is crucial for the proper function of the brain and the entire nervous system, as well.

Effective Cardiovascular Support

At the same time, these products can be vital for the appropriate function and health of the cardiovascular system in a number of different ways. One of these is the undeniable fact that magnesium can fortify arterial health and wellbeing.

Promotes Optimal Calcium Absorption In The Body

The magnesium present in these bath soaks can go a long way in enabling your body to absorb maximum levels of the essential mineral calcium in a very convenient and hassle-free way. This naturally culminates in developing stronger bones and teeth, regardless of your exact age.

Supports Tissue Detoxification And Purification

Magnesium is particularly efficient in drawing toxins from the tissues, which can play a huge role in their purification. Also, this essential mineral can help in the replenishment of vital fluids at the cellular level of the body.

Besides the above listed health benefits, magnesium chloride bath soaks can offer many others, the most notable of which include treating a wide range of skin conditions, significantly elevating mood, and promoting restful sleep.

Possible Side Effects Of Magnesium Chloride Bath Soaks

Like it was earlier stated, magnesium chloride bath flakes are derived from pure all natural sources. This makes the possibility of these products giving rise to serious adverse reactions to be next to nil. Nevertheless, there have been very rare reports of people experiencing side effects, which are attributable to their usage.

These, for the most part, are allergic skin reactions such as outbreak of rashes, swollen or peeling skin, and even hives. In the event any of these occur to you, it is highly recommended that you immediately seek medical attention.

Top Magnesium Chloride Bath Soak Products

There are numerous brands you could choose from when it comes to the top magnesium chloride bath soak products currently available in the market. Still, the exact quality you ultimately obtain tends to vary from one brand to the next. Here are some of the very best brands you may like to look into, if you wish to integrate these bath soaks into your regular lifestyle.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes

Ancient Minerals offers ultra pure magnesium chloride bath soaks that are sourced from the seabed of the Zechstein Sea in Holland. These products contain around 47% of pure magnesium in their overall weight. They can be utilized in both full baths and foot soaks, as you deem fit, to access the various health benefits outlined in this review.

Better You Magnesium Chloride Original Flakes

Better You is yet another leading brand in this given business. Like Ancient Minerals, it sources its magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea region of the Netherlands. The Better You Magnesium Chloride Original Flakes, apart for presenting all the benefits listed in the benefits section, can also assist in upholding the strength and elasticity of the skin. This product can also be a suitable and highly effectual natural cure for numerous skin conditions. Some of the most prominent are eczema, acne, and even psoriasis.

Life Flo Health Pure Magnesium Chloride Flakes

On a parting shot, this is still another reputable brand, which provides top quality magnesium chloride soak products that you may wish to opt for. Like both of the above reviewed companies, this one derives its magnesium chloride from the seabed of the Zechstein Sea, too. Essentially, a full cup of these bath flakes are in a good position of yielding up to 51 grams of ultra pure magnesium chloride, along with plenty other trace minerals that are beneficial, too.

Best Magnesium Chloride Bath Review Summary

As you have evidently discerned from reading this review, magnesium chloride bath soaks can be the very best way to give your body optimal levels of this essential and all important mineral. The regular intake of magnesium can have lasting results on your overall health and wellness.

This mineral plays a big role in numerous enzyme reactions which take place in your body. If you remember, one of the most crucial of these is the way it acts as a catalyst for the production of ATP at the cellular level of your body.

This furnishes your cells with the prerequisite energy they stand in need of to carry out their functions. Magnesium also has exceptional calming, relaxing, and pain relieving properties. The last of which can let you effectively manage diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis.

It can also support cardiovascular function, the effective absorption of calcium, and even cure many skin conditions. So, integrating magnesium chloride bath soaks into your regular lifestyle may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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