CIVANA Wellness Resort – All In One Healthy Vacation Community?


The Civana resorts and wellness communities are a new kind of retreat for people who want to practice medtiation, mindfulness and sustainable living in a supportive environment.

The company claims that their resorts and events allow the mind to flow, gather and be still away from the stresses of everyday life.

Civana combines the principles of mind, body, and spirit to create what they have termed Sustainable wellness.

The Civana resorts are due to open in the Winter of 2018.

More About Civana

The team at Civana are:

  • Kevin Kelly
  • Peter Smith
  • Marc Skalla
  • Michael Kasser
  • Beau King
  • Adam Ross
  • Rianna Riego
  • Larry Lamy

Together they have a wealth of experience in running resorts and getaways for busy professionals who want to lower their stress levels and learn to live an easier, stress-free lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Going To A Civana Event?

The meditation retreats happen in secluded locations. You can't access your telephone, respond to e-mails, or contact the ones that aren't in the retreat. Actually, you can't even talk to anyone at the retreat unless you want to speak to a teacher or a course counsellor! This permits you to concentrate on just learning the proper meditation methods without being interrupted by an annoying cell phone call.

You frequently remain in isolated, forested areas. Obviously depending on the Civana center, you may be sleeping in a dormitory, tent, or personal room. However, the surroundings are very calm and supply you with distance from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced life many of us are living everyday. Moreover, everyone there wants to become happier and more at peace with life, so you get a massive boost from being amidst like minded people.

Your needs are cared for. At the same time you want to bring your own clothes and toiletries, excellent food is cooked and provided for you. No anxiety here!

The instructors at Civana have usually undergone strict training and are utilized to answering the common questions that lots of students face when starting to meditate. They can help you conquer problems, strengthen your practice, and provide support during difficult moments. You can not get that if studying the text of an internet page or a book.

How Do The Courses By Civana Work?

While the technique is clearly explained and you will find one hour every day discourses on Buddhist principles, the focus is on actually applying what you understand. The majority of your day is dedicated to practicing meditation, not reading a novel.

You do not need to accept any spiritual rights and can still remain in whatever faith you are a part of. Simply because you're going on a Buddhist retreat, it doesn't mean that you need to become a Buddhist or begin praising Buddah. In fact, some of the initial things you're told are that a) you are able to still remain in whatever religion you chose to, and b) you are able to deny some of these teachings if you want and just use the meditation procedure to become more calm.

You can always leave at any time. Just because you sign up and appear for a retreat, does not mean they will take your first born child if you want to leave. If you decide that the escape is too extreme, you are free to leave at any time and can find out a new way to find meditation that might be less intense!

Civana Review Summary

Civana is yet to develop a reputation in the market as they are new entrant. However, the team at Civana has a lot of combined experience among the board and senior-level executives. This amount of experience could help its customers strengthen their expeirence while at a Civana retreat, as well as guiding their frontline staff towards making better decisions overall.

More details are set to be released by Civana as they become available for their 2018 Winter summit.

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