Back To Basics Living Summit – 2017 Healthy Lifestyle Experts Event?


Imagine being able to attend a powerful summit from the comfort of your own home? An online summit, attended by thousands, but without travel? Sounds too good to be true right?

The Back To Basics Living Summit is an online summit that everyone and anyone can attend. No travel required.

Back to Basics is a summit dedicated to you, and to how you can take back your freedom, your real freedom, and secure your place in this society.

Regain Your Freedom

This Summit is going to focus on helping you to regain the ability to choose. Our choices, the ones that are best for us and our families, have become so limited we are becoming trapped. Literally turning us all into prisoners.

The astronomical prices of organic foods, the one’s we should be able to provide for our families, are only available to those with money to throw away. The organic foods, the ones grown without harmful chemicals, they should be readily available for everyone.

Instead we are forced to buy the cheapest, least healthy form of food for our families. The point is, this has taken our choices away. We simply cannot choose to have the healthier foods.

Freedom is something that is highly regarded, something Americans take great pride in, however, we are not really free. It is just an illusion, we are being tricked into thinking we have the power of choice when we do not.

What’s the Alternative?

The alternative here is to provide our own choices by arming ourselves with knowledge and abilities. We can change the future by embracing the past. We can gain the skills we need to take back control of our health, our lives, and our future.

Basic skills like growing your own foods, preserving foods, cooking, creating food storage, these are all sustainable skills that got out forefathers through tough times, this is really what freedom looks like.

Families are struggling with debt, coping with poor health, prescription medications, these are all things that lead to having to depend on the system more, while really reducing our power to make choices, and diminishing our freedoms. We become tied to doctors, banks, pharmaceutical companies; and not it’s time to make it stop.

Something as simple as starting your own garden, reducing and stopping the urge to eat out, create a toxic free living environment, and the ability to get out of debt will change your lives dramatically.

Making it Easier For You

This is not an easy task or transition though. Most of us simply have not had this knowledge or these skills passed down to us. learning how to grow and preserve food was quite a learning experience. Through this journey, it was decided that everyone needs to know how to cook without opening a box. This transition can be easier for you, and that is what the Back to Basics Living Summit is purposed to do.

The Back To Basics Living Summit has brought together authors, experts, and thought leaders to help you to take back your freedom. These are people who are practicing these methods, and learning these techniques and skills in relation to our moderns society. You will learn how to save money and get out of debt, grow and preserve your own food, and how to truly become independent.

You will never have to purchase seeds again, you will learn how to build food storage, and how to preserve food. This summit will teach you will have all of the skills you thought you could never have, everything to give the power of choices back to you. You will no longer feel the need to be dependent on services to sustain your life and you family. You will gain valuable skills you can then pass down to your children.

If you want to take back your freedom, the Back to Basics Living Summit is for you.

This is what you can expect to learn at the summit:

How to Register For The Back To Basics Living Summit

Visit the website and enter your email, you will be sent an email on how to watch this free summit, view the summit presentations, and if you’d like to own it, you will have the option of purchasing it.

What Comes Along With Your Back To Basics Living Summit Registration?

Six bonus gifts will come along with your summit registration.

  1. Simple Salad Dressings. A collection of 15 recipes to make homemade dressings that are nutritious.
  2. Easy Homemade Crackers in 5 Minutes. Recipes to make simple crackers at home.
  3. Three Essential Tutorials for Homesteaders and Urbanites. Recipes and instructions to be more self reliant and wholesome in food preparation.
  4. Food Storage and Survival. A handy chart to find out which oxygen absorber is best used for long term storage.
  5. Day After Disaster. A book from the Changing Earth Series.
  6. Homemade Natural Soda. A book of recipes to make natural sodas.

Register now to secure your spot at the Back to basics Living Summit and become one step closer to real freedom.

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