Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test: Broad Hormonal Assessment?


Does The Healthy Male Checkup System Work?

It is common knowledge that men are unaware or ignorant of the health condition of their bodies. Most men indicate that they rarely maintain any regular contact with their doctors or any healthcare services. While this might seem standard, it is a dangerous trend. The real cause of the behavior is still unknown although people do attribute the stabbing to the over a psychological state with men or fear of their health state confidentiality. However, there is a venture with online medical labs that want to encourage more men to seek healthcare services.

Personalabs is an online healthcare portal that offers individuals a hub to control their health without the intervention of insurance or doctors. The company allows users to take a proactive approach regarding their health through the online screening, tests and lab results. To cater for men, Personallabs has the Healthy Male Checkup portal which is a screening tool for those who seek an assessment. The comprehensive health assessment plan will avail a wide range of tests for chronic diseases, hormones, and the overall body function.

What Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test Offers

  • Prostate cancer test
  • Testosterone test
  • Urinalysis
  • Lipid panel test
  • Iron and Panel Blood Test
  • Complete Blood Count test with platelet count

The Broad Hormonal Assessment Checkup Procedure

The first detail to start with is to become a registered Personalabs member. That will require you to fill out information regarding yourself and your health history. The next step is to choose from the over 300 tests on offer and purchase one for your potential illness. You get to print a doctor's order to begin the test phase. With the test report, you can go for the test at any of Personalabs 4,000 locations. If your assessment was conclusive, you could get the result on the same day, or in 2 days depending on your condition. If your situation is dangerous, Personalabs' can request you seek medical help from professionals.

Merits Of Using Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test

  • It is much cheaper compared to the traditional checkup system
  • Faster with less bureaucracy and prompt results
  • Over 300 tests to pick from and undergo
  • The Healthy Male Checkup program provides anonymity to all its patients
  • There is a refund policy in case you are dissatisfied
  • HIPAA Compliant firm
  • Membership comes with special offers, discounts, and education tools.
  • You receive the best prescription for all conditions

Who Should Use The PersonaLabs' Healthy Male Checkup?

There is little information on whether everyone is eligible to use the Healthy Male Checkup. The site does indicate that it suits all males looking for an alternative from the conventional hospitals. Additionally, PersonaLabs is an excellent option for those with no healthcare plan which is a majority of the population. As a result, the online medical test portal provides an alternative for those who cannot afford health insurance. The testing services are cheaper and faster than ordering a test by your doctor through the insurance company. The Healthy Male Checkup is also a test platform for those who fear the confidentiality relating to their STD conditions.

Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test Conclusion

With years of experience in the telehealth sector, Personalabs has a high reputation for quality services. They do have the standards and quality, and with the Healthy Male Checkup, they may get more men to seek medical services. Fortunately, this can lead to the identification of diseases beforehand and consequently save lives. However, attempting services like those of Personalabs is no excuse not to see the doctor. To add, they should complement our existing health services and not replace them. In the end, going to the doctor is critical to ascertain your health condition.

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