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Most men assume they are fertile, and will have children when they are ready. Yet, the reality is that until you are sure fertility and virility, you cannot be 100 percent certain that you’ll father a child.

This is even more so in the face of recent male fertility research showing that male infertility is often responsible for about 30 percent of all infertility cases, and another 30-50 percent (https://www.auanet.org/education/guidelines/male-infertility-d.cfm) when couples try to get pregnant the second time without any luck.

Unfortunately, most men are often unwilling to go get themselves checked. For many, it’s a financial issue –fertility treatments and consultations can be super expensive. That, combined with insurance inquiries and so many other barriers, makes it such a chore.

This is why of the estimated 7 million couples needing some sort of fertility assistance at every point in time, only about 200,000 can actually afford the treatments and tests. That means, an estimated 6.8 million are often unable to do anything about their situation –even something as basic as a motility test.

The FutureFamily goal is to help provide an easy, unencumbered, and hassle free way to get tested and find out if you have fertility problems. They do this through their Sperm Activity Test (SAT).

In this review of Future Family’s Sperm Activity Test, we’ll be highlighting

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Determine if the test and system is effective
  • The possible pros and cons of the system
  • Examine how it compares with regular fertility testing and consultation

About FutureFamily Sperm Activity Test (SAT)?

Established by Tomkins and Eve Blossom, FutureFamily was borne out of a need to help other people who need fertility consultations and help them have a better experience –having a child shouldn’t be so strenous.

They both had a hectic experience, as well as spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, all because they wanted a child. That experience helped them realize just how difficult the entire process. Future Family is their answer to the cumbersome process of fertility consultation.

The Sperm Activity Test itself is geared at helping men –both married and single- identify how virile they are in a non-tedious manner. Most people would assume that this only concerns married men or intending parents.

However, the company does recommend that every male undergo this test to determine their fertility. This is coming in the wake of research indicating that the average western (men in first world countries) man’s sperm is 50 percent less potent than it was a few decades ago.

This is a worrying stat and one that’s serious cause for alarm. Based on that analysis alone, it means that the average American is at a higher risk of being sub-fertile or even impotent than his mates 40 years ago.

The SAT is a sperm analysis program/kit that’s guaranteed to provide you with a lot more details regarding your sperm’s and reproductive health than any other over the counter or at-home tests can. The analysis will cover all of the following key parameters:

  • Sperm volume
  • Concentration
  • Motility
  • Morphology

These are key tests and parameters that other fertility clinics carry out and charge patients thousands of dollars for. Future Family’s SAT only costs $200.

How Does The Sperm Activity Test Process Work?

To get the full benefits, all you have to do is simply log on to the website at https://www.futurefamily.com/testing/men. The process is pretty simple after that. You’ll just purchase the $200 test.

After purchase, the company will send you a kit in the mail which essentially helps you get acquainted with your “nurse concierge”. In the kit, you’ll find the next steps necessary to carry out the test.

You are then referred to a local clinic where you can have your sperm analyzed, and parameters like morphology, motility, concentration and volume are measured. It is from this point onwards that the Sperm Activity Test differentiates itself from your regular fertility clinic visits.

Most fertility clinics will often give you your results without explaining the results to you. The SAT does the exact opposite by linking you with a seasoned fertility health practitioner who will explain the results to you in detail.

This is usually done over the internet using video chats. The health expert will then recommend the next best steps for you to take. This consultation is covered by your initial $200 payment.

The end result therefore, is one where users have access to getting thoroughly tested without jumping through the hoops they’d have had to if they had gone to a fertility clinic. Taking the Sperm Activity Test eliminates the often inconclusive and misleading results that many people get from using at-home fertility testing kits.

Bottom line, the company has a network of experienced fertility specialists on call, ready to advise you and explain whatever you need, as well as a wide network of fertility clinics and hospitals that you can walk into.

The company doesn’t own the lab or hire the specialists directly. Although they did mention they are slowly hiring a few nurses directly as employees, most of their specialists work with the company on a contract basis.

Is the FutureFamily Test Effective?

While there’s no available data or statistic to measure the effectiveness of the test –the company is new and just launched the SAT this June-, the process seems pretty straightforward and in line with standard health practices.

It’s definitely better than at-home test kits with their often confusing results. The process is pretty much what you’d have to go through if you were to walk into a hospital. It’s just way more simplified, and eliminates many of the barriers that most individuals seeking information on their fertility have to deal with.

It’s a straight line –a shortcut if you will- from testing to diagnosis. They provide a direct route to established fertility laboratories and access to fertility specialists who will tell you how virile your sperm is in plain, simple English.

If you are looking to have your sperm tested –and you should no matter the age or marital status- this might be the quickest way to do that without having to worry about the regular bottlenecks like private clinics, cost of testing, identifying established fertility laboratories, dealing with insurance just to take the test, lack of clear information on your condition –if any- and so much more.

FutureFamily’s attempt at simplifying sperm testing is a breath of fresh air in the medical field that’s often beset with bureaucratic red tapes and unnecessary obstacles. If you are looking to get your sperm’s potency tested, you might want to try Future Family’s Sperm Activity Test.

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