The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event – 3 Day Prevent & Treat Speakers?


The Truth About Cancer is an online seminar that streams live over the course of three days to let men and women know about the different ways to fight, heal from, and overcome cancer. There is no cost to register, and all the details are emailed to the consumer.

What is The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event?

Cancer is an aggressive disease that affects millions of people every year. While there is plenty of research to help with the healing that men and women need, the medical industry could do more.

Most people do not have a full understanding of this broad disease, but a little more knowledge can change the way that consumers approach their own health. To learn more, consumers have the chance to take part in a seminar called The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event.

The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event is hosted by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, but consumers do not have to worry about travelling to the location at all. Instead, this seminar is given online, where consumers can watch a livestream in the comfort of their home.

The seminar is packed into three days of impressive knowledge that every person should know, which take place from October 5th at 8:30am EST until October 7th. The streaming service is compatible with both computers and smartphones.

During the program, the speakers will collaborate to detail everything that consumers may need to be aware of with this disease. With 40 of the top doctors, scientists, and other professionals, consumers get a realistic idea of what they need to do to stay free of this disease. Specifically, the information deals with preventing, treating, and beating this horrible disease.

What Will Consumers Get Out of The Truth About Cancer?

When consumers tune into the livestream, they will have a different topic each of the days that reviews the information that they need to integrate to their own lives.

Dr. Rashid Buttar hosts a speaking event called “How to Heal Cancer Naturally”. He explained the seven strategies he has learned that cut cancer from the body. While many doctors encourage aggressive treatment with medications, chemotherapy, and radiation, Dr. Buttar claims that none of these practices are necessary.

He dives deep into his techniques to explain everything that consumers need to do to be free of cancer, once they are diagnosed.

Two doctors, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. David Jockers, bring consumers The Ideal Anti-Cancer Diet. With their session, they help consumers to understand what every cancer patient needs to be eating, helping to support the healing process, while keeping them strong.

However, their diet plan extends to consumers that want to prevent cancer, implying that someone can keep themselves from being diagnosed with this disease by eating properly.

With all the different speeches, the hosts of the seminar state that all the information is based on factual evidence and results. There are case studies, scientific date, and literature that support all the claims made at the event.

However, there is no information to say if this research will be made available to the attendees, or if the authenticity is implied.

Pricing Information

Attending the seminar for The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event is completely free. All the user needs to do is enter their email address and name on the registration on the website to secure their spot, since spaces are limited.

To earn prizes with the seminar, consumers can help promote the event of their social media pages. Some of the prizes include:

  • Cancer Cure Deception DVD ($10 value)
  • The Truth About Cancer, a best-selling book ($15 value)
  • The Truth About Cancer custom shirt ($20 value)
  • A one-year subscription to the newsletter titled “Heroes Against Cancer) ($49 value)
  • An autographed copy of TTAC: A Global Quest Gold ($297 value)

If the consumer is one of the first five people to refer 100 friends to the event, they get two free tickets to the next live event, though the next event is not listed.

Contacting the Coordinators of The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event

Even though the website is straightforward, and the seminar is coming up fast, consumers may still want to learn more information about the event. Consumers need to either call or email the company to learn more information.

The Truth About Cancer LIVE Event Conclusion

The Truth About Cancer is setup to help expose the lies behind this terrible disease, while educating consumers about what they can do to make things better. The program is helpful in changing the approach that each person takes for their health, explaining what habits they hold right now that could be putting them at risk.

Since the event is completely free, anyone with the time over this three-day period should sign up to learn The Truth About Cancer.

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