Butea Superba – Does Red Kwao Krua Boost Testosterone Levels?


Butea Superba, better known as the Red Kwao Krua from Thailand, is known to be a male equivalent of Pueraria Mirifica, a phytoestrogen which goes by the name White Kwao Krua. It is a common vine found in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India with roots that are known to have great medicinal value.

It is a vegetable that looks similar to Pueraria Mirifica, but does the opposite when it comes to effect. The tuber has been for years used to enhance male vitality and for aphrodisiac purposes in Thailand. The tuber appears to be a great source for androgenic compounds and has been used greatly to manufacturer various supplements.

The Butea Superba is abundantly distributed in the Thailand forests and is a very popular plant among Thai males. It is greatly known for its sexual vigor and rejuvenation. Most people in the Western countries refer to it as the creeping butea, red kwao krua, the flame of the forest, the butea gum tree, and the climbing palas.

There are very limited amount of studies that go to prove the aphrodisiac properties of the plant, but its inclusion in most male boosters shows it has some effect. Butea Superba has a very weird mixture of compounds in it.

It contains both the phytol androgens and the phytoestrogens that are usually found in males and females respectively. It also contains the anti-estrogenic compounds which seem to balance the estrogenicity of the plant.

The androgenic compounds of the plant make it a great testosterone booster. There are various reports that have suggested the plant does have an impact in enhancing breast size, although no clinical studies have been done to prove that.

One of the compounds in Butea Superba is the 3, 7, 3’Trihydroxy-4’dimethoxyflavone, which is a strong cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Being a cAMP inhibitor means it prevents the inactivation of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate; the secondary messenger between the hormones and cells). In theory, this compound should increase the testosterone levels by activating the androgen receptors.

There have been several case studies done to show the efficacy of the Butea Superba in improving testosterone levels in men, but most of them have been done on rodents. The few that have been done on humans did not provide enough evidence to conclude its effectiveness. There have been claims that the herb is as good as Viagra, but these results were impossible to prove.

Uses and Benefits of Butea Superba

Male energy and enhancement

There are very few studies in the Western world to show the effectiveness of butea. However, some research has shown that Butea Superba has some anti-cholinesterase activity, which would mean an increase in the levels of Acetylcholine in the body.

Acetylcholine, on the other hand, is known to improve memory and erectile dysfunction in men. It is also believed to have some influence on the release of testosterone, but more studies are needed to prove this claim. However, there is some truth to claims that Butea Superba would be androgenic.

Most of the health benefits of Butea Superba do present in men, providing tons of male energy and enhancement. The phytol androgens found in the herb do mimic the male hormones, giving men faster recovery periods. Some of the other benefits include increased strength, energy, and muscle tone. Females can benefit also from the herb, but see less exaggerated results than those evident in males.

In men, the androgenic effects of the plant are not only limited to physical energy and fitness. There are millions of men affected by erectile dysfunction worldwide. Butea Superba has a strong, remarkable ability both in traditional and modern medicine to greatly improve libido and encourage stronger orgasms in men.

It can increase blood flow and raise chances of conception for men with low sperm counts. For those having trouble in the bedroom, trying out Butea Superba might come in handy. It might not be as powerful as the Viagra, but it is a great way to enhance your masculinity and feel great as a result.

Heart Health

The high amount if phytonutrients and flavonoids in the plant can gain immediate access to the heart, helping with cardiovascular functions. Such healthy flavonoids and phytonutrients help combat cholesterol levels in the body and fight other heart diseases.

The correct pathways through which nutrients and flavonoids work are not well understood, but people who take them have been shown to have better cholesterol balance than those without.

Hair Loss

Butea Superba has been found to help with the loss of hair in men. Hair loss or hair thinning is a very common problem in men, but elements in Butea Superba have been shown to cause hair growth and hair strengthening.

Bone Health

Other unrelated studies to sexual performance have shown an increased bone health and mineral bone density after the consumption of Butea Superba. The effect on bone density and strength can be directly related to higher nutrient uptake in the gut.

Butea Superba consumption is highly recommended for people suffering from degenerative bone diseases and osteoporosis. It improves the uptake of nutrients in the gut, giving the bones all the minerals they need to remain strong.

Anti-Inflammatory Activity

The plant has some anti-inflammatory properties that help with the treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, such as hemorrhoids and gout. The anti-inflammatory effect of the herb is due to the chemical compounds in it.

Cancer Treatment

There have been recent studies that have suggested a possible anti-carcinogenic activity of some of the compounds in the plant. Butea Superba can help prevent the cancer cells from spreading.

It does this by inhibiting the multiplication and division of the cancer cells. Certain enzymatic reactions in the body help keep the cancer cells static, leading to a possible halting of the spread of the cancerous cells and tissues in cancer sufferers.

Helps Fight Alzheimer’s

The use of Acetylcholinesterase to fight Alzheimer disease means the herb can help with the disease treatment. Butea Superba has the Acetyl Cholinesterase inhibitor which is found in most symptomatic Alzheimer disease victims.

Anti-Microbial Properties

Compounds in Butea Superba have been shown to have anti-microbial properties against some micro-organisms.

Depression and Mood

Butea Superba is a good antidepressant and helps improve mood. It is a great choice for people with stress and depression symptoms.

Risks and Side Effects

Despite the numerous health benefits of the herb, there are a few risks and side effects that every individual looking to use butea should be aware of.

There exist various powder forms of Butea Superba in the market, but you must not buy blindly without understanding the risks and side effects. It is always good to consult with your doctor, especially if you’re using other medications to avoid contraindications.

Androgen disruption

In an experiment conducted at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, the effect of Butea Superba was conducted on rats for 90 days, with blood samples being collected after every 30 days for testing.

At the end of the experiment, rats with high doses of the herb were found to have large spleens and reduced serum levels for testosterone. Despite the positive effects of the herb in boosting testosterone levels, high doses in humans are not advised.

Cell proliferation

The same study found out those high doses of Butea Superba powder caused increased cell proliferation in female rats. The herb was found to exert its anti-estrogenic effects, which increased the number of uterine glands.

The thickness of the uterine wall was also found to increase greatly. The uterine weight and number of uterine glands increased in both sets of rats, showing the effects of the powder in cell proliferation.

Other Associated Risks

Butea Superba has been found to have significant side effects in men, although there is not enough supporting evidence on the long run. It is always good to consult your health care provider about any side effects and associated risks before starting the use of this herb.

Women who are pregnant are advised against using this herb, as it is known to cause hormonal imbalance which can lead to a miscarriage.

Top Butea Superba Products

There are several products on the market that contain Butea Superba. Some of the common products in the market are in the category of sexual boosters in men and include the following:

  • Passion RX
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus

Make sure to read the labels of most male enhancer to check for Butea Superba, as most of the male supplements in the market contain the herb. The list above is just a few of the top products and most exist in combination with other herbs.

Butea Superba Conclusion

Butea Superba is a great herb and one that comes with tons of benefits. There is not enough research to prove most of the benefits it offers, making it difficult for people to truly appreciate this unique herb.

Butea Superba has been clearly shown to have great androgenic effects in the male body. However, always consult with your doctor about its effectiveness and risks associated with it before using it.

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