Blood Pressure Decreaser – Thomas Andrews Lowering BP Methods?


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 American adults have high blood pressure. That’s about 75 million people. Of these 75 million, only 40.5 million or 54 percent have the disease under control.

In 2013 alone, more than 360,000 people died from health conditions directly linked with high blood pressure. Known as the silent killer, it is possible for you to have it and not know it.

In many cases, victims just keel over and die. And for those who are lucky to live through it, it can cause significant health conditions that can be equally fatal. In fact, the same CDC report shows that the first incidence of stroke, heart attack and congestive heart failure are often linked to neglected high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure can be difficult to diagnose or detect by oneself. You need professional help to be able to accurately tell if you have it or not. The absolute best way to find out is to have your doctor run a quick check on you.

While there are many traditional treatment options offered by doctors and conventional medicine, most of them result around managing the symptoms. Which means, many people end up staying on the pills for the rest of their lives –a situation not many are willing to condone.

As a result, many high blood pressure sufferers are increasingly seeking alternative, non-chemical solutions that are natural and provide permanent solutions to their high blood pressure. This is what birthed the Blood Pressure Decreaser program by Michael Andrews.

In this Blood Pressure Decreaser review, we’ll be looking at the program itself, its contents and proffered solutions. You’ll find out if this book is worth the cost or whether you should keep looking for other proven alternatives that can help lower your blood pressure naturally.

What’s The Blood Pressure Decreaser?

The author, Michael Andrews, promises that he can help you get your high blood pressure under control if you follow the methods he discovered after talking to a “health expert” who spent years studying the Tsimane tribe in the Amazon forest.

The author claims that the key to the longevity and absence of high blood pressure among this tribe lies in a compound called Coenzyme Q10, a compound that’s readily available in plant and animal protein sources like chicken, fish, beef, nuts and eggs. The book contains information on

He also offers bonuses such as the Blood Pressure Cookbook and Blood Pressure Exercises Guide to help you make a buying decision today and fork over $39.97 for the program.

Our Thoughts On The Blood Pressure Decreaser eBook

As far as we’re concerned, this ebook is just fluff. Look, Blood pressure is no joke, so if the book doesn’t have concrete valuable, actionable and proven solutions that actually work, there’s absolutely no reason why you ought to buy this book.

This particular book has no information on high blood pressure here that you cannot find online or get from your doctor. If anything, the author just compiled general health articles from the internet, threw together a few published news items, and packaged them as a book.

The first thing you should know is that there are people who are willing to feed off the fear of sick people, and capitalize on that fear just to make a quick buck. These people have no qualms about taking money from the sick because they know that the victims of these illnesses will do anything to get well.

From our initial impressions of this program, the so-called Michael Andrews is one of those people. For starters, the sales copy was poorly written. In fact, it seems like something written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker and from a third world country.

Please note that we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with folks from the third world countries –in fact some of them are incredibly educated and literate with incredible writing capabilities. We’re just saying this particular one isn’t.

We also did a reverse picture search only to find that all the images used on the sales page wee all easily sourced pictures of traditionally dressed folks –have no idea if they’re actually Amazonians.

The third red flag was the dodgy, non-verifiable testimonials on the sales page. Again, a “tool of trade” used by salespeople peddling shady items. The fourth was the fake promise of a cure within 13 days. Really? If this was out there, then everyone would be cured of their high blood pressure.

The reality is that everyone’s high blood pressure is unique and different. Your triggers may be different from the next person’s a good example is a mid-level executive working and incredible high stress job.

No matter what drugs or lifestyle recommendations you give him, he’ll most likely never get better because he’s consistently exposed to those triggers, and he’s reacting to them the best way the body knows how –elevated blood pressure.

That said, the information might be worth something to folks who don’t know how to surf the internet for this information. So, if you don’t know how to surf the internet for this information, then it might be worth it to buy the book.

But NOT at roughly $40. That just makes no sense. If he was selling it for between $9 and $15, might have been worth it. But, if after reading this, you will feel the need to get it, by all means, please do. But remember to take the story with a pinch of salt and don’t expect to get cured within 13 days.

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