Rejuva Digest – Quantum Wellness’ Digestive Enzymes Formula?


Rejuva Digest is a supplement that helps improve the digestive system with multiple enzymes involved with the breaking down of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The formula offers 18 different substances, and can be used with existing medications.

What Is Rejuva Digest?

The digestive system can be fickle, especially when the body deals with so many different types of food. Even the healthiest person decides to indulge sometimes, and any kind of fast food is enough to set the body off balance. Environmental exposure to certain toxins can have an impact. With a remedy like Rejuva Digest, consumers can improve the way that the body works.

Rejuva Digest offers important enzymes that already occur in the body. However, when somone’s diet is not perfectly balanced, there is a risk of reducing the effectiveness of those enzymes. By choosing to include Rejuva Digest in a diet, the user is able to:

Most people want to change the way that their body handles food with a cleanse or a tonic. While these remedies can be effective sometimes, they actually eliminate all the bacteria that help the digestive process as well. With this supplement instead, consumers can create a healthier body with the nourishment, rather than flushing out the body.

How It Works

The reason that the Rejuva Digest formula is so effective in the body is due to the different ingredients in the blend. Those enzymes include:

  • Protease 1 and 2, for protein
  • Aspergillopepsin, for gluten
  • Amylase, for starch
  • Lipase, for fat
  • Cellulase, for sugar
  • Glucoamylase, for starch and simple sugars
  • Invertase, for carbohydrates
  • Alpha Galactosidase, for complex sugars and fat
  • Beta Glucanase, for glucan and other polysaccharides
  • Pectinase, for pectin
  • Xylanase, for plant fibers
  • Phytase, for phosphorus
  • Hemicellulase, to break down hemicellulose
  • Lactase, for dairy products
  • Bromelain, to reduce inflammation
  • Papain, to reduce inflammation
  • Peptidase, for proteins

With these enzymes, the remedy adapts to the natural process of the digestive system, mimicking the nutrients that the body supplies itself with.

Using Rejuva Digest

To get the desired benefits, consumers only need one of the capsules per dose. However, there is no indication of how often the user needs to take the remedy. Luckily, since the treatment is entirely meant to improve the functioning of the digestive system, there should be no interference with other medications or supplements.


Right now, consumers can purchase Rejuva Digest for just $19.99. There is no trial or subscription option available, so it is important that the user maintain their purchases to keep up use. If they do not like the results of using the supplement, they have up to 60 days to start a return for a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Rejuva Digest

Since the website only offers a small amount of information about Rejuva Digest, consumers may be left with questions that they need to address. The customer service team can fill in all the blanks when consumers call them at 1-888-201-0472.

Rejuva Digest Review Summary

Rejuva Digest is helpful to any consumer that wants to balance their body. Unlike some treatments, it is not specific to an age group or a gender, except for the fact that it is only meant for adults.

This remedy works well with any diet, and is especially helpful to consumers that want to improve the way that their body naturally burns fat. However, if someone wants to lose a significant amount of weight, the user will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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