Marc Pro Pain Relief – Electronic Muscle Stimulator Recovery Device?


Electrical stimulation devices have become quite popular within the past couple of decades. They essentially make use of certain electrical signals that help invigorate our muscles, tissues ,tendons and nerves.

When used as part of a daily regime, these products can allow for increased muscle efficiency, improved blood circulation and enhanced cardiovascular efficiency.

Marc Pro Pain Relief Product Range On Offer

When looked at in detail, we can see that the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are ‘unique electrical stimulation devices’ that have been designed to help users achieve a wide array of physical benefits such as pain relief, decreased muscular discomfort and decreased fatigue. Contrary to our beliefs, this is not a TENS based machine, but rather an independent stimulation device that works by contracting muscles.

In addition to this, Marc Pro should not be thought of as a traditional stimulator that is usually harsh and can cause fatigue to arise. Instead, the Marc Pro Pain Relief look to loosen up our energy centres so that even with a 30-60 minute session with the device, we can receive a large number of healing benefits.

Key Aspects of the Marc Pro Pain Relief

(i) Easy to Use:

The devices are easy, comfortable, and can be made use of whenever we see fit. Whether we are on a couch reading, or busy at work, we can make use of this device quite easily.

(ii) Muscle Development:

With each use of the Marc Pro, the device looks to utilize its proprietary and patented technology to help create artificial contractions that allow for any water that might have accumulated in the afflicted part of our bodies. Not only that, the electrical signals also help in the faster delivery of nutrients to that region.

(iii) Recovery:

One of the key benefits that we can derive through the use of Marc Pro Pain Relief, is that it helps in our efforts to recover post a workout.Through the normalization of our affected tissue and through the elimination of accumulated waste, Marc Pro helps us achieve amazing muscle recovery benefits within a short period of time.

(iv) Unique Mode of Operation:

The Marc Pro and Pro Plus have been made to create a set of strong, but completely non-fatiguing muscle contractions that have been clinically found to set off a cascading series of physiologic events.

This effect is scientifically called as ’Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade’, and is known to help promote our overall health and wellbeing.

How Does Marc Pro Pain Relief Work?

For starters, the products begin their work by activating the production centres of Nitric Oxide (NO) within our blood stream.

As our circulatory network starts to expand and open up, we start to see the delivery of more oxygenated blood and nutrients to the stressed areas of our bodies. When looked at in more detail, we can see that Marc Pro helps eliminate deoxygenated blood away from the fatigued area so that we can accelerate the recovery process.

In addition to this, the Marc Pro also works to gradually enhance the overall performance of our muscles by decreasing the recovery time and by increasing the delivery of oxygenated blood and related supplies to our muscles so as to bring about the activation of a process called ‘angiogenesis’.

Is There Any Scientific Backing To All This?

Yes, there are two published studies which directly examine and validate the claims put forth by the Marc Pro and the Marc Pro Plus.

The first study was released in 2015 and showed that when the product is used for extended periods, it can help in significantly increasing limb blood flow. This is due to the fact that the electrical signals that are delivered to our bodies by this device help in the growth of new additional vessels.

Similarly, there is another study that was released in 2016 which concluded that “adding Marc Pro usage after one’s existing workout regimen appears to produce significantly greater gains in muscle strength and significantly greater reductions in feelings of muscle fatigue.”

Other Benefits of Using Marc Pro Pain Relief

(i) Increased Athletic output:

A highly underrated aspect of the products is their ability to improve physical output during resistance exercise. This is achieved primarily by minimizing muscle loss and by strengthening and improving the recovery/remodeling process that takes place within our system.

(ii) Prevents Injuries:

When used on a daily basis, this product can help athletes minimize their chances of developing muscular issues.

(iii) Improved Body Conditioning:

Another less talked about feature of the Marc Pro and Pro Plus is its capacity to improve the working of our vascular system without the use of any drugs or medicines.

(iv) Circulatory Enhancements:

As mentioned earlier, these devices help in the production of more blood vessels which means means our body is able to transfer larger doses of oxygenated blood so as to maximize the working potential of our muscles.

(v) Targeted Development:

Owing to its portability and overall design, we can use these devices to help develop certain target areas within our body.

Where Can I Make A Purchase?

All orders can be placed on the official Marc Pro website. There are many pricing schemes available for users to choose from. The core purchasing options include:

  • Marc Pro: people can either pay a one time fee of $649.95 or a monthly installment of $54.16 for a period of one year.
  • Marc Pro Plus: this variant can be bought for $949.65 or paid for in monthly installments of $79.16.

In addition to this, there are also certain color schemes as well as other ‘special edition’ devices up for grabs. Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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