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Blonyx Review

Blonyx claims to provide “the cleanest most researched sports supplements for elite level athletes”. Find out if that’s true today in our Blonyx review.

What is Blonyx?

Blonyx is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that currently sells two flagship products: both products are HMB supplements, with one supplement containing pure HMB and the other containing HMB plus creatine.

Both supplements are designed to provide elite-level athletes with the nutritional support they need to perform at a high level.

Blonyx is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and was founded in 2010.

Blonyx Products

Blonyx sells two products: HMB Sport and HMB+ Creatine. Here’s what you need to know about each product:

HMB Sport

HMB Sport is priced at $55 for a 180 capsule (30 day) supply. You can also buy two HMB Sport supplements to get a free shirt or tank top.

The supplement comes in a gelatin capsule. That capsule is packed with HMB powder. HMB is short for β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate (you can understand why they shortened it).

HMB plays a critical role in muscle health: our muscles are packed with HMB and they use HMB to build, maintain, and repair muscle cells. By binding HMB to calcium, Blonyx claims to have created a stable, water-soluble powder that is more bioavailable than ever before.

Typically, we get HMB from dietary sources like meat, fish, grapefruit, or alfalfa. However, these rarely provide sufficient amounts of HMB (just 0.5 grams in an average serving).

On their website, Blonyx cites six different studies that claim supplementing your diet with 3 grams of HMB per day will improve athletic performance in training athletes. Conveniently enough, Blonyx’s HMB Sport contains 3 grams of HMB in each serving.

While taking HMB, you should be able to reduce muscle soreness and train harder and more frequently. Here’s what the product’s label looks like:

HMB Sport

HMB+ Creatine

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine is a paleo-friendly supplement that promises to speed up your strength development and muscle repair. The supplement contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and 3 grams of HMB in each serving.

Basically, this is the original HMB Sport supplement with a full dose of creatine added in. You get the muscle-boosting power of HMB combined with the famous strength and size gains of pure creatine. Here’s what the label for HMB+ Creatine looks like:

HMB Creatine

Blonyx Manufacturing Conditions and Facilities

Blonyx manufactures its products in a GMP complaint manufacturing facility in the United States. That facility is compliant with both FDA regulations and Health Canada codes.

Blonyx also claims to be “one of the few companies to hold a license to sell HMB”. A full list of companies that can legally sell HMB can be found at:

HMB is legally owned by a company called MTI Biotech in Iowa. That company holds all the athletic use patents on HMB, which is why all genuine sources of HMB are required to carry one or more of the following patent numbers on the label: 5,348,979 or 6,031,000.

The Blonyx manufacturing facilities also have the added benefit of being both NSF (GMP) and NSF (GMP for sport) certified. The company claims this ensures the highest level of quality and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blonyx and HMB

HMB is not a well-known nutritional supplement, but it’s slowly growing in popularity. To help customers understand the value of HMB, Blonyx has published a FAQs section at its official website.

Are Blonyx Products Safe?

Blonyx products have been tested on humans of all ages and genders and the manufacturer has found no negative side effects so far. HMB has also been used by high-level athletes for over 10 years in well-documented studies with no adverse side effects reported.

Who Should Not Take Blonyx Products?

Blonyx’s HMB supplements have not been tested on pregnant women, women who are breast feeding, or children. As such, the supplements are not recommended for these demographics.

Do I Need to Cycle On and Off Blonyx?

There is no need to cycle on and off Blonyx products, and no research has indicated that cycling creatine provides added benefits.

What’s the Best Way to Take Blonyx?

The manufacturer admits that Blonyx products don’t taste very good. They have a bitter flavor, which is why they’re included in capsules or mixed with liquid. The manufacturer recommends mixing the powder with coffee, a protein shake, a smoothie, or even food. Some athletes also report that it tastes fine with water as long as you drink it quickly.

How to Buy Blonyx Products

You can buy Blonyx products directly from the official Blonyx website at Here’s how the prices break down:

— Blonyx HMB Sport: $55 for a 30 day supply (180 capsules)

— Blonyx HMB+ Creatine: $60 for a 30 day supply (240g of powder, taking two scoops daily)

You fill up your cart and check out with PayPal. If you order two or more products, then you’ll get a free t-shirt or tank top with your order.

Shipping is available across the United States, Canada, the UK, and the EU.

If you’re interested in becoming a Blonyx wholesaler (say, for your gym or for your supplement store), then you can apply for wholesale pricing on their website to sell supplements and gym clothes.

About Blonyx

Blonyx was founded in 2010 by a group of sports scientists and exercise physiologists from the UK. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, although the supplements are manufactured in the United States.

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