BioSil Review

BioSil is a nutritional supplement that claims to use collagen to improve your beauty, bones, and joints. Find out if BioSil is right for you today in our review.

What is BioSil?

BioSil is a collagen supplement that promises to improve the health of your bones and joints while also making your skin look smoother and suppler.

The supplement comes in liquid and capsule form. If you’re using the liquid form, you typically take around 5 drops, twice per day with a liquid (the manufacturer recommends using juice). If you’re taking the supplement in capsule form, then you take one capsule twice per day.

The manufacturers of BioSil claim that your body’s collagen production diminishes by 1% every year starting at age 21. By age 30, the effects of reduced collagen levels on your skin, hair, and nails have become visible.

By taking a collagen supplement like BioSil, you can reverse the effects of aging on your body and ensure your collagen production remains as high as possible as you age.

Benefits of BioSil

BioSil claims to offer all of the following benefits:

— Stronger, Healthier, And Thicker Hair
Stronger Nails
Fewer Fine Lines And Wrinkles On Your Face And Across Your Body

How Does BioSil Work?

BioSil is a patented formula that calls itself an advanced collagen generator.

The manufacturers of BioSil are careful to state that their supplement isn’t made from collagen: it’s a collagen generator.

Your body can’t actually ingest collagen on its own (your stomach will just break it down and use it as food). By taking BioSil’s formula, you can help your body naturally generate its own collagen.

BioSil works by acting as a choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA). This acid has the unique ability to activate your body’s collagen-generating cells, which are known as fibroblasts.

BioSil Ingredients

BioSil Ingredients

Here’s what BioSil’s ingredients label looks like:

How to Use BioSil

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule of BioSil twice per day.

If you’re taking the liquid version of BioSil, then you should mix 5 drops in a glass of juice twice a day in the morning and evening. Drink the liquid immediately after mixing.

You can safely take more than 10 drops per day. However, the manufacturer claims that according to their research (“over $12.5 million in research and development” to be specific), the effects of BioSil don’t become stronger in dosages beyond 10 drops, so you’re just wasting your money.

Be warned: BioSil has a noticeable fishy smell. The manufacturer claims that this fishy smell does not come from fish. Instead, it’s the choline in BioSil. Choline is part of a chemical compound family called amines, and all amines have a characteristic fishy smell.

Side Effects of BioSil

The manufacturer of BioSil claims that no side effects have been reported from taking BioSil:

“Both the safety and the efficacy of ch-OSA was confirmed in rigorous pre-clinical and clinical studies, conducted by independent research teams at several universities. Many of these studies have been published in top medical journals. In these clinic trials there were no side effects reported which were related to ch-OSA®”

The company also prominently advertises that it has spent $12.5 million researching and developing BioSil over the years. After all that research and development, no side effects have been reported.

How to Buy BioSil

BioSil is a popular nutritional supplement. As such, it’s available from a variety of retail stores across the country., for example, sells Natural Factors BioSil in 1 fluid ounce (30mL) bottles for $25.59.

GNC sells the capsulated form of BioSil in packages of 60 (30 day supply) for $33.99.

You can also get all versions of BioSil online from, where the 1 ounce liquid container is priced at $25.59. Free shipping is available with all orders over $35.

To find a store in your area selling BioSil, please enter your zip code into this online form on the official BioSil website.

Who Makes BioSil?

BioSil is manufactured by a Belgian company named Bio Minerals NV. That company lists its address as:

Bio Minerals NV.
Zenderstraat 12
B-9070 Destelbergen, Belgium

The company was founded on January 24, 1994.

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