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1285 Muscle Review

Are you one of the many guys that work hard in the gym and follow a healthy diet but don’t see the results you’d like to experience? Many guys hit the same plateau that you’ve hit, which can be incredible hard to overcome.

Thankfully, there’s a brand new bodybuilding supplement that can help you smash through training plateaus and start to see the results you’ve always wanted. It’s called 1285 Muscle, and it’s a bodybuilding supplement that will change your life.

1285 Muscle

What is 1285 Muscle?

1285 Muscle is an all-natural bodybuilding supplement that helps the body naturally increase HGH production. 1285 Muscle contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that dramatically increase your performance at the gym. Some of the powerful ingredients in 1285 Muscle include:

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline is an amino acid that helps increase protein synthesis, helps speed up the body’s metabolism, and increases the rate of cell replication.

Lovage: Lovage is a herb that helps remove toxins from the body. Lovage also enhances metabolism of fat in the liver and delivers nutrients to muscle cells.

L-Taurine: L-Taurine is another amino acid that lowers cholesterol and improves HGH production in the body. Taurine works with Citrulline to provide the body with the boost in strength and performance during workouts.

Folate: Folate helps aid in muscle recover by helping repair cells faster. Folate also helps reduce fat mass as well.

Together, these ingredients work to deliver quick, effective results. If you want to dramatically improve your performance during workouts or want to finally smash through a training plateau, then you need 1285 Muscle.

Benefits of 1285 Muscle

Most users feel the effects of 1285 Muscle in just a few days. By taking 1285 Muscle, you can experience benefits like these:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Strength
  • Reduced Muscle Recovery After Workouts
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Protein Synthesis
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Increased HGH Levels

How to Use 1285 Muscle

1285 Muscle is very simple to take. All you have to do to reap the benefits of 1285 Muscle is take one capsule before breakfast and one capsule during the afternoon. 1285 Muscle will enter your body and naturally enhance your HGH levels to provide you with the powerful benefits we’ve described above.

However, the best part is that 1285 Muscle does not have any major side effects. Most users see absolutely no negative side effects, which is mostly due to the all-natural and high quality ingredients in 1285 Muscle.

1285 Muscle Free Trial

If you want to eliminate training plateaus and want to perform at the gym better than you ever have before, then you need to try 1285 Muscle. For a limited time, 1285 Muscle is available as a trial offer for athletes and bodybuilders in the US.

That’s right, for a limited time, you can experience incredible strength and muscle mass gains for just the price of shipping and handling. Within just a few days you’ll have the most powerful bodybuilding supplement in your hands to reap the incredible benefits.

According to the creators, supplies are limited. So if you would like to try it before you actually buy it, you can Claim your free trial bottle of 1285 Muscle Today!

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