BioTrust Brain Bright – Legit Nootropic Ingredients?


BioTrust Brain Bright Review – Is It For You?

BioTrust is a company that is focused on nutrition and overall health. Through their natural supplements, online exercise/nutrition coaches, and various articles and newsletters, they strive to provide their consumers with the right tools to achieve their wellness goals.

On top of that, they are well known for their work with many reputable charities such as Make a Wish and Toys for Tots, among many others. A portion of all sales goes towards providing underprivileged communities help with their basic needs.


BioTrust was founded by best-selling authors, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. It is said to be one of the fastest-growing health and nutrition companies in the US. BioTrust produces nutritious food products from all natural ingredients as well as top-quality dietary supplements.

The mission of this company is help people improve their overall health, by focusing on proper fitness and empowering both men and women to take control over their nutrition. They are committed to providing premium products that will produce the desired results.

Each supplement is put through an intense seven step process to ensure you are getting the best. BioTrust has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau for their unwavering customer support and their compassion to give back.

When you purchase a product from the BioTrust Company, not only are you helping to better your own health and body, but you are also helping to contribute food, water, and many other basic needs to underprivileged communities throughout the US and around the world. A portion of every sale made is put towards this goal. In fact, for every order that is placed through their web site a meal is provided for a hungry child.

BioTrust has also partnered with several charity groups such as the Make a Wish Foundation. According to their website, they have donated close to a million dollars to the organization and have helped fund more than 120 wishes for children with a terminal illness.


There are many different nutritional supplements that come in a variety of forms produced by BioTrust. Some will focus on weight loss while others will hone in on overall health or muscle building. Some come in the form of a pill while others will be a powder or shake.

BioTrust Brain Bright

One of their most talked about products is the Brain Bright supplement; taken to improve overall brain function and help with what the company describes as “brain drain,” a mentally sluggish and tired feeling. It is said to recharge your brain and improve your cognitive functioning.

This Nootropic works by combining five neuro-nutrients that will work together to protect targeted brain cells from dangerous toxins. It also increases the neuro-nutrient levels and blood flow in your brain which will ultimately boost your brain activity. It is claimed to be the best formula on the market to improve memory and focus and is backed by a one year money back guarantee.

BioTrust Opportunity

When you purchase any of the BioTrust products you are getting more than just a shipment in the mail. They pride themselves on being a community and shaping your new healthy lifestyle as well as the making a difference in the lives of others.

There are many ways that you can be involved from their online chat groups, blogs, newsletters, and charity events. They are constantly hiring new health experts to become part of the BioTrust team. The best part of course is that you can work from home virtually and their employees are from all over the world!

The Verdict On Brain Bright

BioTrust is a powerful brand of nutritional supplements and food products that are scientifically-backed and made of natural ingredients. Their goal is to help you look and feel great by living a healthier lifestyle with the help of their expert team members, coaches, and articles/newsletters and products.

What really makes this company unique from others is their strong belief in giving back through charities and helping underprivileged people across the globe. Becoming part of the BioTrust community is a decision you will not regret.

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