Bioderma – Quality Skincare Dermatology Products?


Bioderma Review – Does It Work?

Bioderma is a company that strives to find solutions for preserving the health and beauty of the skin. This is our review.

What is Bioderma?

Bioderma is a company that strives to find solutions for preserving the health and beauty of the skin. Unlike some skincare companies that focus specifically on one type of skin problem, this company covers them all. From dry skin to oily, you are able to find the right product that can repair your skin conditions.

Bioderma is a company that strives to find ways to maintain the health of your skin. By using the right skincare product for your complexion, you are able to erase the damage that is cause to your skin every day, from natural pollutants in the air to the daily makeup you wear. Additionally, by improving your overall complexion, you may be able to throw away your foundation that you typically would use to correct uneven skin or cover up a blemish.

Bioderma Company Principles

Bioderma is run with eight specific principles in mind. As dictates by the company’s webpage, these principles are:

  1. BIOLOGICAL patents

All BIODERMA products are formulated with teams of biologists and dermatologists. They rely on a biological mode of action that acts on the causes and consequences of the dermatological condition to correct it over the long term.


BIODERMA formulas improve the skin's tolerability and boost its resistance to its environment through the development of a unique patent: D.A.F., Dermatological Advanced Formulation.


There are three rules that Bioderma follows the make sure the products are dermatologically safe – use only ingredients that are strictly necessary, select optimal doses of the purest active ingredients, and prefer molecules already found in the skin.


The ingredients and components used by BIODERMA meet the two basic criteria for our formulas: biological effectiveness and dermatological safety.

  1. Principle of precaution

BIODERMA tends to exclude dermatologically questionable products and ingredients: parabens, phthalates, formol, formaldehyde, etc.

  1. Safety and efficacy tests

Each BIODERMA product adheres to the most rigorous recommendations issued by the health authorities and leading dermatology companies.

  1. Clinical trials

All BIODERMA care products are subject to clinical studies undertaken under the supervision of expert dermatologists, allergologists and toxicologists. These studies are then published in reference scientific journals.

  1. Total traceability

BIODERMA is committed to monitoring the origin and ensuring the total traceability of its components and products through compliance with the standards in force in the cosmetic industry.

Bioderma Products

Each product is capable of treating a particular condition with your skin, allowing you to specialize your treatment. There are many products in the line to give you this catered care:

  • Sensibo: Designed for sensitive skin
  • Hydrabio: Designed for dehydrated, sensitive skin
  • Atoderm: Designed for very dry to atopic skin
  • Sébium: Designed for oily, blemished skin
  • Nodé: Designed to treat the hair and scalp
  • ABCDerm: Used for pediatric dermatology
  • Photoderm: Designed to protect skin from harmful sun rays
  • White Objective: Designed to lighten sensitive skin
  • Cicabio: Designed to repair damaged skin
  • Matriciane: Designed to smooth cutaneous aging signs
  • Matricium: Designed to treat damaged skin with superficial cutaneous lesions, caused by dermatological procedures, laser treatments, peelings or incisions or with first-degree burns; also used for localized cutaneous irritation (sun, wind, cold, hormonal disturbances)

How Bioderma Works

The whole point of using Bioderma is to make your skin look better than it ever has before. All of these products are backed by decades of research, showing the chemical composition required for each treatment option.

The company presently has patents for a lot of their products and methods; however, Bioderma leaves room for doctors to research and add new information, which may have not been previously considered by other companies that make a product, and then leave it at that.

Using Bioderma

Each product works differently, so it’s important to choose the right product for your current skin problem. You apply cleansers, moisturizers, and other products in the same way that you would with the value brand. Each product has specific instructions that you must follow to achieve the desired results.

For additional information about using a specific product, refer to the information on the label.

Pricing for Bioderma

There are two problems with the information about pricing on Bioderma’s website. First of all, there is no information about the cost of Bioderma products. Furthermore, there are no pages on the site that indicate where someone can buy the products.

Luckily, if you go on the Amazon website, you can order any one of the products listen on the manufacturer’s pages. The products seem to all be around $20 or $30, with exceptions for larger collections or small, specialty items.

The Makers of Bioderma

Bioderma has a certain philosophy, with which they live by and they produce their products by. According to the Bioderma website, all of the research they perform to create new products is to understand what makes up healthy skin, and how we can keep it that way.

The makers state that their goal with Bioderma is to imitate the natural reactions and chemical balance of your existing hair.


The products cost about the same as other high-end products you can find on the shelf at Target or Walmart, which makes them a good deal. Since Bioderma has so many products to choose from, you can make their website the one-stop shop for your hair products.

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