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BioTrust Metabo379 Review

Metabo379 is the latest dietary supplement from BioTrust, a leading producer of dietary pills that has its headquarters in the United States with many customers all over the world. It is claims to help one lose weight 3.79 times faster than the normal.

A more thorough look at its composition will help you understand whether the claims are valid.

About BioTrust Metabo379

BioTrust Metabo379 works in three different ways.

— It Inhibits The Production Of Fat Cells
— It Limits The Growth Of Fat Cells
— It Stimulates The Breakdown Of Fat Cells

This means that the body will no longer work against you in your efforts to lose weight as this leads to burning fat with minimal or less effort.

Metabo 379 Ingredients

The three ingredients contained in this supplement have been proven to be effective in boosting metabolism rates and speeding up weight loss. As we have seen, it works by reducing the amount of fat cells that accumulate in the body and shrink the ones currently in the body. Since it affects the metabolism rate, it also benefits the amount of energy you will have as well as how hungry you will be, which both are very crucial when trying to lose weight.

When you look at the list of ingredients, you will find that SigmaLean has been listed as one of the ingredients. It is not an ingredient by itself but is a combination of two ingredients, that is, Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana

Sphaeranthus Indicus is a typical plant grown in India. It is widely used in holistic medicines as a treatment to all types of issues like epilepsy, diabetes, mental illness, skin diseases, hemorrhoids and many more. Research has showed that this plants benefits go even further than what it is currently used for. When it comes to weight loss and metabolism, there are many studies that back up its positive effects.

Garcinia Mangostan is a plant grown is South-east Asian countries. It contains a fruit that is sweet and juicy. Studies have shown that the fruit’s juice contains enzymes that help boost the metabolism rate.

In addition, Metabo379 manufactures have added BioPerine which is an extract of black pepper. This ingredient is commonly used as studies show that it boosts the absorption rate of nutrients by more than 60 percent. This ensures that one gets maximum benefits from the food you eat as well as the supplements you take.

BioTrust Metabo379 Research Study

This supplement, which brings the beneficial effects of Garcinia Mangostana and pharaeranthus indicus, achieved the following results from a placebo-controlled study that involved people with BMIs of 30 to 40. After 8 week, the subjects had:

— Lost On Average 4.4 lbs In Their Body Weight

— A Reduction Of Their Waist Circumference By 9cm

— A 3cm Reduction In Their Hip Circumference

— An Increase in Levels Of Serum Adiponectin. High levels of serum adiponectin are usually associated with reduced risks for Type 2 diabetes and also insulin resistance. Obese people have low levels of the serum asiponectin.

— It Was Tolerated And The Side Effects Were Minimal

During this study, the only adverse side effects experienced were, nausea, headaches, minor back and joint pain and gastrointestinal irritation.


— It carries the Platinum Standard Research granted by Bio Trust as it has 2 major studies that established its ability help lose weight by 3.79 times.

— It reduces fat cell growth and inhibits fat cell creation

— It accelerates the rate at which the body breaks down fat cells to be used as energy. This means that not only does your body have a hard time when adding new fat cells, it also makes sure that the existing ones are efficiently burned

— It has Bioperine, which we said is widely known for its ability of making absorption of nutrients easier.

— It has been tested and verified as pure by third- party organization

— It has passed the unique test in the market Quality assurance standard which is a seven –stage research and testing process by Biotrust

— It has a one year money back guarantee


— It might have ironclad claims based on research carried out, but it is not a big problem. Studies show that it can be simply solved by walking for thirty minute five day every week

— It is only available online through the manufactures website

Should You Buy BioTrust Metabo379?

This supplement shows real research in the ingredients that it has used. The manufactures is offers you a science-backed solution to lose up to 3.79 times more weight. If this were just another company claiming that their product helped you lose weight without any science I would say to run away (which also helps losing weight), but with this we say you should be safe to proceed forward.

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