Red Shift XT Sunglasses – Reduce Glare & Enhances Colors?


Depending on weather conditions, surrounding objects and available lighting can impair vision and make it difficult to see things clearly. Impaired vision can slow down progress during daily duties and can cause significant risk when driving.

Protecting the eyes and maintaining optimal vision is essential for keeping the eyes under minimal stress. Allowing the eyes to perform optimally improves the accuracy of object depth, color perception, track motion, and overall clearer vision.

To prevent sun glare and ensure that clear vision can be maintained at all times, Red Shift XT is an ideal product. Designed to allow clear vision in various situations and weather conditions, the Red Shift XT is a sunglasses design that features lenses that are intended to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light.

Effectively cutting down on glare and reflections, the Red Shift XT enhances colors of the surrounding environment and allows users to see clearer than ever before. Assisting in precision and focus, the Red Shift XT Sunglasses can make wearers safer when driving, biking, running, and other outdoor activities.

About Red Shift XT Sunglasses

Marketed toward the tactical industry, the Red Shift XT Sunglasses is a durable, military-grade product that is made using high quality materials. As the tactical market continues to gain popularity for various flashlight products, the category is rapidly growing and adding a variety of products.

Providing customers with products that support the needs of hunters, law enforcement, and the military, the category of tactical eyewear has now reached a peak in popularity.

Designed to be used outdoors in extreme conditions, the Red Shift XT sunglasses are extremely lightweight and are designed to provide users with a snug fit that cuts glare and enhances color visibility.

The Red Shift XT glasses provide complete UVA and UVB protection for up to 400nm wavelengths. Capable of improving vision clarity significantly, they are useful for any outdoor activity that requires clear vision.

Specifically designed with hunters in mind, the Red Shift XT glasses allow wearers to focus on targets and improve depth perception.

Touted as being indestructible, the glasses can sustain large amounts of force without sustaining damage. Long-lasting and effective, the Red Shift XT glasses are comfortable and feature a unique technology that makes them better than leading competitors.

Red Shift XT Sunglasses Features

Featuring a uni-lens design and impact resistance frames, the Red Shift XT is optimized for outdoor use.

The single lens design allows wearers to experience a maximum viewing range while also increasing definition of motion and improving vision clarity. Allowing wearers to have optimal, full range of vision, the Red Shift XT provide vision clarifying properties that unify vision.

Ideal for all head and face shapes, the glasses fit everyone and maintains a secure fit. Unlike other sunglasses, the Red Shift XT glasses are designed to prevent sliding and the potential for falling off and being damaged.

Secure and comfortable, the Red Shift XT are made for long periods of wear and do not leave marks or cut off circulation.

In order to further increase vision clarity, the Red Shift XT glasses feature an impressive red-violet color tune technology. Blocking all UVB and UVA rays up to 400nm wavelengths, the Red Shift XT glasses prevent strain that can be caused by glare and extreme sunlight.

When the eyes are protected from harsh ultraviolet light, they are able to perform more accurately. Cutting back on the exposure, the Red Shift XT glasses allow pupil dilation to balance out naturally.

By allowing pupil dilation to be gradual, the harsh effects of glare and sunlight are reduced and wearers will experience an increase in depth perception and focus. Because the eyes are not being forced to readjust time and time again, they are protected from any rapid changes in the intensity or quality of UV and visible light.

Purchasing Red Shift XT Sunglasses

Red Shift XT glasses are currently being offered with a special buy-one-get-one-free offer. For just $19.99, customers will receive two pairs of Red Shift XT glasses and free shipping.


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