LifeBoost Coffee – Healthy Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans?


LifeBoost Coffee is a company that produces organic blends for consumers, using healthy methods of production. You are able to customize the package you receive to get the most out of your coffee.

What is LifeBoost Coffee?

Most people like to start the day with a deliciously indulgent cup of coffee. Whether you have to take your thermos and go, or you can sit down to reflect on the morning, a good brew is a must. If you’re a major enthusiast of this delicious beverage, you know that quality is important. For that reason and many more, LifeBoost Coffee might be the best choice for you.

LifeBoost Coffee helps you combine your love for coffee with your frugal nature and your desire to protect the environment. The blends offered are completely organic, and comes from the highlands of Nicaragua. The flavor is fruity and rich, which is much different from your standard medium-roast options at the grocery store. This full-bodied flavor is just the boost you need to start your day. To make this brew even better, you get to customize your order at checkout.

Many people are gravitating towards the organic types of foods. With no pesticides and no toxic chemicals, your coffee beans are healthy, safe, and are unmuted in their flavor. Regardless of what your favorite brand of coffee is right now, that preference might be about to change.

What Sets LifeBoost Coffee Apart?

Other than the fact that this coffee is organic, there are many reasons that LifeBoost sets itself apart from other brands. According to Dr. Charles Livingston, every single bean that goes through their facility is grown, washed, dried, and roasted by hand, giving each batch a special touch that machinery simply cannot offer. All of the beans are harvested on pure and healthy land, without pollution or unnecessary chemicals. Read on bellow to find out more about how the coffee is made.

How the Life Boost Coffee is Made

The process to make this decadent beverage starts with growing the beans. The fields are shaded by guava trees until they are mature enough to be harvested, which is the optimal method of growing coffee beans. By growing beneath these trees, the company contributes to the health of the rest of the environment.

The shading also helps to contribute to the flavor. When you shade the beans during the growing process, you are able to stimulate the production of natural sugars. These natural sugars give you the richly mellow taste, with a small trace of caramel. After these beans reach the peak of flavor, they are picked and fermented for exactly 26 hours to seal in the flavor and prevent damage when the beans are peels.

After the fermentation is over, workers hand-wash all of the beans in spring water for the purest cleansing. They are, then, dried in the sun to bring their moisture to 11.5% for the perfect balance of flavor. To finish off the process, the beans rest for a month to become more concentrated. Even though this process takes a long time, and reduces the number of bags the company produced, they are committed to quality.

Pricing for LifeBoost Coffee

At this time, the retail cost of the Life Boost coffee for a 12-ounce bag is $34.95. However, the company is currently running a special that allows you to purchase a bag for as little as $19.95, a 40% savings.

You will have three different choices at checkout to determine the type of coffee you receive. Those choices are:

  1. Caffeinated or decaf
  2. Quantity of bags of coffee
    1. One bag: $24.00 (two-week supply)
    2. Three bags: $66.00 (six-week supply)
    3. Six bags: $119.70 (eight-week supply)
  3. Whole beans or ground

Once you determine the package you want, you only have to worry about covering the shipping and handling.

The Guarantee

Everyone has different preferences for their coffee flavor, so it’s understandable if LifeBoost just isn’t what you wanted to have. If you don’t fall in love with the delicious taste of this coffee, you can return your coffee bags, empty or full, within 60 days to get a refund with no questions asked.

Contacting the Creators of Life Boost Coffee

Dr. Charles Livingston is the founder of LifeBoost Organic Coffee and showcases it as the healthiest coffee you can buy. With such high-quality coffee, you may want some more information to make your decision. That’s why LifeBoost has a customer service team that can be reached by both a phone call and email.

If your questions need to be urgently answered, then you should call (800) 479-1596 to speak with someone as soon as possible. However, without hours of operation listed, you may miss your window of opportunity to reach someone. If you still need your question answered, then send an email to the company at [email protected].


If you are a coffee drinker, you know how important it is to have the right flavor and caffeine boost to start your day. A bad cup of coffee can completely throw you off. If you want to start the day off right every day, then LifeBoost Coffee is ready to wake you up.


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