Hackers Brew – Healthy Nootropic Coffee For Your Brain?


Hard work has always been something that people admire in other people. While everyone aspires to be hard working, seeing that trait in others it what drives people forward, pushing them to be the best versions of themselves, whether it’s in their relationships or in their work. Hard work, however, has become a bit of a double-edged sword in recent years. Studies have found that more and more young adults are working longer hours and putting more effort than ever into their work, to the point where work is often the center of people’s worlds.

The problem with working too hard is that it can take away from other important aspects of life, like relationships, eating right, exercising, and enjoying quiet, alone time. What makes this situation more interesting is that studies have found that even though more and more people are working longer hours, they aren’t accomplishing as much as they think. In fact, these discoveries have led Sweden to shorten its work days from eight hours to six hours. They found that workers accomplished just as much, sometimes more, when they worked two hours less.

So, while many people focus on how much they’re working, how much time they’re putting into their jobs, the key is actually working better, allowing people to actually accomplish more in less time. In an effort to make this possible new products are being designed that help support increased cognitive functions over the period of a work day. By focusing on these types of products, more and more people are finding they can accomplish more in less time because they’re working better.

Hacker’s Brew is a drink that was created to give users the cognitive support they need to reach their goals throughout the day. By providing the fuel users need to power through the most grueling work, Hacker’s Brew is giving hard workers their time back, proving that quality truly is more important than quantity.

What is Hacker’s Brew?

Based on one of America’s favorite drinks, coffee, Hacker’s Brew is a cunning drink that combines the caffeine boost so many people need to make it through the day with nootropics to support their mental function. Using cold brew coffee as its foundation, Hacker’s Brew adds a complex blend of nootropics to the drink to increase attention, boost focus, and decrease mental fatigue. By adding the extra boost people need to work better throughout their day, as well as the energy coffee provides, Hacker’s Brew is able to give users long-term benefits, without the usual side effects of caffeine.

What makes Hacker’s Brew so unique, other than its nootropic blend, is that the creators used some of the most recent advances in the field to double the half-life of the caffeine used in the drink. What this means is that users will be able to drink less coffee, in the form of Hacker’s Brew, and get a longer, cleaner energy that will keep them going throughout the day. In fact, Hacker’s Brew has been found to contain the same amount of caffeine as a regular mocha coffee, but the benefits of coffee for almost twice as long.

While the coffee aspect of Hacker’s Brew is fascinating, where the drink really shows its uniqueness is in its nootropics. Even though nootropics aren’t a new area of health, they aren’t often used in the manner Hacker’s Brew uses them. Nootropics are ingredients that are able to support the mental health of users, giving them the cognitive boost they need to think clearly throughout their day.

As mentioned above, because working longer doesn’t necessarily mean working better, by adding the nootropic element to coffee, which provides an energy source, Hacker’s Brew is able to support the cognitive needs of users. The end result is that people are able to work better throughout their day, accomplishing more in less time.

Benefits of Hacker’s Brew

The biggest benefit of Hacker’s Brew is that it isn’t a beverage that was just thrown together to help people work better. While the energy boost and mental support that Hacker’s Brew provides users is great, the drink was designed to support the entire body in multiple ways. The body is a sensitive system that can very easily become unbalanced. While bringing about a rebalance is an entire process, the goal of Hacker’s Brew was to help restart the body so it could balance itself out. As a result, users often notice that the longer they take Hacker’s Brew, the more balanced they feel, achieving better overall health.

In order to bring about the balance described above, Hacker’s Brew had to pay extremely close attention to the ingredients used in its formulation. Every ingredient used in Hacker’s Brew was added to the formulation for a very specific reason. And, while the benefits of each ingredient were very closely examined, Hacker’s Brew paid very close attention to how the ingredients interacted with each other. By creating a sort of ‘stack’ of ingredients, Hacker’s Brew is able to offer users immediate benefits, like more energy and better focus, as well as long-term improvement over time.

While many companies would be satisfied creating a product and then selling it until customers lost interest, Hacker’s Brew has dedicated itself to always be pushing towards innovations. New information and blending processes are constantly being discovered, making it ill-advised to keep a formulation stationary. At Hacker’s Brew, the nutritional supplements are constantly being adjusted, tweaking and improving upon the drinks’ formula to provide the newest and best advances for users. By striving for this constant innovation, Hacker’s Brew can give its users the best each and every time, even when the best is always changing.

Ingredients in Hacker’s Brew

While coffee is the most obvious ingredient found in Hacker’s Brew, the drink is actually a complex formula made up of nutrients and superfoods, giving users the best results. By carefully blending these ingredients, Hacker’s Brew has been able to give users the energy boosts they need in the morning, as well as the focus and drive they need throughout their day.

The nutrient rich superfood ingredients used in Hacker’s Brew, as well as the premium organic coffee, work together to support the health and well-being of drinkers, so they feel great throughout the day. Most importantly, Hacker’s Brew provides a detailed list of its ingredients, as well as their benefits, so users know exactly what they’re drinking.

The ingredients used in Hacker’s Brew, as well as a brief description of their benefits, can be found below.

Adaptogens: Found in the ingredients velvet bean, rhodiola, gynostemma, cordyceps, reishi, and pterostilbene, adaptogens are herbs that reduce stress, boost attention, and decrease mental fatigue.

Good Fats: The good fats in Hacker’s Brew, MCTs, omega-3s, and lecithin, are able to boost energy levels, while also supporting physical and emotional health. Good fats also decrease fatigue.

Amino Acids: Often called the building blocks of life, amino acids support improved focus and lower anxiety and stress levels. Hacker’s Brew uses l-theanine as its source of amino acids.

Xanthines: Using the ingredient theobromine, xanthines are able to support the effects of caffeine, increasing alertness and giving users a feeling of euphoria.

While all of these ingredients serve an important purpose on their own, when combined as they are in Hacker’s Brew, they make the perfect blend to give users the energy and mental clarity they need to power through their days.

Purchasing Hacker’s Brew

Hacker’s Brew is available for purchase on the company website (www.HackersBrew.com). At the moment, there are only two purchasing options available for Hacker’s Brew. The first is a 10 pack of the drink, which costs $65. For those who want to take Hacker’s Brew consistently, the company offers a monthly subscription where members will get two 10 packs of the drink for $130. This option also includes free shipping.

Hacker’s Brew ships in cold packaging, so customers don’t have to worry about the quality of the product when it arrives.

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