BellaVita calls itself an anti-aging serum and claims to heal your skin using advanced formulas. Discover the surprising truth about BellaVita today in our review.

What is BellaVita?

BellaVita is a recently-released skin cream that claims to be the world’s number one anti-aging serum. The cream uses an antioxidant-based formula to decrease deep wrinkle formation, increase skin hydration, and boost the suppleness of your skin.

Key ingredients include trylagen, vitamin A, green tea extract, and jojoba seed oil. By applying the skin cream once per day, the manufacturer claims you can smooth wrinkle lines, diminish crow’s feet, and lighten dark circles around your eyes.

How Does BellaVita Work?

The creators of BellaVita have only listed four ingredients on the cream’s official website. Those four ingredients include Trylagen, green tea extract, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin A.

The ingredients have been specifically chosen to repair your skin at the cellular level. Here’s what the cream’s manufacturer has to say about BellaVita:

“The unique blend of active ingredients in BellaVita Anti-Aging Serum stimulates collagen and elastin production at a cellular level in turn increasing skin suppleness and protection.”

The ingredients purportedly enhance the barriers in the skin, which helps your skin retain moisture and boost collagen production.

How to Use BellaVita

The manufacturer recommends using BellaVita as part of a three step skin care regimen:

Step 1) Wash Your Skin With A Gentle Cleanser And Pat Dry

Step 2) Apply BellaVita To The Face And Neck

Step 3) Wait For The Serum To Be Absorbed Into The Skin And “enjoy Instant Rejuvenation”

How to Buy BellaVita

BellaVita is only available from the official BellaVita website at:

Here’s how much you can expect to pay:

— 1 Bottle: $98.41
— 3 Bottles: $196.82
— 6 Bottles: $393.64

Free shipping is available on all orders.

The company used to offer a BellaVita trial, where you would pay $5 for shipping and handling and receive a full-sized bottle of BellaVita. Then, your credit card would be charged $100 18 days after you ordered. It appears that the company has discontinued that trial. Currently, you can only buy BellaVita at the prices listed above.

All purchases also come with a 30 day refund policy. You can call 866 537-4552 at any time to request a refund.

Who Makes BellaVita?

BellaVita is made by a company called Kesa, LLC. There is limited information about that company available online. However, according to the Better Business Bureau, the company is based at the following address:

10121 SE Sunnyside Rd Suite 300
Clackamas, OR 97015

The company also appears to have recently released a product called Novus Serum, although that product has since been discontinued. That product made similar claims to BellaVita and promised to reduce the effects of aging on your skin.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy BellaVita?

BellaVita uses questionable marketing tactics to entice customers into paying nearly $100 for a skin cream. At the same time, the manufacturer gives little justification for that high price tag. There’s limited information about the ingredients and the skin cream has not been studied by any independent scientific organization.

The manufacturers also claim to have been endorsed by Dr. Oz, TIME, Woman’s Day, People, and other major media outlets – despite the fact that there’s no evidence for this on any of the respective websites.

Ultimately, BellaVita appears to be a poorly-organized scam that will take your money in exchange for a cheap moisturizer.


  1. I had a similar situation. I was charged $97.41 and did not authorize the transaction. I was told they couldn’t help me and the idiot on the phone hung up on me! I am calling the BBB. I canceled my acoount. SCAM!

  2. I went to Willams Sonoma website and was asked to take a survey and receive some free gifts if I paid shipping. The gifts were Bellavita skin care items. I agreed to take two items. Bellavita charged me for a third item and I never receive the item. The dollar amount was small but the unethical way these people do business is amazing. They will not be in business long if this is how they treat most of the customers. Even if the skin care is very good I would never consider buying anything from these people.

    • Just wait until $300 worth of charges show up on you credit/debit card statement. This place is a scam! They refused to refund me myour money so I had to go thru my bank!


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