Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails – Silica Mineral Formula?


Consumers who are looking for a daily supplement to help promote not only hair growth but also strengthen hair follicles leaving behind lush, radiant hair will want to take a look at Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails.

Going beyond the typical biotin and collagen blend to a more comprehensive product that blends vitamins and minerals along with amino acids and plant extracts each chosen to help enhance hair growth and better overall vitality.

Please read below to learn more about Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails and how to purchase a bottle.

What is Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails?

Beautifully Bamboo is a once daily supplement formulated to help people give their body the nutrients needed to promote hair growth. By taking a supplement combining biotin, collagen, and Pantothenic Acid consumers can help promote stronger hair follicles which can lead to stronger more beautiful hair.

What makes Beautifully Bamboo different is the combination of these well know hair boosters along with other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help accelerate hair growth as well as keep is strong and shiny. Users report noticing significant hair growth while taking Beautifully Bamboo.

In fact some users have reported up to a half inch of growth within the first two weeks of using Beautifully Bamboo.

How Does Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails Work?

Formulated to give the body the best nutritional support to help accelerate hair growth without compromising strength or shine, by taking Beautifully Bamboo regularly users should notice a change in how quickly their hair grows as well as their hair’s shine and strength.

This supplement may be a good option for people who are trying to improve the appearance and health of their hair. Users simply take two capsules per day to help enhance hair growth.

Ingredients Information

Similar to other hair strengthening supplements Beautifully Bamboo combines high levels of biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and B vitamins along with a mix of other vitamins and minerals specifically chosen to help promote strong and radiant hair.

In addition to hair boosting vitamins and minerals Beautifully Bamboo also combines MSM, green tea extract, collagen, and amino acids to help stimulate hair growth and improve the strength and shine or hair follicles.

Plant sourced ingredients including bamboo extract, Saw Palmetto extract , and grape seed extract are added for their ability to naturally enhance hair growth. Cayenne pepper is added to help promote blood flow which in turn supports hair growth.

Beautifully Bamboo is marketed as a hair growth product but it also will help enhance nail strength and well as skin’s appearance and softness.

Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails Pricing

Two online vendors carry this supplement the Beautifully Bamboo website and Amazon.

Beautifully Bamboo

Each sixty capsule bottle is available for $16.00. All purchases of $50.00 or more will ship for free within the United States.


For $20.00 per bottle Amazon customers can purchase this supplement. It is eligible for free shipping with qualified Amazon purchases of $25.00 or more.

Should You Use Beautifully Bamboo Skin, Hair, Nails?

Suitable for both men and women Beautifully Bamboo will gently support health leading to better hair growth. There is a wide range of similar products for consumers to choose from so comparing this supplement with a few others is recommended.

Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the Beautifully Bamboo website or see the product listing at

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