Baxter Clay Pomade – Men’s Hair Styling Clay For Strong Hold?


When the word is said, or read – many people might get an image of a greasy substance that men used decades ago to style their hair. Images of 1920’s gangsters or “greasers” from the 1950’s and 60’s spring up in the mind.

Nonetheless, with the popularity of men’s grooming rituals in current times, pomade is making a comeback. “You mean people still make the stuff?”

Yes, company’s still make the “stuff.” One of those company’s is named Baxter of California. Baxter is currently marketing a men’s hair care product called Baxter Clay Pomade. As you can tell from the name, it is not your grandfather’s (or great grandfather’s) pomade.

What Is Pomade?

Pomades were once a great deal more fashionable than they are today.
In the early 20 century – lard, beeswax and petroleum jelly was commonly used by young men to style their hair. Because pomades became so popular, companies started to manufacture the product in the 1920’s.

The use of pomades and hair grease became very popular in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Poor and working-class boys and young men began a phenomenon of styling their hair by combing it back with the use of tonics, creams and pomade.

The look became wildly popular during that era largely because of the adoption of the style by popular entertainers like James Dean, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando and Johnny Cash. The public began to refer to these boys and young men as “greasers.”

Baxter Clay Pomade

The “greaser” style and the use of pomade eventually fell out of favor in popular culture, although some companies continued to make and market it. Now, the use of pomade is making a comeback in popular culture. But the pomades of today like Baxter Clay Pomade are made from different substances.

The contemporary pomades are manufactured to be much easier to wash out of hair – as well as give hair a lighter hold than the greasy, oily or wax based substances that used to be so popular. Baxter Clay Pomade is infused with natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax. The texture rich, paraben-free formula works for any hair style.

Baxter Clay Pomade is said to be a moisture-rich styling cream that provides a great – albeit “light” hold with low shine. Men who have used Baxter Clay Pomade say that the product does not leave the hair looking greasy or wet.

Recommendations For Using Baxter Clay Pomade

Baxter Clay Pomade softens and smooths hair while providing definition to hair styles that is “frizz” free and low shine. Many modern men’s hair stylist recommends haircuts that are short on the sides and long on top for the best look if you use Baxter Clay Pomade.

Men’s stylists suggest using Baxter Clay Pomade to smooth down the sides of the head for a clean look. The hair on the top of the head can be combed up into a pompadour or left stylishly “messy.” Baxter Clay Pomade is said to provide great “hold” on the hair all day long.

Where To Purchase Baxter Clay Pomade

You can buy Baxter Clay Pomade form the Baxter Of California web site:

A 2 oz. / 60 ml Jar of Clay Pomade – $22.00

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