Six Pack Shortcuts 2 – Ripped Abs Fitness System?


Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 is a scientifically-oriented 3 step abdominal training system created by leading fitness trainer Clark Shao along with Youtube sensation Mike Chang (original owner of Six Pack Shortcuts) that promises to provide you with ripped six pack abs by activating muscle building hormones and natural fat loss mechanisms. What’s new with the second version? Let’s take a look. Has a Signup Form to Stay Up-To-Date and Win Prizes

Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 has not yet been released. However, we know it’s preparing to launch in the near future. In May 2016, the official homepage of was changed to a contact submission form. You can enter your contact data into that form to receive news as soon as Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 is released.

As an additional incentive for signing up, the team behind Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is giving away prizes to everyone who enters their contact information. 100 people will win a free copy of the course. 100 will win a Six Pack Shortcuts t-shirt. 100 will win an SPS supplement of their choice. And 50 will win all 3.

The prizes will be handed out closer to the Clark Shao's Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 release date.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Release Date

Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 will be released on Monday, May 23, at 12:00am EST.

We know this because there’s a countdown timer on the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 website.

What’s in Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Abs System?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 includes all of the following content:

Science-backed information to help you get ripped six pack abs by activating your fat loss and muscle-building hormones

Free 14 days of the Six Pack Meal Plan, an eating system designed to boost your Afterburn Effect and get rid of belly fat faster. The meal plan is “also structured to further enhance your hormone levels 24 hours a day.” Six Pack Shortcuts has used this sales system before, where they give you a really short free trial to something and then charge you a full-priced subscription automatically immediately after the trial is over. Many customers online were charged $70 a month for access to the SPS website, even though they never intended to sign up.

Free Accelerated Abs, which is a training program designed to give you “that impressive abdominal V taper look we all want faster”.

Free Arm Blaster Program, which  This is a series of arm sculpting workouts that will complement your current hormone training.

Free Six Pack Shortcuts 2 App: Revolutionary technology that lets you access all your workouts instantly.

-Free Workout DVDs: Provides online app access and free DVDs.

Across all of these training programs, you’ll learn some common lessons, including the famous Six Pack Shortcuts 2 “3 simple steps to six pack abs”, which promises to teach you how to grow awesome abs “without spending hours at the gym and struggling with diets.”

You also learn how to burn off stubborn belly fat, how to overcome poor genetics, how to get abs “even if you’ve had belly fat for as long as you can remember”, how to optimize your fat burning hormones, how to turn your body into fat burning mode, and how to get a body that gives you the best confidence of your life to meet the woman of your dreams and “live the life you deserve”.

About Six Pack Shortcuts (SPS)

Six Pack Shortcuts (the company) is an Austin-based group of online marketers and personal trainers who have made a fortune selling fitness advice to the world. The original Six Pack Shortcuts was one of the best-selling training programs of all time.

The company is located at this address:

9111A Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected] or by calling 800-655-8576.

In addition to selling the Six Pack Shortcuts training program, the company has branched into the supplements industry as well as other niches. Abs After 40 is one popular training program, for example, which offers a similar system to Six Pack Shortcuts but caters the advice to older adults.

Popular supplements sold by the company include high-priced options like Test Reload ($67), Leptin Shred ($67), Afterburn Aminos ($97) and Six Pack Sleep ($67).

Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 Pricing

Most Six Pack Shortcuts training programs available today are priced between $95 and $100. Abs After 40 ($97), Accelerated Abs ($95), Monster Mass ($97), and Insane Home Fatloss ($97) are all in this price range.

With that in mind, we expect SPS 2.0 to be priced at $97.

Keep in mind that the price includes a free 14 day trial into the Six Pack Meal Plan system, although your credit card will likely be charged automatically after that 14 day trial is complete. Read the terms and conditions carefully and contact the company after you pay if you don’t want to automatically be charged. We’re not saying Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 for sure does this, but the SPS team has done stuff like this in the past.

Better Abs Using The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Program?

The original Six Pack Shortcuts was a bestselling fitness training program that promised to give anybody better abs. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 promises to build on that success by offering more ab training advice, different workouts, different meal plans, and a subscription-based “Afterburn” meal calendar.

The problem with Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 is that $97 is a lot of money to pay for purely digital content. With other Six Pack Shortcuts products, we’ve also seen the company automatically charge you more after your “free trial” to the program runs out after 14 days – like a $70 per month subscription fee to a fitness website you might never use.

If the shady pricing policies and high price tag don’t turn you away, then Six Pack Shortcuts 2 may be exactly what you need to get washboard abs. The program contains highly-targeted advice virtually guaranteed to help you lose weight and gain better abs.

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