ARIIX Jouvé Review – Right For You?

Ariix is a network marketing company whose driving force rests in clean, healthy living.  To that end, they sell air & water purification systems, essential oils, healthy supplements, organic personal care products, and weight loss products.

Beginning November 14, 2015 they will also be selling skincare products.  The new brand is called Jouvé, and it taps into current skincare product trends which happen to align perfectly with the Ariix company philosophy.

Since Jouvé is about to launch, we'll focus on this line of products as well as the general Ariix compensation plan and company background.

Arrix Newsletters- keep them coming!

Ariix maintains a healthy loop of news media designed to keep Reps motivated.  With regular recognition and announcements of rank advancement and contest winners they've developed a true sense of community and positive energy.

All this is important when it comes to company culture.  A mission statement is one thing but active engagement of Reps helps them to pass on that energy to consumers and eventually make more sales.

All this bodes will for the company, which is why it's a little puzzling to see that much of the newsletter activity stopped in January of 2015.

Even with the upcoming launch of Jouvé, Ariix did not see fit to start up the news machine again on their website.  Nevertheless, they have done a great job getting the word out on their Facebook page.

The Jouvé launch features a great video.

Consumers will love the new launch video for Jouvé.  It features real models who've used the product, with before and after video highlighting the changes in their skin.

The models are real people: one is a beautiful woman who is definitely no longer in her 20s.  One is a man.  All are filmed in flattering, gorgeous amber tones.

The video reveals that the Jouvé line includes a product for dark circles and bags under the eyes.  The before and after pictures show visible improvement in this area.

The Products themselves look promising.

The Jouvé products are vegan and they're not tested on animals.  As to be expected, if you know anything about Ariix, the ingredients are tested to be safe.  Nothing harmful goes into the skincare line products.  This is important to a growing number of consumers, since what goes on your skin eventually goes into your body through absorption.

Ariix calls its independent business owners “Representatives” and offers them several routes to personal and financial growth.

There are weekly calls and presentations hosted by Ariix leaders- a quick glimpse at their events calendar reveals something taking place almost every day except Mondays and Fridays.  Some days there are three calls scheduled and on the weekends there are events taking place in locations around the world.

For example, just this past weekend was the Netherland Drive Event at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam.  Ariix leaders spoke about growing a network marketing business and made company announcements.

There are also company-wide contests to keep Reps engaged and motivated.  For example, a photo contest held last April 2014 got everyone involved with voting held via social media.

The Activ8 Compensation Plan by Ariix

This is a first: Ariix's compensation plan allows Reps to build their teams on a structure of unlimited depth AND width.  It's not limited to a certain number of levels like a Unilevel plan would be.  It's not limited to a certain number (2) of branches in your first level like a binary plan would be.  And of course it's not a matrix plan where Reps are limited by depth AND width.

They also offer a cost of living increase over the years.  Commissions will increase according to inflation.  This is also a first in the network marketing industry.

Reps must sell or purchase an Enrollment Pack to become active.  They must also sell or purchase 75 in personal volume every month.

Base commission is 15% and there are several bonuses as Reps increase their sales and their teams.

With an award-winning compensation plan, a solid and cohesive company culture and message, plus a well-planned launch, Jouvé looks to be a promising new direction for Ariix.  Keep your eye on this and mark your calendar for November 14!


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