Andras Fiber: Bald Spot Hiding Hair Thickener That Looks Natural?


Did you know that male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss one can experience? Hard to believe that almost 40 per cent of men lose noticeable strands of hair as young as 35 years old?

If the answer is yes to both, as hard as it might be to swallow, these are hard core facts. Male pattern baldness takes on an “M” shape, where consumers lose hair on the crown and are typically bald in the center of their heads.

Although several causes might be predicted, one that has been proven to be accurate is that of genetics. Is there any way to reverse such a concern? Maybe, not permanently, but Andras Fiber might have come up with the most natural way possible.

Andras Fiber is believed to conceal the visibility of hair loss, increase volume and naturally blend in with one’s hair. The purpose of this review is to assess the claims made by analyzing factors like Andras Fiber’s purpose, how it works, recommended uses and its free trial period.

What is Andras Fiber?

Andras Fiber specializes in offering consumers quality hair thickening fibers that work to blend in with one’s natural hair. Their hair thickening fibers are made from keratin, a hair protein that is naturally found in one’s system.

By doing so, consumers may receive high quality fibers that will last longer periods of time compared to standard fibers that might fall off or flake within hours of application. What makes Andras Fiber useful is its ability to provide a temporary solution that still brings natural-looking results. Let’s take a quick look at how Andras Fiber works.

How Does Andras Fiber Work?

Andras Fiber’s hair thickening fiber has a natural static charge that works like a magnet to tightly attach to the thinnest strands of hair. This process is also said to add real-looking volume, which allows one to style hair. This is far more efficient compared to hair transplants because transplants are too costly.

In addition, they might potentially damage one’s hair follicles if proper care and handling is not given. In particular, some consumers have experienced unwanted side effects such as itching, swelling and irritated scalps, making it far more risky that hair fibers.

How Should Consumers Make Use of Andras Fiber?

First, prior to applying Andras Fiber, it is important to wash and dry hair. After doing so, one must gently shake the fibers in the regions that most require them. Finally, it takes as little as patting down the fibers onto one’s hair until it sets in.

It might be best to use hair spray to ensure that the hair fibers are tightly into place. Hair fibers are a great alternative to hair transplants mainly because of their easy application and removal. To remove the hair fibers, one should simply take a shower, as the fibers will fall off on their own.

What Can Be Said About Andras Fiber’s Free Trial?

The creators of Andras Fiber currently offer a free trial period of 10 days where consumers can use it as they please. The time frame is appropriate because, unlike skincare solutions or any cream-based products, Andras Fiber is suppose to work instantly. This will allow one to see whether or not its uses are helpful.

Final Thoughts on Andras Fiber

Based on the analysis above, Andras Fiber appears to be far more efficient in concealing bald spots. In addition, its convenience and user-friendly facets make it more desirable than having to spend large sums of money. Other reasons why one should consider hair thickening fibers like Andras Fiber include its ability to blend smoothly without showing any trace of the fiber, the potential it has in stimulating real hair growth, natural and long lasting results and the ability to create layers and layers of hair.

The single con that many will feel is the difficulty associated with styling hair, but over time, consumers are certain to get the hang of it. Lastly, it is important to note that consumers will be only charged the shipping and handling fee and after the trial has ended, the full price. For more information, go to:


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