Zwift: At Home Indoor Cyclist Training Virtual Reality Game?


Obesity has become one of the major concerns that can deteriorate one’s health. According to NIDDK, 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 6 children are obese. With the several fast food joints existing and one’s lack of self control, it is no wonder that such numbers are even possible.

Consumers need to take better care of themselves to prevent illnesses from attacking. While it is true that a healthy diet is mandatory, it is just as important to take part in regular exercise. Most health professionals recommended at most 30 minutes of any physical activity per day. This is where the problem arises, as many consumers are not motivated enough to consistently remain active. How can we reduce obesity rates and encourage healthier lifestyles? According to Zwift, it is achievable in an exciting and enjoyable manner.

Zwift is believed to encourage consumers to take part in physical activities without having to dread it. Not only will one enjoy exercising, but he or she will not even notice the time fly. The following review will look closely at Zwift with respect to its purpose, what it entails, how it works and its affordability.

What is Zwift?

Zwift is an at-home training system that connects cyclists around the world. It is a different way to get consumers to exercise, while allowing advanced level cyclists to improve upon their stamina, speed, breathing and competitive edge to name a few. What makes Zwift unique is the fact that they have created several structures that may stimulate a full body workout without realizing it. Most importantly, it keeps one focused and motivated throughout each game.

What Does Zwift Entail?

Zwift contains three different categories of games that will prevent one from getting easily bored and they are the Virtual Roads, Structured Workouts and Social Group Ridings.

The Virtual Roads allow one to cycle in different virtual environments, some of which resemble that of Central London, mountains, near volcanoes and a course in Richmond. This is innovative, as consumers will be more involved in the given setting. Next, the Structured Workouts have been designed to meet the needs of every fitness level possible. It has been programmed to eliminate the thought of training in one’s mind, and embedding the idea of simply having fun.

Lastly, Social Group Rides are ways to take part in virtual events where hundreds of other consumers also participate. This aspect is more likely to induce one to compete with one another and promote thoughts of progress and success.

How Does Zwift Work?

Zwift works by pairing one’s bike with an indoor training gear to create a realistic riding experience. Currently, two different types of bundles are provided and they are either the Hammer Direct Drive or Magnus Wheel on Bundle.

The Hammer Direct Drive Bundle includes a hammer trainer, pre-instated cassette, spacers, disc brake lock, ANT+ dongle, USB Extension and a year’s worth of Zwift. It is not like a standard bike, as the back wheel is eliminated. The Magnus Wheel-On Bundle allows one to keep both wheels and only requires the bike to be mounted into the Magnus smart trainer. In addition to the trainer, consumers will also be provided with the ANT+ dongle, USB extension and a year’s worth of Zwift.

How Much Does Zwift Cost?

The entire set up of Zwift, which include either the Hammer Direct Drive or Magnus Wheel-On Bundle cost $1260 and $630 respectively. The prices are significantly different because of the set up, as one replaces the back wheel and other is a simpler set up consisting of just a mount. For the games aspect of Zwift, a separate fee of $18.99 per month will be charged.

How Can Consumers Get Started?

Since the prices might discourage some consumers, Zwift currently offers a 7-day free trial, in which one can fully live up to the Zwift experience. This will not only eliminate any doubts one may have, but it will also allow one to grasp how the entire system works, take advantage of the several games included and ultimately ensure sustainable excitement. What makes Zwift’s free trial beneficial is the fact that one will not be charged at all, compared to others that normally push the shipping and handling onto consumers.

Final Thoughts on Zwift

Clearly, Zwift works towards redefining training and exercising at the comfort of one’s home. In addition to their biking program, a running program is also offered where virtual environments are presented to consumers while they run on a treadmill.

This not only eliminates thoughts of wanting to end a training session sooner, but also has the ability to direct one’s focus towards simply getting fit. While the prices of the mounts and entire set ups are quite expensive, they keep one’s bike in place and free from causing any sort of damage.

Lastly, Zwift is very flexible, as consumers do not necessary need to use an actual bike, but can substitute with an exercise bike. For more information on how to get started, go to:


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