5 Types Of Holistic Healing – Which Alternative Method Is Best?


For many years, people have relied on modern medicine for their medical needs. From dermatologists to physicians and everything in between. In recent years, however, people have been turning to holistic medicine for their ailments. From acupuncture to herbal methods and more.

Now that people are able to do more research and have seen how certain medical practices in other countries have succeeded in treating common ailments, people are turning their attention to alternative ways to treat their problems.

From natural ways to deal with stress, to commonly forgotten ways to treat infections, colds and more, there are endless reasons people are looking for new medical treatments that do not follow the modern methods we have come to rely on.

Regardless of why people are making the switch, one thing is clear – people are definitely looking into new ways to heal their problems. This is especially true if you take into consideration that places that use holistic medicine are becoming a big deal and growing in popularity these days.

There are so many different routes to take when choosing a holistic healer perfect for your needs. Do you choose Ancient Chinese medicine or Ayurveda? Shamanic healing or chakra balancing? What do these holistic healers do exactly? Do the herbs they use really work or is it just the placebo effect?

With a little digging, we were able to get a good insight on how these holistic healers work and why you may want to see one. We have also been able to dig up the different types of holistic healers there are, as well as how their methods help you to balance your body and prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place.

Pretty interesting right? We thought so too! Following are 5 types of holistic healing:

1. Herbalism

What is herbalism? Herbalism is the use of plants as medicine instead of antibiotics or pills. This means that a herbalist is the same thing as a pharmacist, except instead of giving you a pill or antibiotic, she will use plants to remedy your ailments.

When you consider that all pharmaceuticals once came from plants at some point in their creation, it is no surprise that this practice is still widely in use. Herbalists use the whole plant form of a specific plant to help balance the system and change the way the body works.

Whether you chose regional herbs or Asian or some combination thereof, your herbalist will blend the herbs together to make balms, salves, teas and tinctures depending on what her client is concerned about health wise.

Okay, but how does herbalism work? Well, after you talk to your herbalist, she will mix you an ingestible and/or topical remedy that you will take home with you. A good herbalist will prescribe you something that will not only work as the best approach for your specific need, but also a remedy that you will be more likely to stick with.

Who would benefit from using herbalism? For those who have to take medicine long term, herbalism may be a good choice for them. If you suffer from depression, insomnia, anxiety and women's health problems, this may be a better choice for you than traditional medicine.

The same can be said for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Before taking an allergy medicine every day to treat your seasonal allergies, you may want to try a herbal medicine and see if that works for you. Worst case, it doesn't work and you need to use allergy pills daily instead.

Will it take long to feel the herbs working? Unlike modern medicine, herbal medicine has more subtle results. That being said, if you are on an antidepressant, you should not switch to a herbal depression remedy straight away.

Herbal medicine can allow you to slowly ween yourself from pharmaceuticals, and eventually allow you to switch altogether. However, if that is the course you intend to take, make sure you and your doctor are on the same page, due to the risk factor with switching your medications and the varying side effects.

2. Acupuncture

It is pretty common knowledge that acupuncture is when someone pierces the skin all over your body with many small needles. What is the point of it? Well acupuncture is believed to maintain a healthy flow of blood and your life force energy, otherwise known as chi.

When you consult Chinese medicinal customs, health issues arise when your body becomes unbalanced by areas of stagnant energy in your body. When the needles used for acupuncture are placed in the meridians, which are considered to be the energy pathways, those areas are believed to be opened, allowing the energy to move without anything in their way, allow your body to heal.

Before you dive into acupuncture, an acupuncturist will do a full medical work up, including studying your tongue, taking your pulse and learning your medical history. This will allow them to get an idea of which areas need the most help. It may be able to help them understand what is happening in various places in the body, such as the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, stomach, and kidneys.

After doing the medical work up, the acupuncturist will decide where your life energy is challenged and will insert the needles where the pathways need the help to get flowing properly once more.

Acupuncture is used to treat various ailments including insomnia, stress, anxiety and any other issues caused by stress. This is largely because acupuncture is known to be able to even out the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Acupuncture may also be a great remedy for those who suffer from allergies, infertility, pain management, and to boost one's immune system.

Keep in mind, acupuncture is not something that you do once and you are cured. While you may feel calmer and more relaxed after your initial acupuncture treatment, you will need between one month and half a year to really see the full effects, depending on what your condition is.

You also have to change the way you eat and your lifestyle will also need to have some changes made in order to really reap the full effects of acupuncture. For example, if you have an anxiety disorder, you will want to pair your acupuncture with a reduction in caffeine and take up yoga or meditation.

3. Holistic Health Coach

A holistic health coach is someone who advises you and cheers you on while helping you sort through your life to discover which lifestyle changes and diet is best for your body. Holistic health coaches are required to go through extensive training in order to become a certified holistic health coach. Many holistic health coaches are either hired by doctors and hospitals or have private practices.

In order for a holistic health coach to help you, they first have to do a full health history. From there, they will come up with a plan for your lifestyle and nutrition that will help you reach your goals.

Whether you wish to clear up your ache, boost your energy or lose weight, they will be able to help you every step of the way. Some will provide you with exercise advice, steer you in the right direction in regards to food choices and supplements, and help you with skin care advice. A holistic health coach will help you find a balanced diet that will work for your needs and will cheer you on every step of the way.

Having a holistic health coach is beneficial with almost any issue you could come across. However, most people seek out help from a holistic health coach when they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Why is that? Well simply put, sometimes people just need someone standing behind them, helping them and making them feel like they are able to do whatever it is they have set their goals as.

Holistic health coaches all have varying lengths to their programs, but none last forever. The main goal is to help people help themselves, by giving them guidance, advice and support while they reach their goals.

4. Energy Healing

Many believe that energy healing is all in ones head, that it does not really work. However, for those who have put their faith in energy healing with all agree that it really does work. Even scientists are beginning to realize this.

But what exactly is energy healing? Energy healing deals with your life energy, your prana if you are using Ayurveda or your chi if you are using customary Chinese medical treatments, and how to allow you to heal yourself using this energy.

Reiki is a very popular energy healing method that is practiced in the United States. It was created by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk from Japan back in the early 1900's. Another kind of energy healing is acupuncture.

How energy healing works depends upon your healer and which method you are using. Many healers will begin with sound baths, horoscope readings, aromatherapy and other techniques.

If you are choosing reiki, your healer will them practice direct physical healing. This will help remove any blockages in your life energy to help your life energy flow more freely. They may utilize tuning forks to stimulate specific energy points, which will then help to balance ones chakras, thus allowing your life energy to properly flow.

The part that most people are skeptical about is the fact that the healers do not do much other than touch you. Some do not even do that. However, most patients agree that they come out of a session feeling far more relaxed and many feel sensations such as tingling during the session.

Energy healing is often sought out by those who feel like they are sorely lacking in energy and need something to give them a boost. However, energy healing has been shown to help those who suffer from insomnia, infertility, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, stress and anxiety, as well as many other ailments. The biggest thing to remember when seeking out energy healing, is that you must go in with an open mind. If you go in thinking it will not work whatsoever, odds are it won't.

When you will see results varies from person to person. Some people feel better after just one session, others need to go back a handful of times before they feel different. Most healers will recommend that you come back 4 times in the first month, then twice a month for three months after that. This will ensure that you are getting the full benefits of energy healing.

5. Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been around for more than five thousand years, where it has been an Indian discipline that has been used for longer than any other medical practice to date. However, not many people have heard of it in the United States. Ayurveda focuses on balancing a person's physical, emotional and mental constitution, which they refer to as you doshas, in order to prevent and manage illnesses.

The amazing thing about Ayurveda is that it is customized to your personal needs. What it does is allow you to take a look at everything you do in your daily life and determine if it is helping you or hindering you.

Your first Ayurveda session can last up to an hour and a half, so it is recommended that you do not go on a day you need to rush. You will have to be open about every aspect of your life, such as your oral care, health, hygiene habits, and more as well as allowing your doctor to do a hands-on assessment.

Once your problems have been determined, your doctor will then tell you which things in your diet and lifestyle that you need to avoid, as well as which ones are good for you to continue. He may also give you a list of herbs that he has picked out especially for your needs and if you have multiple problems or your problem is not as cut and dry as some, he may tell you to use panchakarma, which is known as the most extreme cleanse in existence.

Panchakarma is a week to week and a half long detox which can help you get rid of multiple doshas at once. However, it is far from pleasant, but it works. This is especially true with chronic health issues.

Ayurveda is known to help just about anyone, however it has been proven to be most beneficial for those who suffer from gut and skin conditions. Ayurveda can also help ailments such as the common cold, sinus infections and coughs. Basically, there are many ailments that can be easily treated with Ayurveda.

Similarly to acupuncture, you can see results fairly quickly, between half of a week to a week when you are using herbs, however, if you want the results to stick around, you will have to wait a while. If you have a more difficult or chronic issue, you may need to continue treatment for a year or more. However, with Ayurveda, eventually, through dedication and patience, there is a cure!

5 Types Of Holistic Healing Summary

No matter which path you choose to follow when deciding which alternative medicine is best for you, the above mentioned are all great options for various health conditions. Do some research and pick the plan that works best for you. As with any treatment, make an educated choice and remember, if it involves changing your medicines, make sure you consult your doctor prior to dropping any of your current medications.

Western medicine is losing it's hold on society as these natural, alternative methods are making a comeback. Who knows, maybe alternative healing will bring you the relief you have been looking for!

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