Alternascript – Healthy Premium Quality Ingredient Supplements?


Every once in a while we review diamonds in the digital rough, and while Alternascript isn't exactly in the rough or new, we were very pleased to see all of the accumulating accolades this aspiring company and supplement brand are creating.

Out of the thousands and nearly 10s of thousands of products, brands and companies we have researched and written on, you begin to recognize patterns and understand how to easily spot the creme de la creme quality out of the overwhelming amounts of products and supplements to choose from.

Let's review what we found out when diving deep into our review on Alternascript and see why they are a cut above the rest featuring leading-edge researched ingredients and powerful extracts that help you reach your full potential and productivity.

Who Is Alternascript?

Determined to unleash ideas and products that can impact the world along with your health, hoping to enable and empower you to be your best self, the Alternascript health tech startup currently features 4 flagship products; OptiMind Nootropics, NatureThin Weight Loss, RestUp Sleep Aid and NuCulture Probiotics.

Just to put these products into quick perspective, since their launch, they have sold over 6,000,000 capsules and given away over $2,000,000 in free trials allowing you to try before you buy on all of their coveted collection of nutritional supplements.

According to the Alternascript official website, they believe being alive is a great thing, but are you being the best version of yourself?

It is often said that there is a big difference between mere existence and true living. This is very true.

How often do you wish that you had more focus, better sleep, and were generally healthier? Usually, people look towards constant improvement by seeking to change their attitude. This is all very good, save for the fact that attitude is not always to blame if you are not achieving all your goals.

The lack of zeal, the inability to concentrate and apply yourself to a single task, is not always a matter of poor attitude. Sometimes, it is a matter of how well your organs are working. That does not necessarily mean that you are sick. It simply means that your system needs to be optimized in order to help you live up to being your best self.

How can you optimize your system, you ask? The answer lies in using supplements that are made for the sole purpose of shaking up your system to help it perform at its best.

Unfortunately, knowing what supplements to use can be a somewhat difficult task. There are so many supplements out there that claim to work wonders for your health, which makes it difficult to know what works and what is a rip off. The best way to tell legitimate products from fakes is to take a look at the hard evidence.

Most of the fakes often claim to be the best but their rosy claims are not backed by a single shred of proof. The opposite is true for quality products: their claims are supported by plenty of scientific research and they are tried and tested. Quality products have actually been proven to work.

In as far as health improvement products are concerned, Alternascript products are the very best. Alternascript is a health tech company that is dedicated to making superior quality products to give you a health boost.

All of the products are a result of long hours spent in laboratories creating supplements of unparalleled strength and effectiveness. The products are a combined effect of the most potent ingredients and the scientific expertise and prowess of the professionals that come up with the supplements.

The products are made by health experts who are some of the country’s top professionals. It therefore comes as no surprise that the end products are exceptionally effective and far surpass the expectations of those who purchase them.

The company primarily produces three health boosting products, namely Rest Up, Optimind, and NuCulture. Since the turn of the 2017 calendar year, they have since introduced a revolutionary patented-ingredient weight loss supplement NatureThin.

In a nutshell, Rest Up helps improve your sleep patterns while combatting any sleeping problems, Optimind boosts your brain power, and NuCulture improves your immunity while helping you deal with any digestion problems. All Alternascript products are geared towards making you a more productive person and helping you live a more fulfilling life.

Alternascript Products

To really get a full grasp and review of Alternascript, we need to dissect their core product line to see if the company's motto and motives match up with tehir superior quality supplements.

Optimind (Nootropic Smart Drug Brain Pill)

Nootropics have been a booming space ever since entrepreneurs, silicon valley individuals, college students and the like started wanting more and more brain power juice the natural way. Mental health is key in anyone’s life. It is imperative that you take great care of your mental wellbeing. Usually, this means that you need to eat healthy foods, especially those that contain nutrients that boost your brain’s health.

It also means that you need to cut off the unhealthy foods and take time to relax. But that is not always enough. It is actually possible to do all of the above and still feel unsatisfied with how your brain is functioning.

When you can’t seem to move from one simple task to another, when your days become a blur, when you start having problems concentrating on any job, and when you simply don’t have the will or energy to carry out your daily tasks, it is time to examine how well your brain is functioning.

Sometimes, feeling sluggish and lacking the motivation to carry out your daily tasks points to poor mental health. If your brain is not functioning at its best, it can cost you a lot. You may start spending a lot of time on tasks that you could previously perform in your sleep. It cuts out on your productivity while at the same time leaving you feeling drained. This is a bad place to be.

Enter Alternascript’s Optimind (Unleash Your Mind):

This is a product that is exclusively made to boost your brain power. It is one of the world’s best retention improving health supplements as it drastically improves your mental performance. You would be forgiven for thinking yourself a genius after using the supplement for a while – the effects are that powerful.

Suddenly, what took you hours to figure out only takes you a couple of minutes. You will also find it much easier to apply yourself to a single task to completion, regardless of how much attention you need to pay to it.

You will also not make as many errors as you probably would when your brain is not functioning at its best. Suddenly, you feel like a whole new being. You start seeing life in a whole new way. You will have enough energy to carry out all of your duties, and some to spare.

It couldn’t get any better than that, could it? It actually could because on top of everything else, the product also helps improve your cognitive function.

The question is, how is this product able to transform a person so much? The answer lies in the ingredients and formula used to make the product.

The ingredients are not only very powerful, but some of them are also rather rare. The company’s team of specialists has thoroughly tested these ingredients to determine whether or not they will improve mental health, and exactly how they will achieve this effect.

The ingredients include Bacosides which are obtained from Bacopa plants, Caffeine obtained exclusively from green tea, Tyrosine obtained from sea weeds, Vinpocetine obtained from Periwinkle, Phosphatidylserine obtained from soy beans, and Huperzine A obtained from Huperzia plants. Further, the product also contains some priceless minerals such as Taurine, Vitamins B 12 and D, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Sulbutiamine, and GABA.

Here are the listed benefits of taking Alternascript's OptiMind nootropic ingredients:

  • Attention improver
  • Alertness and vigilance supporter
  • Energy enhancer
  • Focus concentrator
  • New information retention helper
  • Verbal learning and cognitive function booster
  • Mistake and Error reducer

You can feel the change a few hours after taking the supplement: it is that effective. Even better is the fact that the change lasts more than just a few hours.

In fact, it can even change you for the better permanently. You have no reason to wait any more. Get yourself a bottle of this product and say hello to the new, more productive, and energetic you.

Rest Up (Non Habit Forming Sleep Aid)

As you grow older, it is quite normal for you to find it increasingly harder to fall asleep as soon as you get into bed. Sometimes, it is because you have so many scattered thoughts and worries that simply won’t let you rest.

Have you ever noticed how, often, the instant you land in bed, your brain simply bursts into a flurry of activities, when you desperately need it to shut down for a while so you can rest?

It is annoying and sometimes plain frustrating. You often wonder what happened to the younger, care-free person who could sleep profoundly almost anywhere.

When sleep becomes a rare commodity, a lot of things can go terribly wrong. Did you know that the average human being spends about 25 years of their life asleep?

Did you also know that poor sleep lowers your alertness by up to 32%? Even more surprising is the fact that poor sleeping habits make you three times more susceptible to catching a cold. That seems too heavy a price to pay for a problem you can easily solve by using supplements.

When you start having problems catching sleep, it is time you considered using products that will help you sleep better. Sometimes, you might have very disturbed sleep. You may find it terribly difficult to stay asleep for more than an hour, and every time your sleep is interrupted, you might have a hard time getting back to sleep.

At other times, you may successfully sleep for long hours, but once you wake up, you might be feeling fatigued and not as relaxed as you should be. If this becomes a cycle, it can take a toll on every aspect of your life. You may find yourself underperforming at work. Lack of sleep also makes one irate, which can negatively impact your relationships. Poor sleeping patterns can literally tear your life apart. But you do not have to suffer the nasty effects of inadequate sleep.

Enter Alternascript's Rest Up (Secure Your Sleep)

A simple solution to the problem lies in using Alternascript’s Rest Up. This is one of the most effective remedies that can make your sleeping problems a thing of the distant past. The formula helps you to sleep better using a three-plan strategy.

First of all, it calms your mind in order to allow you to easily get to sleep. Normally, you may find it difficult to fall asleep because some active hormones such as adrenaline in your body make it impossible to sleep. Rest Up reduces the action of these hormones in order to allow you to catch some sleep.

Secondly, the product helps stabilize your sleep using melatonin which is referred to as the sleep hormone. This affords you deep slumber, the kind which leaves you feeling refreshed.

Thirdly, the product also rejuvenates your cells, pumping them with energy for another day.

As such, you wake up feeling revitalized and ready to face whatever the day brings with it. In addition to recharging your whole body, rejuvenating your cells also has some anti-aging effects, which makes the product all the more desirable.

The powerful ingredients used in making this product include Suntheanin, 5 HTP, Melatonin, Niagen, and Bioperine. You do not have to wage a daily battle against sleeplessness anymore. The solution is to use Rest Up, a tested and tried product that will significantly improve your sleep cycle.

NuCulture (Proven Patented Powerhouse Probiotics)

Digestive problems are more common than people would care to admit. They cause people untold discomfort. Sometimes they might even be painful, but they always are embarrassing. Unfortunately, many people continue to suffer in silence rather than seek a lasting solution to their gut flora health problems.

There are those who simply hope that the discomfort will go away on its own, and it only takes a while before they begin to question the wisdom of their decision. Who can stand the great agony that is accompanied by bloating, diarrhea, or constipation?

Rather than undergo all this pain, hoping that it will abate with time, why not try Alternascript’s NuCulture? This is a product that aims at putting a permanent stop to all your digestive problems.

Generally, you get a gassed-up stomach when the bad bacteria in your stomach far outnumber the good bacteria. Ideally, the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria should be 85% to 15%. However, depending on a number of factors, this ratio often gets unbalanced, and it is easy for the bad bacteria to thrive in your stomach. This is what opens a Pandora’s Box of stomach maladies.

Obviously, the best way around the problem is to restore balance to the good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio. This is precisely what NuCulture does.

In fact, it does a lot more than simply restoring balance. It also strengthens your immunity. Having a weak immunity has very nasty consequences. It means that you are generally very vulnerable to illnesses of all sorts. It means that your body cannot effectively fight pathogens, and that you will fall sick from time to time. It is generally not desirable.

NuCulture gives your immunity a boost, thus helping to protect your body from a wide array of diseases.

What makes NuCulture so effective? Again, the secret lies in the ingredients used in making the product. NuCulture is made using a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, and therein lies the strength of this product. The product contains some of the world’s most studied and researched upon probiotics and prebiotics. These are covered in a patented cover that slows down their release. As such, they will safely arrive at the target organs in order to carry out the required functions.

Some of the ingredients used in making the products include probiotics such as DE-III probiotics, Lpc- 37 Probiotic, Bi- 07 probiotic, and BI- 04 probiotic, as well as prebiotics such as Prefor Pro prebiotic. The combination of these probiotics and prebiotics comes laden with many benefits for your digestive and immune systems.

Nature Thin (Healthy Weight Loss Supplement)

In addition to their three main offerings, Alternascript has also created a supplement that aims at helping people lose weight with ease. The sound of that is certainly very appealing to the ears of many, save for the fact that they have probably heard it time after time, without its coming true.

One has to admit that there are many products in the market that claim to make it remarkably easy to shed off the extra pounds. Often, people have had their hopes dashed after trying product after product without seeing any results. Alternascript provides a practical and effective strategy to help you lose weight with time.

Did you know that in the 90’s, the average American weighed fifteen pounds less than they do now? It is an astounding fact that certainly antagonizes present-day Americans. Having an extra fifteen pounds by default while many people are trying their ultimate best to lose as much weight as possible certainly sounds unfair.

But diet is primarily to blame for the additional pounds. Two decades ago, people did not consume as much sugar as they do now. Sugar is ubiquitous, it has become part and parcel of every meal, which explains the extra weight. And cutting off all the sugar from one’s diet certainly is an uphill task.

Therefore, Alternascript set out to look for a lasting solution to this problem. After years of dedicated research, Nature Thin was created. This product primarily contains three botanicals.

These botanicals were tested on human fat cells. They were proven to help prevent the buildup of fats while at the same time burning the fats that already exist in the cells. Finding the three botanicals that could work so well together was nothing short of genius, and this is what makes the product very effective.

To make it better, the product also contains nutrients that those who usually diet often forget to include in their meals. These include the crucial vitamin B 12 and vitamin D. in a nutshell, this product is the ultimate weight loss product.

It burns fat and prevents its build up while at the same time nourishing the body with some of the often overlooked but otherwise critical nutrients.

Why Should You Choose Alternascript Products?

1. They Emphasize Quality Ingredients

One of the things that make Alternascript products stand out is the fact that they are superior quality products. These are products that actually deliver on their promise. They have been tried and tested multiple times, and with every test they have proven to be more than effective.

Ask any of those who have used the products and you will hear inspiring tales of how lives were changed simply because people used the products. The combination of skill, effort, and resources that go into making these products makes them the very best by default. Be it in helping you rest better, improving your immunity, or enhancing your brain power, these products set the standard for other such supplements.

2. They Come at Fair Prices

Considering how effective and superior these products are, they are sold at very fair prices. In fact, you can save up plenty of money if you buy all the three of the main products at once. Buying the whole package affords you huge discounts, the kind that you cannot get anywhere else.

People often find themselves having to choose between their wellbeing and saving up some coins. It is the reason why questionable supplements that come ridiculously cheap continue to thrive in the market. But think about it…in terms of money, how much is your health worth? What wouldn’t you give to be more productive and to have better sleep? When you consider what you stand to gain by using these products, you will certainly not be too concerned about the money. There is simply too much for you to gain.

3. Can Be Bought Online

Another reason why you simply cannot afford not to use these products is that you can purchase them from almost anywhere. All you have to do is visit the company’s website and place your order, and the product is as good as yours.

You will be charged a few dollars for shipping, but the product will be delivered to you within a reasonable timeframe. You do not have to worry about making long trips to stores in search of these precious products. Simply place your order online and the product will be brought to you. It’s that simple.

4. Help A Worthy Cause

In addition to making life better for its clientele, Alternascript is also concerned about impacting positively on the lives of people in the community. To show commitment to improving the lives of people, the company took up the project of helping those who suffer from overdose of prescription drugs. The figures are more than just disturbing, they are downright shocking.

Every single day, one hundred Americans die of prescription drug abuse. This affects so many people, their families, and friends. It also costs the country plenty of money and resources. In order to ease the burden for those affected, Alternascript donates 5% of its profit towards this noble cause. By purchasing their products, you would also be contributing towards the same goal.

Alternascript Supplements Review Summary

When all is said and done, you have a lot to gain from using Alternascript products. They can help you enhance your mental performance, improve your sleep patterns, and strengthen your immunity, among many other benefits.

Try any of these products today and begin the transformative journey towards being the best version of yourself. Every aspect of your life is guaranteed to improve when you start using these products. Others who have used the products swear by them, and there is no reason the products shouldn’t improve your life as well.

What is holding you back? Order your supplements today and watch your life improve a great deal.


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