Natural Griffonia Seed Extract – 5-HTP Health Benefits Guide


Our ancestors have been using natural plants and herbs for many generations to treat common ailments and diseases. There are thousands of different plants and herbs out there that have countless beneficial capabilities that can alleviate even the most dangerous diseases. In recent years, advances in the medical field gave us the ability to extract specific chemicals and compounds that are responsible for producing these anti-ailment properties.

Although at the same time we started to synthesize various chemicals for medical purposes, slowly people realized that natural remedies are a lot less dangerous when used on our bodies. This is the reason why there are so many different types of supplements out there that you can partake in and use to get on the road to better health.

Amongst these supplements is Griffonia Seed extract. This natural plant based supplement is capable of altering your mood, promoting sleep, and helping with weight loss. Many people have used this supplement’s capabilities to get onto the right weight loss track, as well as reduce their stress levels. Griffonia Simplicifolia is a fantastic plant with amazing capabilities.

What is Griffonia Seed Extract?

As we mentioned earlier, this supplement is derived from a natural plant, Griffonia Simplicifolia. This plant is native to West and Central Africa and usually is found climbing other trees as a shrub. It can often reach heights as tall as three meters. The seeds of this plant are found inside its black seed pods. The sought after herbal compound 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is why these seeds are so desired.

The functionality of 5-HTP is to help your body synthesize serotonin. Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter which is capable of controlling your mood and sleep cycles. Generally, when the levels of serotonin are increased in the body, you are able to alleviate anxiety with ease and experience feelings of well-being. Falling asleep with relative ease is also one of the benefits of increased serotonin levels.

The compound itself is generally well tolerated by most people who consume it. Dosage can vary between 50 to 250 milligrams per day, depending on various factors.

How does Griffonian Seed Extract work?

Throughout our daily lives, we consume foods that contain an amino acid known as Tryptophan, usually found in protein rich foods like eggs and red meat. Tryptophan is what serotonin is made from. It is usually broken down by our liver into 5-HTP and various different metabolites. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is then carried through the blood stream into the brain, and once it reaches our brain it is converted into Serotonin.

Whilst most of the time people don’t have any difficulties consuming the right type of food to get the right amount of Tryptophan, some people do have a hard time getting enough Tryptophan because of the region they live in and the diet that they follow. Other people may also have a difficult time producing enough 5-HTP even though they have access to enough Tryptophan.

In other cases, people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mood altering conditions have low levels of Serotonin and can greatly benefits from increased intake of 5-HTP.

One would assume that a simple solution would be to supplement with Serotonin directly, but it is often ineffective due to its inability to cross the blood-brain barrier. On the other hand, supplements that have an increased amount of Tryptophan in them have proven to be somewhat effective.

But in some situations, it seems that 5-HTP is a better course of action. One reason for this is because 5-HTP is an intermediary in the production of Serotonin, which means it is able to convert into Serotonin much faster than Tryptophan. There are also other factors which affect Tryptophan to Serotonin conversion which can be avoided if you use 5-HTP instead.

Deciding which supplement to use for boosting Serotonin levels can sometimes be rather difficult because different people react to various substances in different ways. We do know that approaching this dilemma by eliminate the possibility for uncontrolled situations to occur is the best solution.

Since Tryptophan is broken down into 5-HTP and then our brain turns it into Serotonin, eliminating the first process will also eliminate the possible complications that can occur during this step. It will also reduce the impact that taking these supplements can have on your liver and save it from wear and tear over time.

The Best 5-HTP Supplement

Griffonia Simplicifolia is amongst the very few plants that can produce seeds which can be extracted into a supplement that boost 5-HTP directly. The extract is metabolized by your liver and converted directly into 5-HTP. So, the benefits which are produced by Griffonia Seed Extract are directly contributed by its ability to raise your levels of Serotonin.

However, it also has the ability to do the opposite to Dopamine, the neurotransmitter which is capable of doing the opposite of what Serotonin does. As levels of Dopamine drop, the effects of Serotonin are more vivid and effective.

Serotonin is often called the “happiness” neurotransmitter because of its unparalleled ability to improve your mood and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Because Griffonia Seed Extract is capable of producing more Serotonin and reducing Dopamine at the same time, its ability to improve your mood are unmatched by any other natural supplement.

Noted Benefits of Griffonia Seed Extract

Because of the effect that Griffonia Seed Extract has on the levels of Serotonin, it is able to induce the feeling of confidence, tranquility, well-being, and relaxation. One of the best effects that many users have experienced is the amazing feel of tension relief after a long day at work. Many other users stated that their depression symptoms were improved when using this supplement.

It is often used as a natural mood enhancer and even sometimes as a pain relief method for those who experience migraines.

Research shows that Griffonian Seed Extract is capable of pacifying the effects of ADHD and reducing the feeling of impulsiveness. These effects are tied directly to the increased levels of Serotonin, which is exactly what Griffonian Seed Extract is capable of effectively producing, unlike some of the other supplements out there.

Some have even started taking Griffonian Seed Extract to gain control over their weight. Increased levels of Serotonin are capable of producing the feeling of being satiated, which means you are less likely to overindulge when eating and are less likely to feel hungry. In other words, you will feel full faster with less food.

Additionally, the restriction of Dopamine production which also occurs due to Griffonian Seed Extract intake can also reduce the feeling of hunger. Dopamine is capable of producing increased appetite. So, taking Griffonian Seed Extract supplements controls appetite from two fronts, by increasing Serotonin levels and decreasing Dopamine levels.

Possible Side Effects

The use of 5-HTP via oral intake methods has been dubbed as possibly safe by the Natural Medicines database. However, use by pregnant women, children, or individuals who are affected by Down syndrome is thought to be unsafe and should be avoided.

There have been very few cases where continued use of 5-HTP has produced side effects. Nonetheless, some people have reported nausea, stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting. However, generally there have been absolutely no significant side-effects associated with taking Griffonian Seed Extract.

People who are planning on taking Griffonian Seed Extract supplements daily should be careful not to stack their dosage with the antidepressants of SSRI and MAOI classes. Doing so can lead to extremely high levels of Serotonin to be produced in the brain, resulting in Acute Serotonin Syndrome. This syndrome can lead to severe headaches, fevers, irritability, and irregular heartbeat. If left untreated, it may become fatal.

While the chances of developing Acute Serotonin Syndrome are extremely rare under most circumstances, it is still suggested to avoid taking any antidepressants while using the Griffonian Seed Extract supplement. Make sure that you are following the correct dosage and consulting with your medical professional to ensure that you aren’t sensitive to this supplement and to avoid potential problems.

It is not uncommon to see Griffonian Seed Extract as part of a blended supplement mixture. To avoid any possible reactions or sensitivities, we suggest that you first try Griffonian Seed Extract as an independent supplement and then proceed into using the combination mixture supplements.

Final Words

Working with Serotonin levels and Dopamine levels can do wonders for your body, not only mentally but physically as well. Your mood is capable of controlling many aspects of your life. Think about it, whenever you feel depressed or your levels of anxiety are high, you often don’t feel like doing anything at all.

Improving your mood will have a wonderful effect on the rest of your life. However, simply increasing your Serotonin levels might not be enough. We strongly suggest that you also consider maintaining a proper diet and exercising daily. Doing this will ensure that the effects of Serotonin are long-lasting. Griffonian Seed Extract isn’t a miracle drug, but it can help you improve your life in many ways.

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