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Digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation are fast-becoming endemic in western cultures. The combination of poor diets, as well as wilful ignorance means that people are suffering at an unprecedented rate, compounded by the stigma and embarrassment of seeing a doctor or chemist for treatment.

Fortunately for people worldwide, there is now a solution that is proven to benefit one’s digestive system in the form of probiotics. Although probiotics are nothing new, they have seen an uptake in popularity in recent times. In fact, probiotics can be observed as naturally-occurring enzymes in the large intestine that help with ingestion and the absorption of vital nutrients.

One such probiotic formula that has seen a recent surge in consumer attention due to its attention in the media is NuCulture Probiotics.

What Is NuCulture Probiotics?

As stated previously, NuCulture Probiotics is a popular line of supplements that has had more than its fair share of media coverage in recent years. The media attention stems from the supplement’s reputation of delivering a highly concentrated probiotic formula directly to the user’s large intestine. Users that have tried NuCulture Probiotics typically report a reduction in their symptoms of constipation and diarrhea in less than two weeks after ingestion.

The NuCulture Probiotic formula is to be taken twice daily; once in the morning before breakfast and again before one sits down to eat dinner. The pills work best when consumed with a large glass of water, as this reportedly helps the probiotics to reach the large intestine where they are needed the most. The company asserts that their formula is among the strongest in the market, with 5 clinically-tested strains of probiotics per capsule. This is reportedly higher than any competing product on the market.

The probiotics are sold in a 3- capsule container and typically costs about $35 for just over a month’s supply. The supplement is easily purchased through the NuCulture website, as well as through their network of resellers nationwide. It should be noted that unlike most other supplements online, the NuCulture supplements do not come with the assurances of a money back guarantee period, but one is instead entitled to a free trial of their product.

Why Are Probiotics Important?

Recent research into digestive system highlights some key developments in our understanding of how digestion has the ability to influence the holistic health of the body. Problems associated with digestion has been correlated to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. This is not to say that a deficiency in digestive health causes these disorders, but there is a verifiable correlation to a lack of probiotics on in one’s intestines and the aforementioned mental health conditions – what this means precisely, no one knows.

As stated previously, probiotics are a naturally-occurring phenomena observed not only in the intestines, but throughout the entire body. While their exact purpose is unclear, what we do know about them is that they are pivotal in the mechanisms of digestion and one’s ability to absorb their needed nutrients. Probiotics have also been linked to supporting blood flow throughout the body, as well as aiding in the repair of damaged tissue.

In addition the above, there is a new theory that states that most of one’s health problems can be attributed to a lack of probiotics in the body. Some scientists and researchers have made the tentative conclusion that poor digestive health can lead to a litany of both physical and mental health complications, which is why probiotics are often prescribed in the unusual cases of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Probiotic’s interaction with antibiotics are well known. They are used together for their combined synergistic effect. While antibiotics are used as a potent drug to kill bad bacteria, it is observed that they are also responsible for killing the good bacteria in the gut and the large intestine. This means that antibiotics can be bad for you when taken over long periods in time, which is a common occurrence in patients who are fighting infections or disease. It is for this reason that antibiotics are strongly recommended to be taken with probiotics.

What Are People Saying About NuCulture Probiotics?

There is some divergence in opinion when it comes to the quality of probiotics sold by NuCulture. While many users reported health benefits after only a few weeks of taking the supplements, others reported that the formula did nothing for them at all. The probiotic has also been compared unfavorably to other alternatives in the market.

It should be noted that the success or failure of a given probiotic is largely determined by one’s expectations, as well as the unique physical and chemical makeup of one’s gut and intestines. It is therefore hard to take any review purely at face value. Everyone’s body is unique, and each has their own point of view of what constitutes success or disappointment.

This is why supplement companies such as NuCulture often package their products with assurances such as money back guarantee periods and 14 day free trials. This is to mitigate the downside of experimenting with their products and risk of disappointment.

There is also the medical opinion that the long-term effect of probiotics may lead to health complications. Specifically, the body may stop producing probiotics naturally when it is exposed to highly concentrated formulas such as what can be found in the most products today.

The Bottom Line – Are NuCulture Probiotics Recommended?

There is enough evidence that suggests NuCulture Probiotics live up to to the claims it makes in the product’s sales copy. NuCulture has existed as a reliable brand well before they released their line of probiotic supplements, and has survived through the media scandals of the probiotic industry as a whole.

In conclusion, if one is suffering from digestive problems then NuCulture Probiotics may be the solution that one has been looking for. As long as one is not expecting a magic pill or instant results, then the probiotics offered by the company are sufficiently reliable and well-known to make it recommendable to friends and family.

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