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BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract-based product. What we know about black pepper extract has only been starting to emerge for a few years now, but it is widely believed to be healthy when used in moderation.

Health complications may arise if you consume too much of it. From that data already collected and the research already done about black pepper extract, it is believed that responsible consumption of it can provide a bunch of health benefits.

It is able to provide these benefits because of the many beneficial chemicals and other substances that are contained in black pepper extract. Some of these chemicals and substances include piperoinol, cineol, hexonal, nerol, acetophenome, and terpinol.

The main substance in BioPerine, however, is piperine. Now you know why it is called BioPerine. The makers of BioPerine state that the product is at least 95 percent composed of piperine and this large amount of piperine provides a wealth of health benefits along with the previously stated chemicals.

Along with the piperine and aforementioned chemicals, the black pepper fruit that BioPerine is extracted from have alkaloids such as piperidine, piperanine, and piperttine in it – all which help your body. Basically, BioPerine is a supplement that you would take in conjunction with other health supplements to help amplify their positive effects on your health.

Taking BioPerine with your daily meals also helps your body more efficiently take in the nutrients from those meals.

How Safe is BioPerine to Consume?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed BioPerine and had an independent group of scientists to examine it and verify its legitimacy and safety. After the evaluation, the product was awarded a status of “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the FDA.

There was enough sufficient scientific backing behind the purported health benefits associated with consuming black pepper extract to compel the FDA’s panel of experts to deem it safe for human consumption.

There are some health warnings when it comes to BioPerine, however. As I stated before, it should only be consumed in moderation because too much of it can cause it to get caught in your lungs.

This risk is amplified if you consume the black pepper extract with turmeric. This issue is mainly present with children who consume black pepper extract, but adults should be wary as well.

Some companies have come out and said that the main ingredient in BioPerine, piperine, can be poisonous if it is 100 percent concentrated in a product. With the company who made BioPerine stating that their product has 95 percent concentration of piperine, this may not be much of an issue.

Other governmental agencies have disputed the status granted to BioPerine and black pepper extract in general from the FDA because they feel that there is not enough scientific data to support its benefits and safety for consumption.

Their biggest concern is the safety of piperine and there are conflicting opinions on if it is even safe to consume at all.

Where Does BioPerine Originate From?

As I have stressed throughout this article, BioPerine is a black pepper extract-based supplement. The black pepper extract comes from peppercorns produced by a plant known as Piper nigrum.

This plant originates from the subcontinent of India, but now it is grown all over the globe and Is easily accessible. You can probably get some from your local market. And if not, you can definitely order it online.

How BioPerine Positively Affects Our Health

The company that makes BioPerine alleges that it provides a wealth of health benefits – specifically for our cardiovascular system and our gastrointestinal tract. And according to scientific research and studies conducted in labs, it is believed that black pepper extract is quite beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract.

Consuming it can help keep diarrhea away. On top of that, it has been found that black pepper extract can expedite the process of food moving through the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, consuming the extract can cause your salivary glands to excrete produce more saliva, as well as enhancing intestinal functions.

There has been a lot of research and studies conducted on black pepper extract as well as piperine. However, many scientific and medical groups feel that more research still needs to be done because a lot of conflicting information, especially about the safety of consuming piperine, has been released.

Piperine, the main ingredient of BioPerine, also has been found to be effective in treating hyperlipidemia when taken in conjunction with curcumin. This is according to data published in a reputable scientific journal.

Hyperlipidemia is one of the stepping stones to developing full-blown cardiovascular disease. Piperine has also been proven beneficial in reducing the blood pressure levels of those who consume it.

Some studies claim that black pepper extract can help with weight loss. There is not enough scientific data testing this to corroborate those claims.

From my analysis of these studies, it seems promising that piperine specifically will be eventually proven to be helpful for those losing weight.

This makes a product like BioPerine even more attractive and useful. But again, more research needs to be done first. This is starting to sound like a central theme as it pertains to BioPerine and black pepper extract in general.

Adverse Effects From Taking BioPerine

There are plenty of benefits associated with consuming BioPerine, but there are also just as many risks and adverse effects.

I stated earlier that BioPerine helps your body more efficiently take in nutrients from supplements you take and meals that you eat.

This has a catch, though. It also makes your body take in more of the substances contained in prescription drugs that you take for medical conditions, which can lead to unsafely high concentrations of those substances in your bloodstream. And that can be potentially fatal.

One doctor has come out on record and stated that BioPerine, while being proven to be helpful for the gastrointestinal tract, can actually cause some pain down there as well. The lack of scientific data present cannot disprove or corroborate the doctor’s claims.

Some minor side effects associated with black pepper extract include a burning aftertaste and dealing with heartburn after consumption. The heartburn can range from slight to severe in nature.

One medical university looked deeply into the effects of consuming piperine and found that consuming it can lead to a bunch of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract issues. On top of that, piperine can also cause nausea and vomiting. These appear to be in very few cases, though.

If you take BioPerine and face any of these listed side effects or any other negative health effect after taking it, it would be in your best interests to stop taking it and perhaps see a doctor if your condition worsens.

BioPerine Conclusion

All of the conflicting information about black pepper extract and piperine makes it hard to have a concrete opinion of BioPerine. Many studies have shown that it can be super beneficial to your health, but at the same time there are a handful of studies showing that the main ingredient in the extract has properties associated with that of a poisonous substance.

While it was deemed safe by the FDA, there is a general consensus that more scientific and medical data is needed. You should talk to your doctor before taking it if you plan on doing so.

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