90 second rapid wrinkle control

Abella Mayfair Rapid Wrinkle Control Cream

Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control, Exfoliator Gel, Maximum Moisture 24-Hour Day & Night Cream & Triple Effects Eye Serum are the newest hybrid anti-aging skin care products and beauty cosmetics to penetrate the market place – but do they work?

Will they really give you visibly younger-looking skin as advertised? Let’s find out in our exclusive Abella Mayfair review.

What is Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control?

Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control is a skin cream that promises to brighten your skin’s appearance and smooth the look of stubborn fine lines.

You apply the cream to your skin, and within 90 seconds, your skin looks visibly younger. There’s no invasive surgery required and no painful injections: it’s just a topical skin cream.

Like many other anti-aging skin cream sold online today, 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control works by delivering whole collagen molecules into your skin using a “peptide-rich serum”. The makers of 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control claim that this helps to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.

Abella Mayfair, by the way, is a skin care product manufacturer that makes a small number of skin creams, including an exfoliator gel, a moisturizing cream, and an eye serum.

Benefits of 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control

90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control makes all of the following promises about its benefits:

  • Eliminates the look of dark circles by nourishing your sensitive under-eye area
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production
  • Enhances skin hydration using active ingredients that “facilitate in trapping moisture”
  • Counters effects of stress by boosting skin immunity and reducing free radical damage

We highly recommend you check out Abella Mayfair's cosmetic makeup skincare product line right now to see everything they offer.

How Does 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control Work?

Abella Mayfair spends a significant amount of time talking about the benefits of their skin care product as well as clearly showing and displaying each of their proprietary blends ingredients.

Here’s how Abella Mayfair descries the formula:

“This unique formula contains whole collagen molecules, advanced peptides and powerful antioxidants to restore skin’s vibrancy and enhance smoothness and vitality.”

That’s the most detailed description we get about how 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control works. While there are no direct follow-up scientific studies or enhanced reading to review, they do go into great detail about each and every ingredient in the product that make this a complete formula and cosmetic makeup line.

Fortunately, we do get a full list of ingredients in the skin cream; including sodium silicate, silicate, cellulose gum, aloe leaf extract, grape seed oil, and iron oxides.

Based on these ingredients, 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control appears to work in two distinct ways: it appears to use ingredients like sodium silicate to help hide the physical appearance of your wrinkles (by filling in the actual wrinkles). And second, it appears to use natural botanical extracts to help moisturize your skin.

That’s all good – but we would still have liked to have seen some studies on 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control to ensure that it actually works. Abella Mayfair does not appear to have invested any money into clinical trials or studies. That doesn’t give us a huge amount of confidence.

90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control Pricing

Abella Mayfair is currently offering a free trial promotion on 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control but also gives you the ability to buy full price retail on the official AbellaMayfair.com website with a price point of $99.99.

Here’s how that trial works (and it does work as we directly contacted the responsive customer support):

— You pay $3.95 USD for shipping and handling today and receive a 15mL, 30 day supply of Abella Mayfair's Rapid Wrinkle Control

— The limited time promotional offer allows you to ‘try before you buy' for 14 days and then if you do not manually cancel your free trial subscription, Abella Mayfair will assume you liked the product while trying and want to continue receiving the full amount every month until you cancel your credit card charges.

— After the 14 day free trial (just pay shipping and handling of course), you will receive the full month supply of the anti-aging skin care cream at the full price of $99.99 based on their terms and conditions you agree to upfront when placing your free trial order.

While this may seem hidden or a scam (because there are plenty out there), we took the liberty of directly contacting the product owners and asking them questions about how this worked and what the cancellation policy was – they were very responsive and direct in that the phone number and email are made available on their site and offer page. This feat alone is very very different from the hundreds of skin care creams and serums we have reviewed over the years. For this alone, we feel good in recommending Abella Mayfair's skin care products to anyone assuming they want to test it out before paying full retail price online.

About Abella Mayfair

Abella Mayfair is an Ontario-based company that lists the following address:

PO Box 500
North York, ON M3J 0J8

You can contact the company by calling or by emailing [email protected] Their customer service center is open from 7am to 10pm EST.

In addition to 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control, Abella Mayfair sells three other products, including an Exfoliator Gel ($39.95), Maximum Moisture 24-hour Day & Night Cream ($89.95) and a Triple Effects Eye Serum ($49.99). All products are available for purchase online through their website AbellaMayfair.com.

Should You Buy Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control?

90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control has premium ingredients that have been associated with reducing and minimizing your wrinkles. It claims to use “peptides” to restore your skin’s youthful appearance. In reality, some might think Abella Mayfair's beauty cosmetics are not significantly different from a moisturizer you could buy at any supermarket for $20, but we have a good feeling in regards to the branding and evidence they list as being a legitimate brand in a crowded space.

For all of these reasons, because you can try it before you buy it in full, giving Abella Mayfair's hybrid anti-aging beauty cosmetics a test is in your best interest as you have a full 14 days to decide whether or not you like the effects and feelings these skincare products can give you.


  1. Again, far too many ordinary trusting people fall for this SCAM by Abella-Mayfair. Please report to your local Police, SHeriff’s office, the RCMP, the BBB and your local consumer watchdog. Refer any/all of them to this page with all these posts regarding this Company simply out to steal money from unsuspecting ones asking for a “free” sample. Of course, their “conditions” are in small print somewhere down the page – typical MO of SCAM shysters of the worst kind.

    Cindy CRawford and other so-called “celebrities” who originally endorsed those thieves ought to be ashamed too for not having done any DD on Abella Mayfair – I guess their fee derived from their endorsements is OK, never mind the complete lack of ethics of the Company that pays them!

  2. I was away in Florida after receiving the free trial offer. When I returned home I found new product and charges to my Credit Card. I am a senior and I want these products to stop arriving at my door. I also want to know how to return the unused items. I cannot afford to pay for these items monthly. I specifically filled on all the parts of the form telling them not to send me more product. I would never order repeat items which I have not tried.

  3. My credit card company has been most helpful. They put me on a conference call with them. Charging me for products I haven’t received and do not want! They’ve offered me a 50$ discount now, and the rest refunded after I give them the tracking number of the products I’m supposed to send back. Hard to send something back when you haven’t received it!

  4. Greetings…I got in touch with my credit card company and cancelled the amounts of $133.89 and $121.49 for 2 little containers of product that this company said were free promos. They did not tell me that I must contact them in 14 days to cancel. For the two small containers that I received, and the company charged for me because I did not contact them in 14 days, these prices are exorbitant!!! (to say the least). Who in their right mind would pay for these small containers monthly. This morning, I spoke with an agent for Abella Mayfair and they said they could offer me a refund of $100. 00…of course I cancelled the product and did not accept the $100. I await the outcome! I should have read this website first and them I would not have fallen for this scam. Disgusting for companies to take advantage in a time of financial crises.

    With Many Thanks…Barbie I. Brown
    Lethbridge, AB Canada

  5. They scammed me too, the product is garbage. Don’t do it, you’ll have to change your credit card, to get them to stop. I can led the day after I ordered and I found a $140 charge on my card two weeks later, for which I was only able to get 50usd back.

  6. if you have ordered the “free” samples just cancel your credit card immediately. They will no longer be able to continue to charge you. It is well worth it to avoid the headaches and charges. Your credit card company will have a new card mailed to you within 3-4 days for free.

    • it’s not enough …you should cancel your account at whitehall ..because they can use your old number and the credit card company allow them that’s what happend with me

      • I did. But the credit card company transferred the charges to the new card. When I appealed they send me a copy of Abella`s response. Written with bad grammar and on plain white paper, no letterhead, they wrote I was trying to steal from their company by not paying ordered goods. I didn’t order anything but the trial where I paid the agreed shipping charges. Obviously this was good enough for the morons of the credit card company.

  7. I did post some time up go about being scammed for the same deal! to my surprise the company has refunded two of the four charges they charged to my visa. I am totally disgusted with the company and actually disgusted with the credit card company that is allowing this to still take place.

    • The credit card company should be held accountable as well. I am sure they have lots of complaints and should have flagged their company. I also have issues with Retinola same thing!

    • Scammed here too, Ordered Trial pack Dec 22, they sent out Jan 1st and according to the postal service, I received it on Jan 4th…. then guess what? I notice that Jan 5th (day after it was delivered) my CC was charged in the amount of $258.31… I had cancelled my subscription on the 6th but didn’t even notice the charge on my CC yet… Thinking Ill be out of luck on that refund by the sounds of it… Damn.

    • Easiest thing to do for all is to cancel you visa and get new one. I have done this yearly after getting scammed 5 years ago like this. They now see i do this yearly and complement me on being proactive in preventing fraud like this. Once the card is cancelled.. they cannot process more payments period. Let them know you are worried about the company your are being billed by… you can be responsible for the products but efforts to show the companies reputation is fraudulent will assist greatly. They will stop sending products without payments… leave any pkgs unopened and write RTS return to sender to prevent that from continuing. Your credit card is yours… I know it’s a PITA to redo any automatic billing processes and so forth.. but it’s worth any amount of money they have or will charge to your account to just cancel the card and get a new one. The CC companies still want your interest… they will gladly do it. I hope this helps anyone going through this scam process. Good luck….

  8. I was scammed for almost 400$. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING. Once you put your credit card for that free trial and just pay for shipping scheme, They will deduct right away without even sending the product yet and the call center agents are rude. They use any big news like the divorce of Angelina Julie and Brad to catch your attention.


  10. Oh my after reading all these comments I can not believe how we all got scammed. Today I to found out that I just spent $400.00 on this garbage. I spoke with the credit card company and yes they are quite aware of this scam as I was the second person today he had dealt with over this. Phoned Abella May Fair 3 times to ask for refunds on 2 products they had charged for but I had not received. And another that came without my ordering it. No way are they going to refund anything. All I got was the same line you had to cancel in 14 days, for the life of me I can not remember seeing anything like that when I placed the order. I finally lost it on the third call in and told them exactly what I thought of them and their company and where they could take their product and shove it. I guess I’m not going to get a refund ever. I am in total dismay of how people can be so despicable to rip people off so bold faced. Yes I totally agree that the credit card companies should have a red flag up on the 4 companies that go under this name.

  11. I never ordered any product from Abella Mayfair Company. I ordered a free trial. I never singed that I agreed with any Abella Mayfair term. It must be button Terms and Conditions. I never saw or ticked any boxes for a “subscription” to these products or agree with Abella Mayfair TERM and certainly didn’t see any subscription agreement. There is no way I saw any such thing when I ordered the free trial. I was charged for the “trial samples” and did not receive a second shipment. I never saw the 14 day cancellation on the website where I placed the order and nothing was told in Abella Mayfair confirmation e-mails. Abella Mayfair took money Without my authorization from my Visa card. I called Visa at the same day when I placed the order and told them that I did mistake. I told them that they only could pay Abella Mayfair small amount for shipping and handling. They promised to help. They did not. Abella Mayfair took from my Visa card about $300.00. I ask about full refund.
    They are unavailable for customer.

  12. I also got scammed by these scam artists. BUT I have the ad they used stating its a Sample not a trial. If anyone else need a copy of this ad, let me know. It states “A Free Sample”.

    • Yes I would like that as I also saw that and for some reason I can not get back on the site where they say it will be a regular order and has to be cancelled in 14 days.

    • Would you be able to send me a copy of this? I am in discussions with my credit card company and I think this would help.

    • Can I also have a copy of this as I am also fighting this to get my money back..I just went to their site and can’t find it anymore where it says trial offer!

    • It would be great if you could post a copy of the add for everyone to access.

      Each province has consumer protection laws and should have a body that represents the consumer and enforces those laws. I would suggest that every one makes a complaint about their experience. Google consumer protection and your province then log your complaint by email or call them.

      If enough people complain and they are in violation of your provinces Act or Regulations this company could get fined substantially.

      Terms and conditions should be transparent to the consumer when they are purchasing or trying any product.

      • Hi could i get that info I got scammed too or contact info I was charged and received nothing it was made in canada and I was charged in us funds so disheartening

    • I would love a copy too! Every time I challenge their terms they go and update the terms on their website.
      I’m going to complain to consumer protection. If I can’t get my money back then hopefully they will get a slapped with a big fine.

      • Hi Megan

        If you have a copy of the ad, I would greatly appreciate having a copy too . Not sure if I am going to get my money back so I want to be prepared.

        Thank you

    • I could also use a copy too please as I am having problems with them as well. They did refund me 126.97 but took 267.89 in total. I would like to get the rest back.

    • Please send me the copy as soon as possible. I called this scammers and they told me they were going to cancel my February subscription but I had to pay for January. I just want to make sure they really cancel it. Thank you!

    • I’d appreciate receiving a copy of the actual advertisement indicating that it is a indeed a “sample” and not a trial. I am fighting right now with them, and I won’t give up. They have indicated they will reimburse me for one of the products, but not the other – even though I have only used the products twice but my skin itched from it. Also, I never noticed any of their so-called “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”. If you would e-mail me a copy of the ad it truly would be appreciated. And, perhaps if I don’t get the results I’m looking for, I could start up a website to provide Abella Mayfair with “free” advertising – albeit not the type they want. I want these E-Commerce companies to be fair with their customers – but this company and many others like it are just bilking people out of their hard earned money.

    • Please send me a copy. I am in the hospital and my husband sent them back and he was told he sent it to the wrong place and still charging me.

  13. WARNING,
    Do not Purchase anything from ABELLA MYFAIR, I got the trial, it didn’t work for me after using it for like 11 days, I was getting skin reactions. I called the company explained the situation to the company and the lady was so rude, after listening she still says “if you need not be charged for ~$89 and ~$95 return the products. I kindly requested her to send me a prepaid box she refused. I think its the company policy that allows the Agents not to listen their customers.i asked for a manager and she says am the manager, hunted up and called back assuming I would get a better services but the other agent read the same scripting. anyways I am sending their product at my own coast

  14. Totally got ripped off!!! I will be contacting BBB and should have before I requested a free trial. My question is why are the credit card companies still dealing with this despicable organization. The credit card companies are aware that people are having problems and yet still allow this organization to collect monies through them.

      • The credit card companies should put them on the do not allow the transactions from these people. Retinola, Revoluxe, Pearlskin, Stunning beauty,Ellelbeaute.Vivluxe. how many more names do they use??? Fraud

  15. OMG I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that I’m not the only one getting scammed! I’m at about $300 in charges. I think I’ll cancel my credit card.

  16. $600 in charges so far and received one really crappy trial cream out of the two I requested. Pursuing fraud charges. And, btw, I did send them an email asking them not to send my anything else about a month ago. I`ve been charged $600 since then and haven`t received a thing. Very disappointed with Capital One. After speaking with police when they failed to do anything, I called back and asked to cancel my account. You can`t close an account until the balance is paid in full. Which means never since they were willing to let them keep charging me $300 a month until I could prove I`d already cancelled. Never mind that there`s no log in or account or way to sign in on their site. How do you even begin to cancel when they don`t respond to emails… and shame on this ridiculous website. Not just for promoting them…clearly this is just one of those websites that makes money off of reviews…but for not responding to any of these comments. Ugh

  17. I am also in the list of many who have been scammed. Two charges, unauthorized and I am not happy about it. Even the sample had a bad effect on my skin and I threw it away immediately not knowing that they would take money off my card without my knowing until it was too late. I am starting investigation and am mad as hell. I cancelled my card just to be safe and I am contacting the company just to let them know that I know ‘what’ they are….. scammers. It’s their karma and I know justice will prevail here.

    • Cancellation of Future Orders
      If you wish to cancel future deliveries of Product you must contact Our Customer Service at (250) 483-7496 , or by email at [email protected] and request that such future shipments be terminated. When emailing us, please include your full name and address, as well as the name of the Product(s) that You ordered. Your request for termination, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, You will be responsible for payment for any Product that has either A) already been shipped to You or B) already been delivered to you at the time of your call. Since cancellation applies only to future orders that have not already been shipped or delivered, there is no need to return anything.

  18. THe most shocking thing of this whole situation is that my Royal bank Visa was of absolutely no help. They are determined to support Abella Mayfair, by simply accepting whatever paperwork they submit as gospel. They clearly understand that this is a scam, but do not have the integrity, and ethical back bone to help the consumer. SHAMEFULL

    Note that the order confirmation that Abella provides you after the order says nothing about additional charges. THis should be considered the internet purchase agreement, and is required by the Ontario Consumer protection act.

    Push back to your visa companies





  20. Be very careful because they go under different names. We were scammed by a company called Retnolla when my husbsnd was promised a trial gift for doing a Bell Canada survey, which had nothing to do with Bell Canada. We returned the product by Canada Post special delivery then contacted visa. Visa has promised we will be credited the full amount within 15 days because we returned the product within the two week trial period. My husband checks his visa bill regularly online or we wouldn’t have known we were charged almost $400 until after the two weeks. Canada Post is also doing an investigation because the company claims they did not receive the products back even though they were sent special delivery. We think they refused the delivery so it looked like we didn’t send it back. Again, don’t fall for this with any company as it’s a good chance it’s all the same people.



  22. I got scammed as well. It was posted through Facebook. Nothing about these conditions were attached to the promotion. I had the charges removed from my credit card. They appealed by sending a bunch of paper work suggesting there were links. Even one to suggest I could have insured the order…..such liars. There were no links. No communication. Nothing! Don’t buy anything connected to Facebook or at least think twice. I attached credibility to the promotion because it was attached to Facebook. What a mistake. Never again!

    It seems so easy: just order a trial and pay s/h. Cheap and easy.
    Next thing you have $800 on your credit card and they won’t refund.
    I didn’t even receive all the product they charged me for.
    Eventually I got a refund for the product I did not get but it took a lot of emails and threats.
    READ the fine print. Which isn’t easy to do, it is well hidden within all the testimonials.

  24. Total scam !! I was charged over 750.00 for what?? Omg 😲 was actually on line and was told I would be refunded just the last 2 charges, cancelled my credit card.

    • I was scammed too. What is also very disturbing to me is that when I didn’t realize what was going on with this company I called and reported the amount taken out of my account (throughMasterCard) as fraud. I was totally disgusted with BOM (and other banks as well)…because they know that this company is a scam and yet they continue to authorize them to use MasterCard…clearly, they are making money from it as well and if they do not stop this company from accepting payment by MasterCard (same applies for all other banks credit cards that have authorized this company) then really they are no better than the scammers…

      • they are the same , I canceled my account …this is the only way to protect your money ….and no longer you will receive payments …

  25. Terms of service she says””” I didn’t agree to on going and I was charged 144.45, 129.79,139., and 124.64 for who knows what as the ya say the monthly supply , such a scam

  26. SCAM FRAUD THIEF!!!!!! This company charges says they will charge with only a $39 dollar fee, but when you look at your account they will charge with more than $500 fee. They will go into your account to take your money MULTIPLE TIMES. ABELLA MAYFAIR is a LYING, CROOKED THIEF. When you try to return the product they will say no refunds. This company needs to be FINED AND IN JAIL

  27. ABELLA MAYFAIR is a FRAUD – do NOT order anything from them!They send out the (Ordered) samples – then carry on debiting your account without one’s permission or knowledge each month without sending out any merchandise. They need to be reported to the BBB as well as to the RCMP.

  28. i should had read this before i ordered partially the “sample” but no, I am a victim more of this scam,,,,is anyone made the full refund of the money????? i am so upset about this company…..it is totally a SCAMMMMMM….dont accept even the trial….they are thieves……

  29. TOTAL SCAM – Product doesn’t even work – I got billed $600 and informed my bank and applied for a new credit card.

    Has anyone got reimbursed from their credit card company?

    • I was notified via email that I had an international charge this evening. I called my credit card company and they said that I have to contact this company first to try and get my money back. There were two charges of 100 and something each. My credit card company which is capital one said they’d were aware of this company and their scam. They said that if they would not refund my money then they would help me. I called the scam company and they said they would refund both the charges. I was worried that they wouldn’t so I called my credit card company capital one and is soon as they pulled up my account The two refunds were there. It was immediate even after said scam company said it would take 2 to 4 business days.

  30. Just received a special gift on my credit card of 136.75 US!
    When I called my credit card company they tell me this is the norm with this company. The gentleman from the credit card company called Abella Mayfair with me and stayed on the line as I spoke with customer service. Of course, initially, I was offered a 50. credit to my card. When I did not accept this, I was then offered a full refund as long as I send back the product and call them with a tracking number.
    I will send back the product today and if my card is not credited, I will call a lawyer, as I am not letting this go. I am so frigging sick and tired of the bullshit scams going around and how easy it is for these scums to get away with it.
    I strongly suggest we ALL contact an Ombudsman and make a formal complaint. The more people who submit a claim, the more likely this will go public.

    • The same shit happened to me , now I am waiting to get the product which apparently is on the way to me and I have to send it back to them with a tracking number, but they refused to return my money for the “trial” product. When I ordered their garbage product there was no fine print or anything that told me that I was going to be charged later. It was simply a one time shipment, they were offering the product for free to be tried as long as I paid the shipping charges and if I liked the product I could order it from them for a price of … I don’t even remember what it was because I wasn’t interested at the time. They are selling a garbage product for a lot of money. BE AWARE PEOPLE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAMERS! THEY ARE THIEVES! THEY WILL ROB YOU!

      • Hi Niki, They said the exact same thing to me. I told them I will not return the product until I see my account credited. I then called my credit card company for the 3rd time in the same day and had them monitor my account. Went on line with my credit card company and made a written complaint there. Then I contacted the better business bureau and gave them all the info I had and made a formal complaint with them. I went on line and googled Abella Mayfair and made a point of warning everyone on the site. Anytime I saw an add for this piece of crap company come up on FB, I commented on what thieves they are. I STRONGLY suggest EVErYONE reading this do the same!!!!
        Within 48 hours, my bank account was credited all the money except for 1.36 (not sure why) my guess is they can’t add! The company also sent me out a letter saying my account has officially been closed and there will be no more transactions between them and my credit card.
        I am satisfied with the end result, however, it did aggravate the bejesus out of me for 48 hours!
        Good luck to you all….. :)

  31. yes it Happened to me, i was so upset with my self first time caught up in a scam, i told them there product is garbage bunch of fucking retards, be aware people…….


  32. I would like to know if we can do some kind of law suit against this company. I am sick of the back and forth I am getting from them of the 50.00 they are offering me instead of the full refund. Everything everyone one on here is saying is true! They are a scam and crooks. If somehow a law suit comes about I want to be notified!!!

  33. Total scam. Cancel your credit card on ordering a free trial. The company will, unsolicited, continue to send you product on a monthly basis and charge your credit card anywhere from $135 to $150 per shipment. According to them, and although you don’t see this on placing the order, your trial authorizes them to continue to ship the product and charge your credit card.

    The product is garbage. The 90 second wrinkle cream is exactly that – after 90 seconds when you dare to crack a smile, your wrinkles are amplified. The 24 hour day and night cream burns when you apply it. Absolute garbage.
    I am shocked that they are allowed to get away with this.

  34. My husband also ordered the free sample for me, his wife, thinking he wanted to do something nice for me, and then cancelled it as well, when I told him I did not want it. So he called several times to make sure it was cancelled. I have every conversation on whom he spoke to. The tracking numbers as well. After cancelling it we ended up with purchases equaling up to $579. plus. Today in my email I find out they have sent out more products are on their way. We both are seniors and certainly can’t afford this money being taken from our accounts. Yes this certainly is a scam, talk about taking advantage of people who certainly need their money to survive. We have 13 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. That was money for our .Christmas shopping. But I am sure you will get your family shopping done. Merry Christmas to you too Abellamayfair. What goes around, comes around. God Bless

    • Cancel your card. I am in the same mess. My bank is involved and an investigation has been started. This is a scam. I am so disappointed that I fell for this. Check your statements carefully and call Anti Fraud Canada and the RCMP.

  35. Is it ever a scam!!!
    Normally I do not check my statements that closely but this one time I did and happened to notice that
    in October and November I was billed $153 for cream that I did not receive.
    I did receive the free sample for $4.95 previously.
    I phoned the Royal Bank Cash back Mastercard and fortunately they were aware of it.
    I phoned Abella Mayfair and left a message to say that I wanted to cancel ALL orders.
    I cancelled my credit card and will be receiving a new one.
    NEVER more will I fall for something like that again.

    • My experience is the same one. Had to cancel my credit card. Sad thing is that people that have been scammed will never trust again and good businesses will have it harder. Since these scammers are in the Philippines nothing will happen to them.

    • Cancel your card. I am in the same mess. My bank is involved and an investigation has been started. This is a scam. I am so disappointed that I fell for this. Check your statements carefully and call Anti Fraud Canada and the RCMP.

  36. How many of us are chastising ourselves for not having read the fine print? I know I am. DON’T BUY THIS FREE TRIAL. YOU’LL BE PUT ON AN AUTO-SHIP PROGRAM. There’s nothing special about this product, much like every other pot of lotion that promises the world and delivers no result. I feel STUPID having not realized what I was getting into. Ladies, don’t even bother.

  37. DON’T PUT UP WITH THIS LADIES – Ladies I have fallen for the same Scam…and when i called the company I got no where…I now have over 600.00 of charges on my Visa. I phoned my credit card company and they are disputing all of the charges for me. Please call your credit card companies and get your charges reversed…that will hit Abella Mayfair far harder. The Better Business Bureau also needs to be told by each of you. We have to take action ladies…we don’t have to put up with this robbery…we need to Facebook all of our friends, twitter, and instagram and get the word spread as far as possible…I have over 6,000 friends and if I can get them to start spreading to their friends and friends of friends we can all have an impact on this nasty devious company! Go Girls!!

  38. They are using a new technique, I had a pop-up survey purporting to be from Bell Canada. It promised one of 5 free gifts if I answered a few questions about Bell’s service. I did after which a few gifts were displayed. None were of real interest to me but I thought I might as well take one as a gift to my girlfriend. I gave my credit card info for the 3.95 USD shipping. They then followed with a bunch of other offers which I declined. I got suspicious and tried to call customer service .. 10 minutes of all are people are busy. I then cancelled by e-mail and did receive an acknowledgement. I also received 2 phone calls (probably from the Phillipines) trying to persuade me to by more or at least not cancel the order, In the end I cancelled my credit card to avoid any further charges. A pain in the butt. Wish I’d have seen this first.

    Still have the original free trail email which contains absolutely nothing about extra charges OR Subscription. I received the free trial on Friday and got charged $135 on my credit card today. Nothing in the package about having to cancel the order just a warning pamphlet that says you need to use the whole line of products every day to see results.
    Called the customer service and was told that since I didn’t cancel WITHIN 15 days they charged me $99US which is the cost of the FREE product that I received. One tiny little tube of cream costs $99???? At least they have cancelled the subscription and will refund me $50. Still out a lot of money .
    would think at my age I would know better.

  40. I too am a victim of A Bella Mayfair. They got me for almost $600. Canadian dollars. What I would like to know from other victims is … Does Abella Mayfair honor the cancellation request promptly? I certainly don’t need to be charged for another shipment. I have be stressed about this for a few days. HELP.

  41. This company is a SCAM. Be VERY careful of wording – they will bill you $90 for their “trial” which they lead you to believe is a free one month trial – but they twist the words. At the time I placed the first order for the free trial – they talked me into another free trial of the dark spot cream.

    The order email confirmation has no terms and conditions – no price – nothing. After 14 days you are billed the full amount – $90 for the one $99 for the other. Then every 30 days they send it out again. A very small jar for $90. They ACTUALLY sent it out in 20 days — not giving you a chance to cancel on time – thereby being able to bill you for another month. I should have been watching my credit card better!

    When you call to complain – they say you agreed to the terms and conditions – I said – there are NO terms and conditions on my order. They say check the website. Nowhere did I see these terms and conditions when I ordered or I would NOT have ordered. They mislead with words – don’t get sucked in!!

    They offer you $100 refund. Meanwhile they have billed me $400!!


  42. Please return my money you have taken from my account. This is the biggest scam. You have debited me seven times from my account. My bamk is looking into you.
    Patricia Beja

  43. It its fraud, I got billed for 99.95 plus 89.95 for the supposed free sample of the cream that did not work, will not give me my money back because it passed the 14 days, the bottle and tub are so small not worth 10 dollars, and it doesn’t work…

    • I am surprised ?? Is there a law that can stop the acts of fraud and theft this ?? These companies can be protected by the federal government !! This is possible !!! .. In any case, the law does not protect dupes … better to grind all the cards and electronic accounts … because they are all crooks …

  44. I’m so angry with this scam….I don’t know of they honestly refund your 100.00 usd …I am currently keeping an eye on this checking with my credit card company, they MasterCard said they need a cancellation number to be able to not process anymore transactions…. can we have the credit card company discredit the charges?

  45. It happened with me today.Do any of you filed a complaint or legal charge?I am planning to.It was such an inconvenience for me to handle it today

  46. Warning!! this is a scam, I just order a free sample and they subsequently charging my credit card which I did not ordered nor received the product.

  47. I have had the very same experience as all these people…I guess it was a pricey lesson you know people only take the time to review if their experience was really awful or totally awesome. Believe me you don’t want to go there, there is NO free trial. I keep getting pop ups on my computer and it makes me even angrier.

  48. I could just copy and paste all these comments to match my experience exactly. Not only that but the eye cream burned my skin, made it red and I felt a burning sensation so I can’t even use it. I wish I would have read these comments first. I even looked over the offer for these special “terms and conditions” and did not find anything about a monthly subscription. My card was billed $300 and my husband hit the roof!! Never again will I ever try any product on line like this – there is ALWAYS a catch – not worth it.

  49. Abella Mayfair and Trubelleza product is 1 company. They are base in Philippines. The owner or manager of the company in the philippines is Ronald Syfu. Try to search it in facebook you will see that guy. He’s a smart ass scammer! And such an asshole. They are all full of shit!!!

  50. Abella Mayfair is scamming unaware customers. Before purchasing any products from Abella Mayfair – READ the terms and conditions very carefully. Be aware, there is NO FREE SAMPLE or product you are getting. The company is very sneaky with their wording, they lure you into a risk-free trial but what you are signing up for is recurring charges to your credit card ($100 USD per month), which you obviously had no idea when you placed the initial $5 order.
    If you think you are getting a free trial to try a sample – you are wrong. You are buying a full product and you are given 14 days to try it (14 days since placing the order, NOT from when you received it!).
    Stay away from these scammers.
    They also seem to operate a similar site with a similar product Trubelleza


  52. This company is a piece od shit scam. Don’t ordee anything EVER. I ordered a sample received it and had it for exactly 2 days when i was charged $140. I emailed them and the said they wpuld give me a $70 credit and i wpuld receive no more charges. The very sam day they charged me another $129 and no credit. Tgey refuse to reverse the charges. They are crooks and fucken assholes.

  53. This company is the biggest rip off !! I ordered a free trail for 5$ Canadian and never received a email or anything saying they would follow up with a full order….They went and charged my card 111.00!!! I have phoned my bank and have charges pressing for Fraud….the man that spoke to me ” Allan” was extremely rude and said even if I return the product ( which I have not received yet) I still will not get a refund! This is so not over….DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  54. Such a scam!!!The sad thing is that the people reading these comments have already been ripped off !
    I lost 600$$$$ I am so angry ! and everyone is right it doesn’t even work !!!

  55. Abella Mayfair is not an Ontario based company. The company is from South Carolina. Before purchasing products from Abella Mayfair – READ the terms and conditions very carefully. Be aware, there is no free sample or product you are getting. The company is very sneaky with their wording – there is no loop hole for you to get of or get your money back. You just have to cancel your subscription and pay.
    If you think you are getting a free trial to try a sample – you are wrong. You are buying a full product and you are given 14 days to try it. If you are not satisfied within the 14 days, you MUST call before the 14 day is due to cancel your subscription or you will be billed and shipped a new product. Also the company can only refund a max amount of 50.00 USD back onto the credit card you used to purchase the product. I hope this information helps anyone who went through these horrible situations.

  56. This is a scam. They tell you that the free trial period is 14 days but that includes the time it takes to ship to you. It took 10 days from the time I placed my order to when I received the product. If you don’t contact them before the 14 days are up, you are effectively agreeing to enroll in a monthly product subscription at full price and you will also be charged the full price of $89.95 USD for the initial “trial” product. The full terms of the trial offer are listed here. https://abellamayfair.com/terms/

    I followed their instructions to contact [email protected] with a request to cancel my account and all future orders. They responded very quickly, even though it was on the weekend. Since I was still in the 14 day “trial period”, they also tried to get me purchase the trial product at a “discount”. Do not fall for this, and insist that they cancel everything. I should have done my due diligence and researched this “too good to be true” product but I consider myself lucky having only lost out on the initial shipping charge and the cost to return the product in its original packaging. It could have been much worse having the full price charged to my credit card and then have to try and get the charges cancelled, which it seems is very difficult due to the legal fine print.

    Let me just explain to you again our terms and conditions so we could be on the same page.
    You ordered a 30 day supply of our AbellaMayFair Rapid Wrinkle Control under the 14 day trial offer for $4.95 USD and AbellaMayFair Moisturizer under the 16 day trial offer for $4.95 USD for shipping and handling. The trial period starts when you place the order. If you choose to keep the product beyond the trial period, you then will be charged for the full amount of $99.95 USD for the Anti-Wrinkle Cream and $89.95 USD for the Moisturizer and be automatically enrolled in our monthly shipment program. If you are not satisfied with our products, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends and we need you to return the product back to us.
    Also stated in our terms that our delivery times depend on the delivery service selected and may be disrupted. We can not be held responsible for reasonable delays by customs, the delivery carriers, weather circumstance or holidays.
    Please be informed that all online merchants/companies have to provide terms and conditions in order to function. The said terms and conditions were provided on the web page where you placed the order for the trial bottles. Upon checking on the checkbox for the terms and clicking “Order”, “Place Order” or any similar syntax, you agree to the provided terms and conditions. Furthermore, as stated on the terms, once you exceed the 14-day trial period you are no longer eligible for any refunds and we will not accept any returns of the products.
    But we completely understand your situation and we are willing to make an exception. The best that we could do is grant you a $100.00 courtesy refund for the recent charge. The products you have right now are yours to keep. We will then fully cancel the account so you can be rest assured that you will not be shipped any other product or be billed for any other charges.

  58. Be careful. The “Free trial” offer is a bait to get you engaged on a monthly supply unless you cancel the deal within 14 days.

  59. A complete SCAM — do not get sucked in. Cost is outrageous and I don’t remember being directed to the small print. The worst is the embarassment of being lured by these outrageous villains.

  60. Whats the contact number of the owner?
    I am also a victim of the deceiving advertisement and I even had horrible customer service experience.

  61. TOTAL NIGTHMARE! Its very frustrating. A totally deceiving advertisement – FREE TRIAL that cost $300 after 14 days????? Their policy protects their company in the expense of customer.

    I requested for a manager/supervisor and they said that their managerSSSSSS/supervisors were NOT ALLOWED TO DO PHONE CALLS as they only handle emails (take note they have a lot of managers and blessed are these managers as they only need to deal with emails and they only respond whenever they want). But wait – at some point, other CSR will tell you that the managersssss/supervisors were on a conference, on a meeting and they cant handle call at the moment / they will just advise manager to callback / etc and others will tell you that managers/supervisors have a lot of things to do and they’re BUSY (I cant imagine whats way more important that CUSTOMERS??????? what keep these people busy for 8 hours????????) What is 5 to 10 mins of call compared to 100 email exchange????? Are they afraid that their managers cannot resolve hundreds of complains??? Or were they afraid that managers will have more calls than their CSRs even almost all calls need to be escalated????

    I was just mesmerized when I re-read their free trial order confirmation email “We are committed to provide each of our valued clients excellent customer service”. Can someone explain where is the excellent part on my customer experience???? Or certainly, they have the most excellent customer service IN TURNING DOWN CLIENTS :)

  62. I agree this is a SCAM! I too just got taken! I am so pissed off, there was nothing about a 14 day trial that I saw written anywhere, they got me for almost 300.00! There should be laws to protect consumers against this type of fraud! Live & learn!

  63. I agree this is SCAM! I too just got taken! I am so pissed off, there was nothing about a 14 day trial that I saw written anywhere, they got me for almost 300.00! There should be laws to protect consumers against this type of fraud! Live & learn!

  64. I too got scammed. If this is a Canadian company why are we charged in American Dollars? This product does not work and they are making extra money off of us.

    • They say that there is a 14 day free trial but it’s from the moment you order it and if you don’t call in right away when you get the product and cancel your subscription they charge you $150 from your card. there is a 14 day free trial but it’s from the moment you order it and if you don’t call in right away when you get the product and cancel your subscription they charge you $150 from your card. I agree With all the others. If your product is so great let it sell itself and stop tricking people into buying it. I was totally scammed too. Then the guy on the line told me “a piece of advice; read all the terms and conditions”. They should try ordering the product and see how it is for th they should try ordering the product and see how easy it is to believe that you’re getting something for just the shipping and handling price.

  65. This is an absolute scam and a nightmare. I was charged $140 dollar on my credit card when I only ordered the trial product. I never received a confirmation and cannot prove that I never ordered it. There was a button to agree to their terms yet the terms were never shown. I received a small parcel that fit through my mail slot with two squeeze tubes of a half ounce each and a one ounce miniature cream container, smaller than any trial size I have ever seen. All of this for $140? I also got told I had a subscription. The products came from P.O.Box 500, North York, Ontario and not from the US. So why US-Dollars in the first place? Is the new currency for Canadian products. I had to cancel my credit card in order to avoid being robbed by these people.
    Now they told me if I gave them another $100 I could keep the trial bottle. Where can we complain to the police since they are operating out of Canada? I doubt that Angelina Jolie is involved in such a scam. She has no reason to sink that low.


    • I TOTALLY AGREE!! VERY RUDE!…..dont give up on getting money back…I have gone through my bank and Im pressing charges!!

  67. I, too, just got scammed and got no satisfaction from their customer service people. I read their information carefully but did not see that I had to cancel my account before they charged me. Plus, the moisturizer is not different to any other and the wrinkle cream works for about 30 minutes and then the wrinkles are back. What good is that. It’s a very expensive scam that I could ill afford. Please BEWARE of Abella Mayfair Company.

    • They charge you right after ordering. There is no way you can cancel as you ordered in good faith. An expensive lesson to learn. Most of us cannot afford it. Does Canada have any laws against fraud?

  68. Hey my name is Maria Da silva .
    Please do not send me any more your products !!
    I have a big reache to the cream ,or say I have a big allergy ,hope you awdertend !!
    Thank you ,Maria

      • I would like to take legal action to. Where to write, or what my bank can do?
        was charged round $ 300.00 can. Refund $99.00 US and I had to return both boxes.
        I paid twice and got nothing. I was told by a rude person, that that is a law. Why is it possible in Canada?

  69. I found most of these sites that advertise using celebrities to be a scam. Retail is not the best option either. Their products have so much oil and crap in them that just plug your pores…I quit buying them at retail stores. Their are many great skin care lines out their. ..without having to buy because a celebrity ad says so. ..

  70. Thank heavens I have a prepaid card because when I placed my order it was turned down as prepaid cards are not accepted by this company which I believe is owned by Angelina, thank heavens as after reading your comments I had a narrow escape. I highly recommend prepaid cards you just put on them the amount you want when u want to purchase an item. The great thing is no monthly invoices, you just receive a couple of times a year, and it just cost ten dollars for the year, and stops u getting in debt and paying high interest rates. No wonder they do not accept them as they wud not have got there money. By the way it is roughly 30 dollars extra on a 100 dollars canadian. I advise all women to investigate the great creams we already have on the market. I also am an older woman and look 30 years younger people do not believe how old I am. I also use hylauronic drops. My mother did not have a line on her face when she died, she just used good old fashioned Ponds Cream all through her life which is excellent cream. But remember we are all different and what may work for me might not work for you. So research your creams girls and good luck

  71. All these free trail offers are the same, they start billing you before you even receive trail products then trying to cancel is a real headache cause like others said no phone number to call, call your credit card holder/bank and put a stop to the charges.
    Best words of advice don’t go for any of these things all the same

  72. I agree that this is a scam. I ordered the trial, I read the advertisement carefully and I could not find any wording that advised that after 14 days I would be on an auto ship program, I only became aware of this after I looked at this site. After reading the above comments, I immediately called their Customer Support and cancelled. In order to completely cancel I have to return the products at my expense and then call Customer Support and provide a tracking number. I have called Visa and advised them to not allow any further transactions from this company.

  73. hi i just saw you advices i did ordered saturday :( i try to cancel de order they didnt give the opcion its a scam!! dont buy it!!

  74. The advertising for a free sample is completely false. If you do not cancel your order, you will be charged $112.94 US. It is false advertising to call it a free sample.

  75. The advertising for a free sample is completely false. If you do not return the product within 14 days and cancel your order, you will be charged $112.94 US. It is false advertising to call it a free sample. For this amount of money you get a half ounce of useless cream.

  76. Fozal have you not been reading the above comments. Don’t bother ordering this product, it’s a scam, and the product doesn’t work. Once you order the “free sample”, they have you hooked, line, and stinker. You will be charged each month, and probably have spent hundreds of dollars before you can finally get it cancelled. If you want a product that works, go to your nearest Health Food and Products store, and pick up a bottle of “Hyaluronic Acid”. Use a little every day, and after about a month to 6 weeks you will begin to notice a change. It’s a great product, not a lot of people know about it, and depending on where you buy it, it can cost between $15 to $25, much cheaper than Abella Mayfair Rapid Wrinkle Control, which, bottom line, is costly and doesn’t work. My Dermatologist recommended the product to me years ago, many, many years ago. I’ve been using it now for about 25 years, I just turned 60, and most people think I’m in my mid 40’s.

  77. The advertising for a free sample is completely false. If you do not return the product within 14 days and cancel your order, you will be charged $112.94 US. It is false advertising to call it a free sample. For this amount of money you get a half ounce of useless cream.


  79. This is totally a rip off. The website is extremely misleading. Don’t order this unless you want to give away your first born…I ordered the trials and then I realized that I had got hooked into one of those sites that doesn’t let you leave without ordering more product. I thought by not confirming my order and closing the website, that I had not ordered…no such luck. I didn’t even see the terms where is said I was signing up for a program. Unfortunately they already had my credit card info. I realized only when I saw 2 charges on my credit card totaling $289.16 CAD that I had been had. Oh and they also charged me 3 other times for shipping totaling 13.04 CAD for my ‘free samples’. I only received 2 little tiny containers of product. I am fighting with them now trying to get my money back. The product is definitely not worth this kind of money. Buyer beware.

    • Yes, I agree that it’s a complete scam! The websites terms and conditions are hidden, making you believe it’s a free sample. I just got my MC bill and it’s over $300.00 CDN – for two very small containers of cream! The 90 second wrinkle control is a joke! Feels like you just glued your face, you can’t put foundation on after and if you use too much, it leaves a white film. And good luck asking for a refund; the customer service rep sounded like a robot, was a total bitch and hung up on me! Never again – I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. Everyone out there considering this, don’t do it!!!!!!!

    • Keep trying, I did receive full refund on the second order which wasn’t shipped. They then refused refund on the first order which was returned ( insisted on their part in order to receive the other refunds) I gave them 24 hours to respond with full credit or I’m reporting them to visa. No response, called Visa, explained the problem, received my credit in full, they now have added my complaint to the pile they’ve received. Keep pushing, calmly and it will happen.

  80. I agree that the free trial is misleading. You do not get 14 days to try the product before cancelling, you must cancel within 14 days of placing your order so if the product arrives 8 days after you place your order, you only get to try it for 6 days. Also, it is ALL transacted in USD even though it’s supposedly a Canadian site. Better to stick with store retailers.

  81. Be sure to read the TERMS of the agreement on the Abella Mayfair website BEFORE you purchase any product!!! You are charged in US$. There is NO FREE TRIAL product and your 14 days start from the day you place your order, making it very unlikely you can cancel your order before you are charged if you are allergic to the product. EACH PRODUCT has an order number and needs to be canceled individually otherwise you will continue to be charged.

  82. How can i get this product, I am from pakistan. I want to buy the Abella Mayfair product and please tell me the price.


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