2XU – High Quality Workout & Fitness Apparel For Men & Women?


There has been a lot of information in the media about the benefits of wearing compression garments during an athletic event.

Compression gear is supposed to assist athletes in warming up the muscles before an event, improve performance and help muscles recover after an event.

By pressing and compressing the flesh of your arms, legs or torso – these outfits allegedly increase blood circulation. The increased circulation helps deliver more oxygen to your muscles while speeding the removal of acids and the other waste byproducts of physical activity.

But, how well does compression gear really work – if it works at all?

The compression apparel company 2XU is out to provide evidence that wearing compression during an event can improve performance.

The Benefits Of 2XU’s Compression Gear

Warming up the muscle well is very important to prepare for training and competition. 2XU's graduated compression garments promote improved blood flow for faster warm up and superior oxygen to muscle tissue.

This allows muscles to develop more extension for greater movement proficiency. 2XU caters to the demands of the both elite and everyday athletes looking to enhance performance and recovery.

2XU claims to offer their athletes and clients the best combination of function, fit and comfort.

2XU also claims the simply wearing their compression gear can protect muscles to help reduce fatigue, damage and long term overuse injuries for stronger performance. 2XU does this by balancing the zones in the garments, the garment on the body and considering the way each garment works in unison with the body.

The Origins Of 2XU

For over a decade now, 2XU has become the compression gear partner of some of the world’s best athletic teams. The gear has also been the secret recovery weapon to most professional football and basketball teams. In addition, 2XU has adorned the bodies of multiple world championship athletes.

Since the company was launched in Australia in 2005, it has grown a great deal.

2XU attributes the rapid growth of the company to their self-proclaimed success in helping athletes restore their bodies back to peak levels in the fastest time possible. The company claims to be independently researched.

They say that have designed compression that helps to increase performance and recovery across almost any activity.

Scientifically Researched And Technologically Aware Gear

2XU declares that they constantly work with athletes, coaches and sports science institutions to produce the latest innovations in the world.

The company states that they are engaged in a constant search for new technology. Their engineers boast that their garments are lighter, more flexible and more durable than the competition.

2XU Review Summary

It is important to do independent research on the claims of athletic apparel companies. But there is no doubt that 2XU has experienced significant growth over the past 12 years.

If you want to investigate their compression garments and the claims that they attribute to the gear, visit their web-site: http://www.2xu.com/us.

2XU is currently having a sale on all their apparel. If you buy 2 pieces of any type of gear, you get 20% off the purchase price. Buy 3 pieces and you get 30% off. 4 pieces nets you 40% off.

There is also free shipping on orders over $100. Finally, when you register at the 2XU web-site for the first time – you earn 10% off your first order.

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