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Copper Fit Review

Copper Fit is a compression garment that promises to reduce swelling and promote faster recovery. Here’s our Copper Fit review.

What is Copper Fit?

Copper Fit is a compression sleeve that claims to help anyone relieve painful, stiff, or sore muscles. The product promises to help everyone from professional athletes to weekend gardeners enjoy healthier, pain-free joints.

You may have seen Copper Fit commercials on TV: in these commercials, Brett Favre and other athletes claim to enjoy relief from their sports injuries simply by using Copper Fit.

There are three different kinds of Copper Fit sleeves, including:

— Knee Sleeves
— Elbow Sleeves
— Ankle Sleeves

Sleeves come in four different sizes and are priced at around $30 for 2 sleeves (you can’t order just one sleeve).

How Does Copper Fit Work?

Copper Fit claims to work by stabilizing and supporting muscles in your knees, elbows, and ankles.

At the same time, the sleeve improves muscle circulation and oxygenation, which can lead to reduced muscle fatigue and a lower chance of muscle strain.

Copper Fit also claims to be lightweight and comfortable while wicking away sweat from the body, which can prevent bacterial buildup.

So where exactly does “copper” fit into this?

Well, Copper Fit uses a copper-infused fabric that purportedly prevents the buildup of bacteria, stains, and odor. That means a reduced chance of fabric deterioration.

Although “copper” is an important part of the Copper Fit name, copper ions only make up about 4% of the total materials in the product. So it’s a bit of a marketing ploy and not quite as important as the company wants you to believe.

In total, Copper Fit consists of 82% polyester, 14% spandex, and 4% “copper & other fibers”. So it may not even contain 4% copper content.

Scientific Evidence for Copper Fit

Unfortunately for Copper Fit, there’s no evidence that copper-based materials are superior to standard neoprene compression garments that you could buy at any sports store. The manufacturer of Copper Fit doesn’t even link to any studies.

Nevertheless, compression garments are a proven and well-known way to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Prescription-only garments, as explained by Wikipedia, are a well-known way to “prevent the occurrence of, and guard against further progression of venous disorders” while also preventing the formation of blood clots, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and more.

However, there’s a big difference between standard consumer-grade compression garments and prescription-only compression garments. Prescription-only garments often have stronger elastics to create significant pressure in the targeted areas of your body.

Non-prescription garments like Copper Fit ultimately compress the target area of your body less, which means that you won’t receive the same powerful benefits.

Copper Fit Pricing

Copper Fit, like many products you see advertised in infomercials, is priced at a 2 for 1 rate. You can’t actually buy just one Copper Fit: you need to buy it as part of the 2 for 1 deal.

Each pair of Copper Fit knee, elbow, or ankle sleeves is priced at $19.99 + $15.98 shipping and handling.

You can order the units in sizes between Small and XXL.

You can purchase Copper Fit from or from certain brick-and-mortar retailers (in which case you can avoid S+H charges). Retailers that sell Copper Fit include CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Walmart, and Target.

You have to be careful when you’re buying Copper Fit online because the ordering form can be deliberately misleading. Each “order” consists of a pair of two Copper Fit sleeves. You can’t mix and match and get one knee and one elbow sleeve. If you try to do this, then you’ll actually end up buying 4 sleeves in total at twice the price ($35.97 x 2).

All purchases come with a 30 day refund policy. That refund policy gives you the purchase price back minus your shipping and handling charges ($16). You’ll also need to pay your own costs to ship them back to the manufacturer.

If you do the math, then you realize that you’ll end up losing more money in shipping and handling charges than you would receive as a refund (which is a common tactic in the As Seen On TV product market).

Who Makes Copper Fit?

Copper Fit is made by Idea Village, which is one of the biggest companies in the As Seen On TV niche.

Some of the other products made by the company include Magic Pens, Yes! Instant Hair Remover, MicroTouch Tough Blade, HD Vision Night Vision Glasses, and Hamper Hoops.

Idea Village Products Corp. is based in New Jersey at the following address:

Idea Village Products Corp.
155 Route 46 West, 4th Floor
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

Should You Use Copper Fit?

Ultimately, Copper Fit doesn’t seem to perform any better or worse than an average compression sleeve you’d buy from a local pharmacy. Although the “copper” part of the fabric claims to kill bacteria, there’s little evidence that this makes a significant impact on the quality of the fabric.

For all of these reasons, Copper Fit seems to perform equal to standard compression garments regardless of the copper content.

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