Edgar Cayce A.R.E. – Diet & Nutrition Tips For Optimal Health?


The importance of diet planning and nutrition in achieving and sustaining health was highly emphasized by Edgar Cayce.

In general, his diet suggestions focused on consuming fresh vegetables and fruits while lowering the intake of red meat.

Meat in small amounts was permitted by Mr. Cayce – with a preference for fish, fowl or lamb. In specific cases, organ meat (brains, kidneys, liver etc.) were recommended by him for the health of the body in small quantities.

This nutritional regimen is the standard diet plan that Mr. Cayce recommended for every person. His reasoning was that this diet strategy had the tendency to enhance and maintain a healthy digestive tract and the waste elimination process because of the high raw vegetable content.

About Edgar Cayce And The Importance Of Elimination

Edgar Cayce often cited poor elimination as a major cause of disease in his writings. Humans eliminate waste through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. Mr. Cayce believed that major problems in the body occurred when any of these organs are prevented from doing their job.

When the organs that remove waste from the body do not work properly, the body starts to accumulate waste and bacteria – leading to toxicity. These ideas of his are consistent with current health and wellness trends and patterns.

Ahead Of His Time

His perspective on the connection between nutrition and health included many details in contemporary ideas such as food combining, acid/alkaline balance, and the therapeutic use of food.

For instance, there is a heavy focus on eating fresh vegetables that grow and are cultivated above the ground. This focus – along with his other diet recommendations, produce a diet that is a lot more alkaline than acid.

The idea is that some foods – like meat, wheat, refined sugar and processed foods – cause your body to produce acid. Mr. Cayce believed that acid is not good for the body.

Edgar Cayce may have been ahead of his time with his recognition that food that is high in salt, saturated with sugar or processed can put the body and the mind into extreme states.

Even in Mr. Cayce’s era, humans faced temptation regarding food that is high in fat, sugar and salt to satisfy the sensation based needs for taste and texture. A contributing factor in the modern-day problems of weight gain and ill-health is how complex and diverse the human diet has become.

Food As Medicine

Making good dietary choices is not easy. Nevertheless, Edgar Cayce understood that the body and the mind needs a healthy diet to perform at optimal levels. He also knew that nutritional variety is one of the keys to being fit and feeling healthy.

For him, that meant receiving the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fat from the food that you eat. Furthermore, Mr. Cayce typically suggested specific diet regimens for people with problems.

Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Review Summary

People that needed to heal and regenerate their nervous system were usually advised by Edgar Cayce to follow a “nerve and body building” or “nerve and blood structure” diet.

For individuals with psychiatric and neurological conditions, Mr. Cayce stressed the significance of the B vitamins contained in certain vegetables.

Edgar Cayce usually favored that vitamins be taken in from food instead of dietary supplements.

However, sometimes he did suggest that people take supplements.

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