Yeast Infection Home Remedies – Top 8 Working Elimination Methods?


Among all the existing fungal infections, yeast infection is one of the most annoying. It is an infection that mainly targets the genital areas, which simply adds onto the reasons why it can be very uncomfortable. The infection is usually caused by bacteria called candida albicans. Apart from severe itching, other symptoms associated with this type of infection include pain and discharge from the vagina.

According to credible statistics, yeast infection is more common in females than in males. The majority of women have experienced this type of infection at least once in their lives. Nonetheless, this does not mean that men are an exception when it comes to yeast infection. There are many cases where men have suffered from genital yeast infection.

A number of treatment options have been discovered for effective treatment of this type of infection. Apart from natural home remedies, one can also opt for over the counter drugs, but it is up to you to find the most suitable remedy that works effectively for you.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

Itching, pain, and a burning feeling around the affected areas are the major symptoms of this infection. However, the following are also symptoms that victims are likely to experience:

  • Pain When Having Sexual Intercourse
  • Rashes Or Sores
  • White Discharge From The Vagina
  • A Burning Feeling When Passing Urine
  • Redness And General Swelling

The above symptoms are for women. When it comes to men, there is a feeling of itching experienced at the head of the penis. There will also be redness as well as irritation. Other victims will also experience a slight discharge.

Treatment Methods For Yeast Infection

Coconut Oil

This is an interesting but effective treatment for yeast infection. Coconut oil contains anti-fungal properties that can fight candida albicans. The oil should be applied internally while it is still raw. If you warm the oil, you can also use it as a carrier for other treatment oils such as tea tree oil.


Even though garlic is known to contain antifungal properties, eating it raw does not guarantee effective treatment of vaginal yeast infection. Alternatively, you can use it internally by placing it into the vagina and then letting it stay overnight. A small piece of garlic clove can be inserted into the vagina as an effective yeast infection treatment. As usual, this may affect sensitive skin and cause damage or a burning effect. If you experience a prolonged burning feeling, the use of garlic should be discontinued immediately.

Oregano Oil

This oil is made from origanum vulgare that has amazing antifungal properties. Research conducted has proven that Oregano oil can effectively halt the growth of candida albicans.

Over The Counter Drugs

There are various creams that can be purchased over the counter and used for the treatment of yeast infection. As long as you visit credible drugstores, pharmacies, or local stores, you can get the right prescription and commence your home treatment. In most cases, this type of treatment involves either a 3 day application or a week long application. These drugs have the right antifungal properties that can cure over 80% of all yeast infections.

The Use Of Boric Acid

If you are facing recurrent yeast infections, this is the right type of treatment for you. Boric acid capsules can be inserted in the vagina for a period of 14 days. Most of the infections that did not respond to the use of other antifungal creams can be effectively treated with these capsules.

Go For Tea Tree Oil

For a long time, tea tree oil has been associated with the treatment of fungal infections, and yeast infection is no exception. The oil has the ability to cure fungi an many bacterial infections. Tea tree oil can be added to a tampon and then inserted into the vagina. If it is left to stay overnight, the results can be amazing.

Nonetheless, due to the extreme sensitivity of the vaginal walls, extra caution needs to be observed. There have been reported cases of skin irritation after the use of tea tree oil. Caution should also be observed by individuals who are allergic to the oil. The best way to ascertain if you are not allergic is by first testing it on your forearm for 24 hours to know if it is safe for you.

Probiotic Supplements

The majority of pharmacies and health stores have these supplements that have been meticulously formulated to cure yeast infections. The supplements act by restoring the bacteria and yeast balance in the vagina. Probiotic pills can be inserted into the vagina, and after a period of between 3-10 days, there will be an improvement in the symptoms. The supplements are also known to enhance the success of other antifungal medications being taken concurrently.


This is one of the nearest and simplest cures for vagina yeast infection. Unsweetened yoghurt that does not have flavor is good for the treatment of this type of infection. The Yoghurt acts by restoring the yeast or bacteria balance in the body. You can choose to drink the yoghurt, insert it into the vagina, or simply apply it around the area.

Possible Prevention Methods For Vaginal Yeast Infection

There are several precautionary steps that you can observe in order to minimize the possibilities of having this infection. For starters, it is important to avoid tight clothing or cotton underwear. Always wear loose fitting clothes that leave space for air. Same examples of common tight fitting clothing are jeans and pantyhose. They create a warm and moist environment that favors the growth of yeast.

On the other hand, wet clothes such as those used for the gym or swimming should be changed immediately. The wetness creates an environment that harbors bacterial growth. It is equally important to avoid using perfumes, lotions, and sprays that cause yeast imbalance and irritate the vagina. The genital area is supposed to be dried completely, especially after taking a shower or bathing. Another possible precaution to take is reducing the amount of sugar you consume. Yeast thrives on sugar and minimizing its intake will be a step in the right direction.

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