MedCline: Inclined Pillow Provides Nighttime Acid Reflux Relief?


Having a hard time falling asleep? Are sudden heart burns and regurgitation making it difficult to achieve a peace of mind? Acid reflux is a common concern felt by many consumers while sleeping. It not only prevents one from getting a quality 8 hours of sleep, but it also has the ability to induce unwanted health concerns. According to Medcline, the position we sleep in and the elevation of the body are key when it comes to digestive related concerns.

The purpose of this review is to introduce Medcline, which is believed to naturally relieve nighttime acid reflux. It is believed to be significantly potent than standard wedges. To see where the differences might be, the following will analyze Medcline in terms of its intentions, its design, how it works, and price factor.

What is Medcline?

Medcline has been designed with the intentions of bringing relief to those experiencing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a type of digestive disorder known to cause acid indigestion, heart burns, and discomfort. Its overall design can be considered as an advancement in a standard wedge, as it claims to create a suitable incline and provides a comforting side sleeping position.

What is Medcline Made of?

Medcline combines a wide range of material to ensure that its surface is neither rough nor too sturdy to lay on top of. More specifically, it consists of polyurethane foams that are both 100 per cent latex-free and hypo-allergenic.

The positioning wedge is said to contain a dense core that provides the support needed for a well balanced body, and durability for a long lasting pillow. Lastly, the use of memory foam is said to serve as a therapeutic mean for the entire body.

How Does Medcline Work?

First, consumers must place Medcline on top on the mattress. It not only provides space for one to sleep, but it also prevents an individual’s partner from getting disturbed as well. Next one must slide his or her arm into the small arm pocket. This is done to reduce pressure that would normally be placed on one’s arm and shoulders when sleeping on a side.

Furthermore, it stabilizes one’s body from sliding downward. The materials used ensure that consumers experience something similar to that of cloud nine. The single con that anyone might consider is adaptation, as it might time for one to get used to such a set up and to find the right position that maximizes one’s comfort.

How Long Will it Take for Consumers to Feel a Difference?

With any body-related essentials that work with the intent of reducing any form of pain, consumers need to give it time. In particular, consistency is key, others it will be hard to evaluate a product’s usefulness.

With the Medcline, consumers can expect a positive change after 4 weeks of use. This may vary depending on one’s ability to adapt and locate a suitable position. Most importantly, it is crucial that consumers do not use Medcline as a treatment for neck, back, or hip injury, as it has not been created to serve such purposes.

What Can Be Said About its Price Factor?

The current going price of Medcline is approximately $278. This excludes positioning wedge, which goes for a separate price of $219. It is clear that the prices are not comparable to what’s currently offered in by other providers.

While Medcline is an expensive commodity, it has been backed up by 5 clinical trials. The results found that 95 per cent of patients reported improved sleep, 93 per cent reported a drastic reduction in nighttime heartburn, 89 per cent reported a reduction in regurgitation and 87 per cent for reduced acid exposure in the esophagus.

Final Verdict on MedCline

Based on the analysis above, Medcline is likely to reduce GERD, while promoting quality sleep. What makes it quite commendable is its potential in bringing relief without having to take medications, which normally may induce unwanted side effects.

Another competitive advantage Medcline meets is replicability, where they were able to achieve similar results in their clinical trials even after the 5th time. This proves that the results are reliable. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides, but fear of the complications that may arise due to GERD can finally sleep without worries.

To ensure that consumers do not doubt themselves or Medcline, a free trial period is offered for 100 days. While it is true that 100 days is far too long of a time frame to have anything for free, but the creators of Medcline believe that on average it takes 3 months to adapt to new sleeping habits. When considering its price factor, which is slightly high, the fact that it is of high quality makes it reasonable.

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