Zrii Review – Is The Amalaki Supplement Healthy?


Zrii Review

Zrii is a liquid nutritional supplement manufacturer that makes a variety of products using natural herbs and fruits.

Find out everything you need to know about Zrii and its multilevel marketing compensation structure today in our review.

What is Zrii?

Zrii is a nutritional beverage manufacturer based in Draper, Utah with offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The company uses a multilevel marketing-style compensation plan to sell nutritional beverages all over the world.

Currently, the company sells seven different nutritional supplements and beverages. These supplements promise to help you lose weight, get your daily recommended value of vitamins and nutrients, and enjoy better overall health and wellness.

Zrii appears to be committed to helping its customers eat clean and enjoy better overall health. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each individual product sold by the company.

Zrii Products: What Does Zrii Sell?



Zrii’s Amalaki is its flagship product. Amalaki is a nutritional beverage that promises to “promote energy” and “enhance cellular rejuvenation.” It’s made primarily from the amalaki fruit, which Zrii claims has been used for over 5,000 years for its health properties.

In addition to amalaki, Zrii Amalaki has a number of other natural ingredients, including schizandra, ginger, jujube, haritaki, turmeric, and tulsi.

You’re supposed to take 2 fluid ounces of the beverage daily to support general wellness. Zrii doesn’t list the specific amount of each ingredient inside the juice. Instead, it hides all of these ingredient amounts inside a proprietary blend. One serving is 1 fluid ounce, but we don’t know how much of each serving is made from this proprietary blend.

Other ingredients include purified water, white grape juice concentrate, pear puree concentrate, and a number of other natural juice concentrates.



Achieve is a protein powder that can be used to make meal replacement shakes. The powder is specially formulated to promote healthy fat metabolism, help you build lean muscle, and boost your overall energy levels.

In order to achieve those benefits (get it?), Achieve uses a blend of four protein isolates (18g of protein per serving), very little sugar, and 6 grams of fiber.

It also includes natural ingredients like amalaki, gymnema, haritaki, guggul, turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, and cayenne.



Purify is a total cleanse and weight management system that consists of four different supplements:

— Am Detox Capsules
— Pm Detox Capsules
— Fiber Supplement
— Detox Oil

All of these supplements have the same overall goal: remove impurities and toxins from your body and facilitate the removal of waste. You’re supposed to follow the Purify schedule listed here to refresh your body and rejuvenate your body’s natural cleansing systems.

Zrii claims that Purify users will be able to jump start their mind/body health, increase their overall energy, improve the speed and clarity of mental functioning, and improve their overall cellular functioning.



Accell is an energy powder that you mix with water to boost your metabolism and increase your energy throughout the day. Each single serving package contains 25 calories and comes with the following benefits:

— Boost Your Metabolism To Burn More Calories
— Enjoy A More Sustained Release Of Energy
— Reduce Stress
— Improve Digestion
— Boost Mental Alertness

Specific ingredients in Accell include known nootropic compounds like green tea and Bacopa monnieri along with eleuthero root, vidanga, ionic trace minerals, trikatu, natural B vitamins, and digestive enzymes.

Although Zrii likes to claim that the energy boost and metabolism boost comes from the natural ingredients, the reality is that each serving of Accell comes with 135mg of caffeine, which is slightly more than one cup of coffee. Compared with high levels of vitamin B12 (50% of your daily value), it’s easy to see why Zrii Accell increases your energy.

Daily AM & PM


Zrii sells two daily multivitamin supplements. Those multivitamin supplements include Daily AM and Daily PM.

Daily AM contains energetic compounds and phytonutrients designed to rev up your energy throughout the day. It consists mostly of B vitamins – including many of the same vitamins found in the Accell energy-boosting beverage powder.

Daily PM, on the other hand, wants to help you enjoy a more restful and restorative night by giving your body an antioxidant blend, enzyme blend, and herbal blend (led by chamomile). These compounds are specially chosen to help you fall asleep at night while also letting your body heal itself.

Smart Omega-3


Zrii’s Smart Omega-3 supplement promises to deliver your recommended daily value of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have proven to be beneficial for heart health and brain health, and many doctors now recommend taking a daily omega-3 supplement.

Key ingredients in Smart Omega-3 include 650mg of EPA, 450mg of DHA, a proprietary antioxidant blend, and a natural lemon flavor (which neutralizes the notoriously fishy taste of some omega 3 supplements).

Zrii Rise


Zrii Rise is a coffee product that promises to be a “high performance coffee”. It claims to provide more benefits than your average cup of coffee.

Those benefits include a richer taste, better energy and alertness, and increased fat burning power.

How does Zrii make this fat burning coffee? The coffee’s key ingredients include 100% Colombian Arabica beans that are Rainforest Alliance certified. There’s also green coffee bean extract, which provides an extra jolt of caffeine, and amalaki, which promotes healthy cellular rejuvenation.

Zrii Opportunity

Zrii uses a multilevel marketing structure to sell products around the world. Like many MLMs, you can make money through retail sales, although you’re going to enjoy better long-term success if you recruit a network of successful salespeople in your downline.

Here are some of the ways you can make money with Zrii:

Retail Bonus: You earn 10% to 20% commissions on all retail sales.

Free Products: Zrii will give you products for free when your customers buy from you.

iPad Bonus: If you’re a top salesperson in the company after your first 4 weeks or 8 weeks, you can receive an iPad or $350 cash.

Benz Club: If you reach the rank of 4-Star Executive, then you can start driving a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with Zrii sponsoring along the sides.

There are also preferred customer bonuses, fast start bonuses, and global leadership bonuses that won’t matter to you unless you’re making more commissions than almost everybody else in the company.

In any case, Zrii operates like most other multilevel marketing companies. If you’re a social person who likes to recruit other people while also being a convincing salesperson, then you could make a lot of money with Zrii.

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  1. Am here at the Royal Mandaya Hotel grand ballroom to watch your Philipiine Launch, and possibly find a sponsor after I try your product and see and feel its positive effects within 48 hours maximum

  2. I have taken Zrii in the powder form for over 12 years. It is my main stay for health. What troubles me is they stop making this powder. I need to talk to somebody about if it’s still around

  3. Thank you for a sound overview of Zrii. One thing to note is that this sentence makes it sound like Preferred Customer bonuses and Fast Start bonuses also apply further up the ranking scale…

    “There are also preferred customer bonuses, fast start bonuses, and global leadership bonuses that won’t matter to you unless you’re making more commissions than almost everybody else in the company.”

    Where as in fact these apply immediately for people who get customers or other people enrolling – in the first 4 weeks in fact. Which provides a very achievable way for people to get the money back from their entire pack purchase, through just enrolling two people who they want to support with their health journey too.

    It has worked incredibly for me – great health and figure, extra income… even a free car! I am work from home mum of a 2 year old and I have to say with risk of sounding like an infomercial… Zrii seriously is the best thing that I have ever discovered and I am so pleased I listened to my friend who told me about it. Ayurveda is incredible. The teachings of the Chopra Centre are awesome. It’s all part and parcel. Zrii rocks!!

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