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My Snoring Solution is a unique chin strap that fits over your jaw to keep your airway open while you sleep. The device promises to stop your nighttime snoring immediately at a price of around $120.

What is My Snoring Solution?

My Snoring Solution is a chin strap that fits over your jaw to prevent snoring. The device claims to hold your jaw forward and support the lower jaw while you sleep. This forces your airway to stay open, which means that the soft palate at the back of your throat – which is where the snoring sound comes from – is never restricted.

My Snoring Solution claims to be extremely comfortable to wear. The silk fabric fits snugly around your jaw without constricting your breathing or airflow.

My Snoring Solution isn’t the world’s first anti-snoring jaw strap. Other manufacturers have realized that you can stop snoring by tightening your jaw. My Snoring Solution, however, claims to be better than the other guys because it’s “100x better than those cheap Velcro jaw straps that fall off in the middle of the night.”

The device has been featured in online advertisements and on TV. It was released onto the market in 2012 and is not currently sold in any retail stores. It is, however, available for a significant discount on

My Snoring Solution Band

How Does My Snoring Solution Work?

Snoring occurs when the soft palate at the back of your throat gets restricted while you sleep. It can become restricted when you sleep on your back or when you have too much weight pressing down on your throat (which is why overweight people tend to snore more than people of a healthy weight).

Most snoring problems can be traced back to the jaw becoming too “loose” as you sleep. When the jaw loosens up, it compresses the soft palate tissue at the back of your throat, causing snoring.

This can happen to anyone regardless of their weight, size, gender, or genetics.

My Snoring Solution promises to solve that problem using a snug strap. That strap fits under your jaw and around the back of your head. You tighten it to fit your head, then leave it on overnight while you sleep.

The strap is designed to hold your jaw firmly in place while still allowing for comfortable motion and breathing. It prevents your jaw from sagging, which causes snoring.

How to Buy My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is available from the official product website at

You can also call a live operator at 1-800-44-SNORE (1-800-447-6673) to order it over the phone.

If you’re buying the product from the official website, then this is how the pricing breaks down:

2 My Snoring Solution Chin Straps: $119.97 plus shipping and handling.

You can’t order just one My Snoring Solution (it’s officially classified as a “Buy one, get one free” offer. Each order also comes with a free copy of An American Medical Review DVD as well as a book called The 7 Steps to Sleep Success.

My Snoring Solution Discount

Obviously, ordering from the official website comes with a lot of extra products and features you don’t necessarily need. That’s why you can also buy My Snoring Solution from, where it’s priced significantly less:

My Snoring Solution: $22.23 per pack plus free shipping

That’s a significant difference in price. Of course, you don’t get the extra bonus features when you order from Amazon, and you also only get the single My Snoring Solution chin strap.

The only “catch” with ordering from Amazon is that you can’t choose the size of your chin strap. You automatically receive the medium version of My Snoring Solution.

Here’s another hint: if you want to save money on My Snoring Solution, you can instantly get about $40 off your order from the official website. All you have to is go to and hover your mouse close to the “exit” or “back” button on your browser. You should see a pop-up advertisement that says “Wait! Exclusive Limited Time Offer.” From this screen, you can buy a single copy of My Snoring Solution for $79.97 (although you don’t get the buy one, get one free offer). You should also get free shipping.

My Snoring Solution Sizes

My Snoring Solution comes in three different sizes:

— Small (for users up to 120 pounds)
— Medium (120 to 250 pounds)
— Large (250 pounds and up)

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The product claims to offer a 90 day money back guarantee when you order from the official website. However, as you’ll learn in the customer reviews section below, that money back guarantee can be hard to receive.


Customers Reviews

With My Snoring Solution, it seems like customers either love it or hate it. The product gets a lot of 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews.

The product currently has 686 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. 130 of those reviews were 5 stars, while 319 were 1 star.

The 5 star reviews praised the device for being “very comfortable” and a better solution for someone who has used “every type of CPAP mask”.

The 1 star reviews said that the My Snoring Solution was “completely worthless” and it “looks quite stupid too.” Most 1 star reviewers agreed that it did not help their snoring at all.

Some of the worst My Snoring Solution reviews come from, where the product has a total of 61 complaints and 0 resolved issues. The top 3 customer complaints were:

— “Product did not work”
— “Fake 90 day guarantee”
— “Terrible return policy”

Most of the negative reviews claim that the vendor did not offer 100% of the customer’s money back. Customers claim they were offered a $59 refund for a $79.97 product.

Should You Use My Snoring Solution?

There’s one important thing you should know about My Snoring Solution before you buy: it doesn’t work on all types of snoring.

If you notice that you snore with your mouth open (or your partner snores with their mouth open), then My Snoring Solution could be able to prevent that snoring.

If, however, you snore because you have too much weight on your chest, or because of some body condition, then My Snoring Solution is unlikely to help.

As long as you understand those restrictions going in, you should be able to enjoy My Snoring Solution and make this unique anti-snoring chin strap work for you. Just don’t get your hopes up about the return policy.

I would personally shy away from this, unless you order on Amazon. It's a waste of money. You could probably end up creating your own with some redneck ingenuity.

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