There are many different healthcare brands available on the market today. The extremely diverse nature of health care products means that health-conscious consumers are required to sort through a vast amount of different health product manufacturers for their skin care, supplement, cosmetic, cleaning, and wellness solutions.

It can often be frustrating to find a reliable source of natural, chemical free health products that are compatible with your lifestyle choices. Online marketplaces such as Amazon have made it simple to find products for the best price, but there aren’t any comprehensive sources of health products that focus on quality instead of cost.

Cheaper health products are commonly packed with synthetic ingredients or artificial compounds such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other damaging products. Shopping for organic, chemical free, natural alternatives may be slightly more expensive than mass-produced chemical solutions, but it’s far better for the long term health of the body and prevents a wide range of diseases.

Zilis is a new healthcare product provider that, instead of focusing on providing the very best price available, instead focuses on assembling the very best selection of natural health care brands. Offering health conscious consumers a complete line of health products that make it possible to live a completely natural and holistic lifestyle, Zilis is quickly becoming one of the largest health and wellness stores online.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Zilis solution and find out what it offers and how it works to help you determine if it’s the right health product provide for your needs.

What is Zilis?

The Zilis platform is the brainchild of husband and wife team Steve and Angie Thompson. The Thompson family has leveraged more than 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, as well as direct sales, to launch the Zilis brand, which is one of the fastest growing health product providers in the world.

Both of the Thompsons have extensive background experience in the direct sales industry. Steve Thompson has operated as the director of marketing and vice president of sales for multiple international direct sales organizations, while Angie Thompson has operated in the direct health product sales industry throughout more than 40 countries in the world

After having worked in the health and wellness industry for so long, the Thompsons identified a need for a globalized, comprehensive, and reliable source of health and wellness products that were backed by clinical evidence and scientific research.

After several years of research and development, the Thompsons devised the Zilis platform, which not only functions as a comprehensive healthcare range, but also provides entrepreneurially-minded health enthusiasts with the ability to gain financial independence through the Zilis Ambassador program. Lastly, Zilis also make a profound social impact with every sale through their “Pay it Forward” system.

The “Pay it Forward” system that is incorporated into the Zilis platform leverages the fact that although millions of people use health products every day to improve their overall wellness, billions of children around the world suffer from a serious lack of basic nutrition every day. Every time somebody purchases a product through the Zilis platform, Zilis donate one Zilis Nutrition Pack to a child in need, which contains everything a growing child needs to thrive.

The founders of the Zilis brand are supported in their international health product endeavor by Dr. Derrick DeSilva, the Chief Wellness Officer at Zilis and in established international celebrity health expert. Dr. DeSilva is responsible for the development of hundreds of natural health products and has been featured on CNN, Nightline, and Extra, and has been named by New York Magazine as one of the best doctors in the New York Metro Area.

The core concept of the Zilis platform is to build the “Amazon of health and wellness products”. With no manufacturing, distribution, logistics, or inventory costs, Zilis is able to pass operational savings on to their ambassadors and customers as well as provide children in need around the world with critical life saving nutrition.

The Zilis Product Range

The Zilis range already boasts over 100 different products, and is in a state of constant expansion, with a broad selection of cleaning products, cosmetics, skin care solutions, supplements, and other health-promoting options. We’ll proceed to break down the brands that Zilis offers and find out what they offer:

  • Zen Products: Zen offers a line of health supplements and unique nutraceuticals that leverage the extremely bioavailable method of sublingual oral spray delivery. The Zen range consists of cardiovascular health supplements such as Zen Arterisol, Zen Mist microsized electrolytes spray, and Zen Soleil Sunless Tanner.
  • 7 Hemp CBD Oil: The 7 Hemp CBD Oil solution offered by Zilis comes in three different order sizes and consists of just one product- a water soluble hemp oil formula that uses highly effective PurzorbTM technology to ensure the hemp oil CBD extract it contains is highly bioavailable.
  • Ultimate LifeStyles: Ultimate Lifestyles is a standalone luxury travel experience platform that has partnered with Zilis to provide health conscious consumers with the ability to pay it forward to developing countries while enjoying their dream travel experiences, complete with a private concierge.
  • Vera: The Vera range of products offered by Zilis consists of a series of daily vitality supplements that deliver a range of health benefits. Using completely natural ingredients, products such as Vera Build, Vera Boost, and Vera Balance are able to lower stress levels, increase immune system function and energy levels, and promote faster body fat burning.
  • Wright Family: The Wright Family offers health conscious consumers a natural anti aging skincare solution that leverages botanical extracts and herbal ingredients to reverse the visible signs of age on the skin. The Wright Family range also includes Baby Bottom Butter, natural Bug Repellent, Deodorant, Foaming Soap, Lip Balm, Shampoo, Facial Toner, and more, making it possible to completely remove dangerous chemicals from your home.
  • Clean Machine: There are many performance sports supplements available on the market, but most of them are packed with harmful chemicals or artificial fillers. The Clean Machine range offers a selection of testosterone boosters, branched chain amino acids, and plant based omega 3 that make holistic athletic performance boosting possible.
  • Elementa Oils: Essential oils are a must have when following the natural, chemical free lifestyle, but it’s difficult to find a potent, naturally extracted solution. Elementa Oils, sold through the Siliz platform, are available in an extremely broad range of natural extractions, from Bergamot Oil to Melaleuca Oil.
  • Common Sense: The Common Sense range of supplements is specifically recommended by Dr. DeSilva, and offers a selection of powerful, intelligently formulated dietary supplements that perform specific functions. The Common Sense range includes ADK for Bone Health, Amino 21, Antioxidant supplements, Vitamin B-Complex, Probiotic supplements, and various bioavailable micronutrients.
  • CS Pet Nutrition: The benefits of health supplements aren't strictly for humans alone. The CS Pet Nutrition range offers a range of natural supplements that enhance the health of our furry four legged friends, presenting products such as Joint Support for Dogs, Skin and Coat for Dogs, Total Cat Multi, Total Dog Multi, and more.
  • Aleris: There are many luxury skin care solutions available on the health product market, but virtually none of them are natural. The Aleris range offers health-conscious consumers a selection of luxury skin care products that are free from artificial additives, presenting solutions such as 24k Champagne Cleanser, 24K Revitalizing Cream, 24K Gold Masks, and 24K Intensive Eye Contour Serum.
  • Safe4U: Cleaning products contain some of the most damaging chemicals used in the modern home, full of dangerous artificial compounds that can cause cancer, brain damage, and hormonal disruption. The Safe4U range offers a selection of powerful and effective chemical-free cleaning products that make it easy to stay healthy and hygienic at the same time.
  • Cutting Edge: The Cutting Edge range consists of just two products. The first product is an Ella Vie Acai juice product that delivers a massive antioxidant boost, offering a potent superfood blend that helps to minimize oxidative stress and naturally boosts energy. The second product, Natural Green Tea, provides the body with more than 200 mg of antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds in a delicious, easy to brew sachet.
  • Hero Point Packs: The Zilis program provides ambassadors with the opportunity to collect “Hero Points”, which can be traded for “Hero Point Packs” that are delivered to Haiti in order to provide nutritional aid to children in need.

The Zilis Opportunity

The Zilis opportunity makes it possible for health conscious consumers to gain financial independence by bringing the health revolution offered by Zilis to their local health movement. Described as the most efficient model in direct sales today, Zilis makes it easy to track your own private Zilis business 24 hours a day via a groundbreaking online system called Zilis Cloud.

With more than one billion potential customers, more than 100 different proprietary products, and a powerful online retail platform similar to Amazon, Zilis makes it easy for anybody to succeed in building their own health product distribution business.

Zilis Verdict

The Zilis platform is one of the most innovative and revolutionary health product platforms online, and provides a wide selection of healthcare products that are backed up by real scientific evidence.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of health products, or a way to gain financial independence, Zilis offers a powerful and socially-conscious solution.


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