Xyngular Shine – Healthy Hormone Optimizer & PMS Balance Support?


Hormonal balance is a key to a woman’s body being able to maintain health weight levels and normal levels of libido. Many factors can cause hormones to go out of balance which leads to low sex drive, weight gain, and mood swings.

Shine is an all-natural supplement formulated to help adult women take control of their hormones and help regulate their body’s monthly cycle. Please read below to learn more about Shine and how to purchase.

What Is Xyngular Shine?

Formulated for women who are looking for a natural way to boost their body’s overall wellness, Shine also supports weight loss, sex drive, and energy levels. Additionally women may notice an improvement in their mood both during their period and all month long.

Adult women of any age who are struggling with severe menstrual cramps or mood swings due to PMS may get the support needed by adding Shine to their daily wellness routine.

How Does Xyngular Shine Work?

Women who are looking for a supplement to help them maintain hormonal balance may want to consider trying Shine. The combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts contained in each dose work to enhance weight loss, boost libido, and reduce the symptoms of PMS.

It is important to note that Shine should not be used by women under the age of eighteen or who have had a hysterectomy. Shine is also not suitable for postmenopausal women.

Users should start by taking only one capsule and increase the dose slowly over time as their body acclimates.

Xyngular Company Details

Xyngular is a US based company founded under the aim to give consumers high quality health products to help them lose weight, boost energy, or improve overall health and wellness. Consumers can choose to use individual products or try a starter kit aimed at a specific goal.

Xyngular Shine Ingredients

Users of Shine will be giving their body the support it needs to improve sexual health and prevent PMS symptoms. The combination of vitamins and natural herbal ingredients help gently support the body in having better health and wellness.

Each dose of shine contains vitamins B6 and b12, magnesium, zinc, and calcium which help boost the body’s immune system and overall health. Additionally Shine contains nine herbal extracts that are overviewed below.

-Bioperine: Also known as black pepper extract which is commonly added to supplements and improves the absorbability of the ingredients.

-Ashwagandha Root Extract: An Ayurvedic herb that is used to reduce swelling, enhance mental clarity, and boost overall health. Since it is used as a homeopathic product there is not complete research to prove that it works but it has been part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle in India for centuries.

-Shilajit Extract: Used as part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries this nutrient-rich biomass harvested from deep in the Himalayas contains high levels of Fulvic acid. This acid boosts sexual health and improves blood flow naturally.

-Chaste Tree Berry Extract: A small Mediterranean shrub that helps women reduce the severity of their premenstrual symptoms. This extract offers different benefits for men and women due to its ability to support hormonal balance.

-Maca Root Extract: A Peruvian plant that boosts blood flow and helps enhance energy levels. Porter sin the Andes have chewed Maca root to help keep their stamina up while packing heavy loads.

-White Willow Bark Extract: What makes this ingredient so effective is the high levels of salicin which promotes higher metabolism leading to better weight loss results.

-Red Raspberry Leaf: By relaxing blood vessels red raspberry supports better blood flow and prevents muscle cramping caused by PMS and menstrual cycles.

-Dandelion Root Extract: It is not entirely clear on why dandelion root is included in this supplement but it does increase urine output and support digestive issues.

Shine does not include any hormones or steroids only natural, herbal ingredients.

Xyngular Shine Pricing

Figuring out how to purchase Xyngular products is a bit unclear. It appears that consumers need to be referred to the program and become a member.

Due to this hurdle pricing information is unavailable directly through the internet.

Xyngular Shine Review Summary

No matter what age women are a variety of things can cause hormones to go out of balance. Shine gives women an option to help regulate their body’s hormone levels which will help reduce PMS symptoms and body fat levels while boosting energy.

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