Xyngular Review – Legit Health & Wellness Nutritional MLM Products?


When people struggle with weight loss, they are looking for something that works to help them fit into their clothes so that they can feel better about themselves. Xyngular may be the solution. This weight loss program claims that with discipline and good choices, Xyngular will work for them.

What Is Xyngular?

Xyngular is a weight loss program that offers products in kits. Supplements and meal replacement shakes are also a part of the program. These products can be used throughout the day.

About Xyngular?

The company is Headquartered in the U.S, but also operates in Canada. One look at their website’s “our story” page claims that they were “founded by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to changing lives for the better, Xyngular has grown and flourished thanks to strong corporate leaders and dedicated Distributors”. The company is an MLM, a multi level marketing business opportunity.

MLM’s can be very lucrative for affiliates or sales representatives as the compensation structure usually pays overrides on the sales of your team members. To simplify this concept visualize a Xingular sales affiliate who earns commissions from his personal sales as well as the sales of the people who bought products from him.

These business opportunities are often structured like a family tree. The people who are sponsored into Xyngular represent the first level or generation. The sales affiliate’s recruits are like his children, their recruits are like his grand children, the recruits of those recruits are like his great grandchildren and so on. MLM structures can be very lucrative for affiliates. But skeptics say that MLM’s inflate product costs in order to pay commissions through multiple company levels.

How Does Xyngular Work?

The recommended usage and dosage for Xyngular is on the label, it’s advised to follow the directions as per the bottle’s instructions. People who want to have more energy, lose weight, or just maintain their overall health can try these products that claim to help. Their kits are simple, easy, and have the products, diet plan, and a variety of exercises to help people on their way to their weight loss goals. People can first begin with the starter kits, move onto the transformation kits, or try individual products.

The starter kits, help the metabolism, defend the body from free radicals, and aid in getting rid of bad eating habits. It also helps with overall wellness. The transformation kits are supposed to improve mood, help with weight loss, detox the body, and keep people looking healthy when it comes to aging. The individual products help with controlling appetite, supporting the gut, lean muscle, stress, and so much more.

The Ingredients of Xyngular

Xyngular contains the ingredients to keep people’s energy up, help with weight loss, and overall health. So what are the ingredients and what do they do? The following are ingredients found in Xyngular.

  • Aloe Vera– is a succulent plant found all over the world. It is used for medicine, cosmetics, and so much more. It helps the digestive system and moisturizes the skin.
  • Cayenne Pepper- is a fruit that is popular in spicy dishes and can be grounded to make red pepper. It is also quite healthy because of the vitamins it contains. The blood vessels are dilated; it helps with energy support, and fat oxidation.
  • Konnyaku Root- is a root from Japanese cuisine. It has been around for a long time. It also decreases sugar intake, cholesterol, and aids in weight loss.
  • Green Coffee Extract– is beans that are not roasted. They can be found in dietary supplements. They help with weight loss because of chlorogenic acid.

Side Effects

According to online reviews, some people who have taken Xyngular have experienced side effects. They are rare, but they do exist. Xyngular offers a way to weight loss but not without a price. Consumers have experienced sickness, migraines, lethargy, and grogginess. People have also had to deal with a racing heart, high blood pressure, and sweating, itching, depression, the feeling of being high, and abdominal pain.


Xyngular is a weight loss solution for some, but there are some complaints. The price, side effects, and the science are factors of Xyngular that make this product unsuccessful. These factors also contribute to whether the product is worth pursuing.

  • Price- It is an expensive product, and the products can’t be purchased on their website. People can buy Xyngular for up to $600 or more a month for just one kit. Customers have expressed their dissatisfaction by saying how expensive the kits are at prices like $250 and $500. Other customers have expressed how the price depends on people’s weight loss goals as well as it’s expensive but compared to what?
  • Side effects- Sticking with Xyngular is problematic because of its side effects. Negative comments are made by consumers about their experiences with the weight loss kit. One customer has said, “I have now tried to take the Xyng (from Xyngular) 2 times. Both times I felt a little angry.”
  • Science- Xyngular has no clinical studies listed for weight loss. Green tea and caffeine, ingredients in Xyngular, have been found to have research. There is nothing special about this weight loss product because it can be found anywhere.


Users who have health conditions should consult their doctor. People who are under 18 or take medications should consult with a doctor before using Xyngular. As always pregnant and nursing women should also seek a doctor to determine if Xyngular is safe for them.

BBB Rating

Xyngular has had positive comments as well as negative comments about its product. It has a B+ rating. This weight loss kit has received some support but success is dependent on the weight loss goals people want to achieve.

Where To Buy Xyngular

Xyngular costs from $40 to $600 a month depending on the products people choose. People won’t be able to purchase Xyngular on their website, but it can be found elsewhere on online websites. This product has variety when it comes to weight loss.


A 30-day money back guarantee is what Xyngular offers customers. The company will accept returns if the product was damaged or incorrect. People can only return their order in 30 days if it is unopened and not tampered with.

In Closing

Xyngular is a weight loss program in the form of a kit that is designed to help people slim down while improving their overall health and wellness. There may be some concerns regarding this product’s price, side effects, and scientific evidence. People with health conditions should be especially cautious and seek out their doctor’s opinion before using Xyngular.

Although it has a good BBB rating of B+, this product is not unique in any way. There is no guarantee that Xyngular works for everyone, but it’s important to keep in mind all the facts in order to decide if this weight loss kit is worth trying.

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  1. Hey thank you for the semi-positive Xyngular review. As a distributor- wanted to clear up a few things. You said in your article that its $600 a month commitment. That would be not true. You would only be on our weight loss line- when in weight loss. Those products are 324.90 for a 4-6 week supply. Lastly, you mentioned that the 30 money back guarantee was applicable if the product wasn’t opened. Actually- it is a FULL refund- empty bottles and all- if returned with in 30 days. No risk to the consumer.
    I have had countless clients lose weight and make an extra stream of income with this company. Amazing to work with and be a part of.

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