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Nutramunity Review – Should You Try It?

Having a healthy immune system is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Bodies endure risks throughout everyday life as they are exposed to germs and potential disease, as well as risk of injury. In order to protect the immune system, Nutramunity Beta-Glucan (NBG) has been developed to promote better health. Founded by a Norweagian company focused on developing products from the best of resources, Nutraminity is changing health from the highest standard.

What is Nutramunity?

Nutramunity is a bioactive component that is made to keep the immune system in shape. Nutramunity is comprised of beta- 1, 3/1, 6-glucan which clinical studies have shown to vastly increase immune performance. It has shown to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, renew the skin, repairing previous damage, promoting healthy lung function, and aids in fighting off viruses and diseases.

The chemical makeup of Nutramunity is the core of its effectiveness. The beta-glucan combination allows for the product to fulfill the standards of promoting immune health. The product can be used in daily supplements, foods, beverages, medical foods, special diets, and other personal care options.

NutraQ is a manufacturer that has a reputation going back 25 years. They have studied, and discovered the use of yeast beta-glucan and have applied it to this product. After years of clinical research and scientific development, they are the leading experts, and are unsurpassed in their understanding of beta-1,3/1,6-glucan.

Benefits of Nutramunity

The benefits of Nutramunity are unparalled. In promoting a healthy lifestyle for all ages, Nutramunity provides health benefits that have long lasting effects. There are five specific effects that NPG has on the body. It improves overall immune function, promotes healthy inflammatory response, promotes respiratory health, stimulates skin repair, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Nutramunity can be taken both orally and topically, depending on the target area.

Nutramunity helps the immune system while dealing with specific lifestyle groups that are target groups prone to infection. People who have stressed tend to be more prone to infection. They have higher levels of stress hormones that weaken the immune system and make them more susceptible to disease. Children and families are another group that tend to be the targets of diseases.

Because children are exposed to other children, and germs, they are often plagues with the flu, colds, or stomach bugs that they get from school, or daycare. The elderly are also at risk for infection due to age-related deterioration of bodily functions as well as the immune system.

Another group that are at risk for infection are healthcare professionals. They are in constant contact with disease while they interact with patients on a daily basis, most who carry contagious diseases. The fifth group of people who are more likely to be exposed to disease and infection are those who are travelling.

While travelling, it is easy to encounter foreign microbes in which the immune system is unfamiliar – therefore, the coping mechanisms are compromised. The last group that is likely to encounter infection is athletes. Because of the high physical stress, they exert on their bodies, they are more prone to injury, which in turn can cause infection, weakening the immune system, and leaving room for disease.

Nutraminity Products

Sports Nutrition

Nutramunity has developed products geared toward sports nutrition. Whether a professional athlete, bodybuilder, or average gym goer, this product appeals to any and all health-conscious consumers. This is a source of nutrition that helps immune health as well as promoting higher energy levels.

Nutramunity helps achieve the utmost athletic performance while allowing the body to fight off potential infection and disease. Athletes, as well as recreational consumers have a faster recovery time from exercise induced stress. Nutramunity is a versalite product which is suitable for all sports. It can be used in the form of dietary supplements which include gel capsules, or stick packs, and combination formulations.

Nutramunity can also be used for sports health in food and beverages. They offer energy/power bars, nutrition bars, protein bars, and sports drinks in liquid and powder form. Nutramunity is safe to use with other existing products as the beta/glucan molecule does not interfere or react with other ingredients. It has no preservatives and the small dosage allows the product to easily assimilate to current formulas.

Nutramunity has been been incorporated into sports nutrition products in the Unites States such as Xyience Cardio Women’s Post Work and Xyience Strength & Conditioning Men’s Post Workout and Xyience Multivitamin & Mineral Complex.

Food & Drinks

Nutraminity is a safe way to enhance the immune system through food and drinks. It can be incorporated into a variety of products and categories.

Convenience foods: soups and soup packages, mixes.

Baked goods & cereals: Bread and cake mixes, cookies, cereals, breakfast and granola bars.

Snacks & confectionary: Protein and soy protein bars, nutritional snacks, sports nutrition, chocolate confections.

Dairy: Yoghurt, milk, soy milk.

Dietary supplements: Gel capsules and combination formulas.

Beverages: Meal replacement beverages, fruit smoothies, sports & functional drinks.

Because Nutramunity is non-allergenic, the components in yeast which may cause allergy are completely removed during the production process, making it safe for people with yeast allergy.

Dietary Supplements

Nutramunity is an attractive ingredient in food supplements for immunity. NBG is approved in the European novel food Regulation, therefore, making it safe for consumption in food. It is kosher and halal certified and non-allergenic.


Nutramunity has been clinically proven to enhance skin appearance and repair. Working from the cellular level, it repairs the skin and renews the ability to protect itself. Epidermal immunity is just as important as any immune function, and as the aging process begins, there is insufficient healing power in repairing the skin after collagen production ends, and wrinkles and age spots appear.

Nutramunity helps the Langerhans cells regrow in the skin – primarily responsible for collagen production and cell repair after long exposure to sun, smoke, and other environmental stressors. Nutramunity delays the signs of aging and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines and can be used in a variety of products.

Skincare: Body lotion, face cream, lipstick, eye gel, hand lotion, moisturizer, and facial masks.

Winter/Summer skincare: Lip balm, sun lotion, and deep moisturizer.

Anti-aging products: Anti-aging cream, facial serum.

Contacting Nutramunity

Nutramunity can be contacted using the contact form on its website, or through the following methods. It can be reached via email at [email protected] or, for those who prefer to speak to a representative in person, they can be reached at +47 21 95 12 00.

Nutramunity Mailing Address:

Postboks 3 Manglerud
0612 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address:

Enebakkveien 117A
0680 Oslo, Norway

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