Why Am I Hungry – Top Appetite, Diet Calories & Eating Food Tips?


Everybody likes to eat, which makes food a routine in our daily lives. We consume different types of foods and most of these foods provide different types of benefits to the body. Have you ever wondered about the extreme hunger that catches you off-guard every time you feel like relaxing?

Well, this is a normal condition and there are basic facts behind that feeling. If you have ever wondered why people get hungry, then that’s the right question to gain knowledge, and your curiosity is valid. Therefore, in this article, we shall find out about hunger that strikes your stomach and what might be the real cause.

A lot of people have problems with weight loss, and they often wonder whether their issue is the type of foods they eat or the kind of exercises they're doing, but the truth remains that weight loss is a condition that can be managed by excellent eating and controlling of calories in the body.

There are various ways in which hunger manifests in the body, and these ways can be weird according to researchers. Have you ever wondered why some food causes weight loss in human beings while other foods contribute to weight gain? This actually has a lot to do with eating patterns and the habits that follow.

Most nutritionists and physical trainers will also encourage the intake of water and balanced meals to encourage a healthy body. Furthermore, the kind of exercises one also does can contribute to a healthy body, and even effect the body's ability to control hormones.

There are many theories laid out to show the cause of hunger and how it can be controlled. This is after extensive research has come out with validated facts about hunger. Therefore, this article will focus on various things that can cause hunger and devised methods of how to control overeating.

Weird Causes

1. Salt?

Have you ever heard about how whether salt is healthy for you? It’s true that salt causes a lot of health conditions. But how? This is a question often omitted by the majority that analyze salt and its effects. Is eating salt making you feel thirsty? Yes, it could be! But from recent research, you can see that there are different mechanisms the body uses to distance the thirst factor from salt intake.

Researchers from Germany also discovered how salt can influence the hunger you experience on a daily basis. As always, there is this biological suggestion that makes salt to be the common factor behind body water loss, and this makes the salt to be the main cause of low levels of water in the body. There is always a belief that salt absorbs water from the body, though most of the water absorbed is excreted.

While this fact is true, the German scientists found out there are different factors. They discovered that when salt is excreted, water is conserved in the body. This came after carrying out experiments on the amount of water taken in when one ate dietary foods with a lot of salt. Therefore, excess salt in the body might make one hungry and this allows the body to produce and conserve its water.

Therefore, they concluded that the salt in the body actually helps in water conservation, contrary to the belief that salt takes always water from the body. With more salt in the body, there is the need to work on breaking the body mass and this means a lot of energy is required. This brings hunger and that’s what make one to overeat.

Therefore, hunger and salt have a bigger relationship than ever previously realized. The support for these studies was backed by researchers from the Germany Federal Ministry for Economy, the American Heart Association, and The National Institute of Health.

2. Air Conditioning?

You could be wondering how air conditioning affects hunger. During the winter, in the parts of the world that become cold, we tend to devise methods of controlling the cold, such as heating our homes. When temperatures go down, the body will struggle to remain warm, and this makes one think about how air conditioners affect the body during the summer.

Keeping the air conditioner running to control the heat could make your body gain weight. Your body needs heat and with moderation in place, the body will get lazy, and you'll need more food to keep it energized. Therefore, when temperatures are lower, we tend to have a larger intake of food to keep the body warm and energized.

This could lead to obesity, a condition most Americans are struggling with in modern society. In the months of November and December, there is a higher rate of eating and weight gain can be a problem for many people.

New data researched show that during the summer, when people are using air-conditioning, there can also be a tendency to eat more, hence causing obesity. If you need to lose weight, air conditioning is the last recommendation as something you need to be exposed to all of the time.

3. Medication, Drugs, And Supplements

If you are allergic to some foods, then your doctor may prescribe a certain drug for you. Little known is the fact that most of the medicines we take as anti-allergy medications can actually cause hunger and increase your appetite. If one is given anti-depressants, you will also notice an increased appetite.

This calls for an inquiry from your doctor to find out the side effects that come with the prescribed medication. Your doctor may need to review the drug and give you an alternative medication. When it comes to supplements, many of the over-the-counter vitamins may also cause you to become hungry.

Therefore, once you take some pills, make sure that you monitor your hunger levels and find out whether they contribute to your appetite increasing or whether your appetite remain the same. We all know that the health aspect of the body is important, and it is vital that you follow the directions for the prescribed medication.

4. Change In Your Exercise Routine

It is advised to change your exercise routine often. This is excellent as far as the body is concerned. But, the introduction of new exercising pattern could also lead to new patterns in your eating routine. With increased exercise, there is the need to have more energy and there is the loss of more energy.

This increases the body's urge to eat food, making it necessary for you to eat more. With the new routine in place, you probably need more energy to get used to the new routine and what does this mean? You will always have the need to get some food as you are always getting hungrier and hungrier.

Professionals suggest that you keep a diary of your activities and food intake to be able to map out the direction that you are taking, as far as your appetite is concerned, and this will show you the rate at which you consume food when you feel hungry.

The four factors have had numerous studies and these studies have brought out the real deal about hunger. Most facts are different from what we've been told previously, but since they have proven studies behind them, then we can conclude that a lot is needed as far as hunger and weird things that cause it are concerned.

How Do You Get This Hunger Situation Under Control?

To most people who love eating, this has been a hard situation to control. Most methods have been laid out and procedures made to aid you in solving this question. You will realize that most of the suggestions made work. Others do not. To help you deal with this situation for once and for all, then the following tips will work better.

Natural Suppressants

Using natural ways to counter this problem is easy. You can try green tea, high fiber foods, spicy foods and saffron extract.

  • Get exercises you enjoy and do them regularly.
  • Eat grapes as they relax the muscles hence inhibiting hunger hormones from releases enzymes that make you feel to eat.
  • Avocados are recommended as they help in balancing hormones naturally. Therefore, such fruits are highly recommended.

Why Am I Hungry Final Thoughts

Why l am always hungry is a hidden question that has never gotten a place to be discussed. With more facts coming, you will be able to discover the reason why you feel hungry all the time. The facts outlined gives you a direction towards answering the question. You will notice that salt helps in water conservation.

Eating healthy and doing more exercise could remedy you from this situation, and that simply incorporating grapes and other fruits in your food could be a great source to get the nutrients you need in your body.

The simple things that make you overeat can be controlled using simple methods. Before you run for the over-the-counter medication, consult your doctor to get more information on your health condition. This will prevent the other factors from affecting your body's health.

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