Wandering Bear Coffee

Coffee can be made in different ways. The traditional iced coffee undergoes a fair amount of processing that achieves a pungent taste and punch; unfortunately, it is highly acidic and can potentially alter one’s pH balance.

This is the reason why cold brew coffee have achieved great praise. Besides its ability to eliminate pH irregularities, it is believed to contain a smoother texture and taste while evenly distributing energy to consumers. Most importantly, its minimal processing ensures that its antioxidants are preserved.

Wandering Bear Coffee has taken a step further to ensure that each cold brew coffee potentially remains fresh, tasteful and does not become stale. This review will look closely at the Wandering Bear Coffee in terms of its purpose, how its made, its overall affordability and more.

What is Wandering Bear Coffee?

Wandering Bear Coffee was a result of two business students named, Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon, who both enjoyed mason jars full of cold brew coffee. Their common admiration for coffee formed a friendship of exchanging their passions to eventually forming a business alliance.

It was Gordon who insisted the beginning of the cold brew coffee business, while Bachmann took care of the finer details. Their ultimate goal was to deliver satisfactory and quality, Arabica coffee in the most convenient manner.

How Are Their Cold Brew Coffees Made?

Each cold brew coffee undergoes minimal processing. Firstly, the coffee gets roasted. Then it gets delivered to a facility in Queens, where it is steeped in cold water. After the steeping process, it gets placed into bags to release oxygen and finally it gets packaged.

What’s unique about the Wandering Bear is that, unlike most coffee providers that package in bottles, the duo decided to package the coffee in a box that contains 12 cups of coffee. The boxed packaging also comes with an inserted tap that easily provides coffee in a hassle free manner.

How Does Air and Light Influence the Quality of Coffee?

Wandering Bear Coffee is packaged in sealed boxes because it may prevent coffee from going stale. When coffee is exposed to excessive oxygen, there is a higher chance of that oxidization may take place, hence the staling effect.

Some sources include air, light and moisture, which are believed to come into contact with coffee. Ultimately, this process locks in a chocolatey flavor, a rounder taste and a smoother texture.

Pricing Information for Wandering Bear Coffee

Consumers can either purchase a box containing 6 or 16 servings. The current going price of 6 servings is approximately $12, whereas purchasing 16 is set at $29. By subscribing to the Wandering Bear Coffee, consumers can save about $3-4 weekly.

Wandering Bear Coffee Conclusion

Overall, cold brew coffee is considered superior to iced coffee because of the processes it goes through. Each Wandering Bear is created to last approximately one week, therefore the set prices are fair.

When it comes to iced coffee, majority of consumers have a hard time consuming it black because of its increased acidity and bitter taste. With every cup of the Wandering Bear Coffee, consumers can enjoy a smooth and rich texture that can be consumed in its original state (and free of additives).

For more instructions on how to open the box and more, go to: https://www.wanderingbearcoffee.com


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