Guayusa Tea – Safe Caffeinated Holly Trees Herbal Brew Benefits?


What Is Guayusa Tea?

Probably you have come across the great Yerba mate tea grown, brewed, and consumed mostly in South America. This tea is derived from natural holly caffeinated trees. The drink is loved by Americans as it features a lot of health benefits. You can never substitute it with anything. You will notice that yerba mate has toppled most of the standard drinks hence emerging among the best drinks.

On the other side, the emerging Guayusa Tea is storming the market and emerging as the most popular drink in parts of America. With its excellent uses, the product is gaining popularity and has been seen as a great substitute to the typical drinks like chocolate, caffeine and regular tea.

This tea, just like its cousin yerba mate, features a lot of health benefits and body stimulant. Its uses are numerous hence a good option for all your health needs. For those who have been drinking stimulants other than this herbal tonic, you need to make a change and experience the combination of different ingredients provided by a single product. Guayusa tea is found in the Amazon regions and mostly consumed in Ecuador.

It’s now finding its way into America hence widening its scope of use. With over a thousand years of usage, its health benefits are easily seen hence a proven medicine and stimulant. This product is brewed early in the morning, and since it is an energy drink, many people in the countries of use tend to drink it during the early morning hours.

You will notice that the flavor it features resembles that one in yerba mate but the only difference is the bitter taste that is absent it guayusa and present in yerba mate. This makes it a beloved drink by those who love great taste.

The preparation of guayusa is easy as you determine the taste required by the quantity of water you add to the product. With just minimal heating, your drink is ready for consumption.

The guayusa tree is grown by families in the Ecuador on a small-scale basis, and you will realize that apart from it being produced for income generation, it also works as the rainforest conserver hence it is environment friendly. The harvesting is easy as it entails plucking of the leaves for quick usage.

Guayusa, the newest tea in the US, has many uses and this traces from early ages by traditional Ecuador communities. The following are some of the uses and benefits.

Benefits Of Guayusa

Just like other stimulants in the world, guayusa has a lot of uses. Since it has been around for the past 2000 years, many people around the world (where this plant is grown) have praised it in many ways.

For instance, in Ecuador, the guayusa plant has been grown as a way to sustain the people’s economy in the country. Most of the people who grow this plant get money from selling it commercially hence we can confirm its financial benefits that are instant.

The guayusa tea is also beneficial in many traditional rituals in Ecuador.

Since it is a plant that is grown in the rainforest areas, it finds itself being used in carrying out various rituals in Ecuador. Note that most of the indigenous people in Ecuador have praised this crop as a way of bringing together the communities and making several rituals. It was also taken in the morning hours as elders took the opportunity to teach young people the ways of life in the Ecuador.

The chance to share guayusa tea drink also helped in uniting the community and impacting the necessary skills needed for survival. The plant is also beneficial for the conservation of the rainforest.

Since it’s a fast-growing plant in the rain forest, then it is planted in wider areas to ensure the forest remains green and protected.  The purpose of growing it under big trees ensures the ground is protected from direct sunlight hence all the minerals in the soil continue to promote the rainforest trees.

The plant tea is also used as caffeine. Since it features caffeine, it is mostly used as a stimulant to enable the mind to get the energy needed to work well during difficult tasks. The tea is prepared in minutes and served.

The drinkers report added energy and focus hence it is a great stimulant with balances minerals to supplement body energy. Once you drink this tea, you will encounter sustained wakefulness and an urge to stay energized for any upcoming activity. This is due to the caffeine present.

This product has fewer health risks as it contains all the needed ingredients to support your body. Note that, unlike other drinks that taste bitter with fewer ingredients, this tea has a great flavor and a beautiful taste, hence it is a good drink to give you energy and a good feeling.

This tea also features important health benefits as it contains antioxidants that protect the body from negative stress. It acts as an anti-aging drug, as well as helps in reduction of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular infections and diabetes.

It is also used as a digestive tract cancer inhibitor, therefore it is a good product for the body’s general health. Another strong benefit is the suppression of appetite leading to weight loss.

This ensures your body remains in shape and disease free, at least from the ones that come from being overweight. Lastly, this drink aids in digestion, as well as body immunity from different diseases.

Possible Side Effects Of Guayusa Tea

The guayusa tea has minimal side effects. However, when used in excess during pregnancy it can lead to severe damage. This drug should not be used when pregnant unless you have specific instructions from your doctor.

You can experience loss of sleep for a very long time when you have used this product so it is not useful when you need to get some good rest. Lack of good preparation can result in an inferior product with fewer benefits on your body’s health.

Therefore, before you take this drink, you need first to consult your doctor to know whether it’s healthy to have it when suffering from any medical condition. This stimulant features fewer side effects and that makes it a great drink for your mental sharpness.

Top Guayusa Tea Products

If you are considering switching from standard drinks to guayusa tea, then the market has the best products for you and the ingredients are excellent to give you the sweetest taste. Within this product, you will find long-lasting benefits that will keep you wanting more. Therefore, we have sampled the top products for you.

They are listed as follows. RUNA Clean Energy is natural and has no side effects. It’s sweet and features no bitterness. The product is easy to prepare and the cost is cheap.

It’s approved as a safe product both for the environment and human consumption. It offers the easiest way to promote general body health, as well as keep the body motivated and in focus.

Ruby Red Guayusa is also a natural product with a lot of energy-giving ingredients. It’s naturally derived from guayusa tea leaves and quickly prepared for drinking. Its medicinal value is also a valuable contribution to the consumer of this product. It’s easy to get and the cost is cheap. Runa Amazon Guayusa is a favorite type with natural formulation.

It’s approved for human use and is environment friendly. Note that this model is easy to use and has all the necessary ingredients to give your body energy and protection against adverse ailments such as cancer and diabetes.

It is the most commonly used product on the market and the cost is reasonable. Since it’s a top product, you will love the taste. Organic Guayusa Tea features a smooth flavor and is mostly used by farmers across the rainforest. This product is made naturally and has all the benefits ranging from economic to health. It’s easily available online for your purchase.

Since it’s ranked among the highest products on Amazon, then its approval of use is guaranteed, and your safety is taken care of. Guava Unsweetened is another product from guayusa tea that is well packaged for your use. Note that this product has a sweet taste and has all the needed ingredients to give your body strength.

Traditional Guayusa is another product that is made naturally. It has great flavors and has all the necessary ingredients to make your body healthy. Since is made naturally, it's regarded as safe for your consumption and for the environment. You will be happy with its ability to give extra energy to your body.

WAYKANA Guayusa Teabags is another product from guayusa. It’s well packaged and has all that you need to make it sweet and energetic. It offers excellent medicinal value to your body and is an ideal product for those needing caffeine. It’s easy to purchase and the outcome is appealing.

Guayusa Tea Final Words

With guayusa tea in place, you can easily get the kind of energy you want easily. This plant has a lot of benefits that range from environmental to physical body benefits. As you purpose to take this drink, you will be adding value to your body regarding energy and general body health.

If you have any allergies, contact your doctor before taking this tea as it might result in reactions on your body.

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