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In today’s generation, more and more consumers have tailored their nutritional needs in order to include supplements. Supplements range from daily intake of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, to workout essentials. Unfortunately, most supplements’ providers have failed to differentiate the bodily systems of that of a woman and a man.

For instance, both women and men metabolize differently, and may have varying levels of hormones that one may have and the other not so much. This is where Dr Vim’s may come into play.

On average, using Dr Vim’s can help to improve energy and stamina levels, provide stress and mood support, increase circulation, regulate hormones and deliver optimal nutrients that the body requires.

The intention of this review is to further reflect upon gender-specific supplements by analyzing Dr Vim’s in terms of its purpose, the products offered, and its overall affordability.

What is Dr. Vim's?

Dr. Vim's specializes in offering customized formulas that can potentially increase energy and focus while ultimately achieving a sense of youthfulness. Its uniqueness can be reflected via its gender-specific supplements that are tailored on the functions of a woman and a man.

Key Ingredients in Dr. Vim's

Dr. Vim's uses three key ingredients as the foundation to each formula offered. They are herbs which include Ashwaganda, Maca and Dendrobium. This is mainly because it can positively influence the adrenal glands.

Adrenal glands are a type of endocrine glands that are found right above the kidneys. Its key role is to produce different types of hormones that may impact one’s energy and blood pressure levels, sex hormones and the way consumers respond to stress. For e.g. given a stressful situation one consumer might remain unusually calm while the other may experience a sense of panic.

It is believed that the stronger the adrenal glands, the stronger one may be, hence using Adaptogenic herbs like Ashwaganda, Maca and Dendrobium may help improve the body’s defense system and one’s response to a situation.

What Does Dr Vim’s Offer?

Dr. Vim's carries two supplements; one designed for women and the other for men. The following will look closely at each supplement in terms of its purpose and support systems, the ingredients and its recommended uses:


Yinenergy is a woman’s dietary supplement that claims to promote optimal energy and focus. Unlike consuming coffee, Yinenergy has been designed to achieve sustained energy that takes at most a day to really activate within one’s system. The formula claim to reflect certain concerns including energy and stamina, stress and mood support, tissue rejuvenation, digestive support and potentiation.

In addition, the ingredients used are:

  • Pure Cordyceps Super: 100mg
  • LongjaX: 50mg
  • Ashwanganda: 150mg
  • Oat Straw: 40mg
  • American Ginseng: 100mg
  • Dendrobium Nobile: 100mg
  • Rehmannia Glutinosa: 100mg
  • Advantra Z: 50mg
  • Licorice: 50mg
  • Moomiyo Ultra: 50mg
  • Bioperine: 5mg

The recommended dosage of the Yinenergy is 2 capsules; one in the morning and one at noon.


The purpose of Vigor is similar to that of Yinenergy but for men. In addition, it can potentially increase physical performance and induce one’s cognitive abilities.

The differences between the two types of supplements is the presence of hormone kinetics and nitric oxide enhancement in Vigor. Similarly the doses per ingredients in each serving also fluctuates.

Here is a quick look:

  • Pure Cordyceps Super: 200mg
  • LongjaX: 75mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea: 75mg
  • Ashwanganda: 300mg
  • Oat Straw: 20mg
  • Maca: 250mg
  • Nettle: 50mg
  • Dendrobium Nobile: 150mg
  • Cistanche Pure: 200mg
  • Advantra Z: 25mg
  • Licorice: 25mg
  • Moomiyo Ultra: 25mg
  • Bioperine: 2.5mg

The recommended dosage of the Vigor is also 2 capsules; one in the morning and one at noon.

When comparing the two supplement facts, it is clear that women require increased help for nutrients delivery, digestion and overall absorption, whereas men need further support with stress, mood, circulation and hormonal balances. Why is there a drastic difference amongst the two? This is why gender-specific supplements are important to consider.

Why Do Gender Specific Supplements Exist?

Gender-specific supplements exist because a woman’s bodily structure, both inside and out is different compared to that of a man. A woman’s stomach digests food at a slower rate than a man’s. They also have increased estrogen hormones in the body whereas men have testosterone.

Furthermore, women are believed to oxidize more lipids than they do carbohydrates compared to men.Ultimately, the differences in hormones are the determining factors of how a woman’s and man’s body functions.

How Much Does Dr. Vim's Cost?

The current going price of both the Yinenergy and Vigor is $35 respectively. Each container includes exactly 15 days worth of supply. Consumers can save slightly more by purchasing in bulk. Here is a sample list of the different prices and quantities offered:

  • 4 Pack Yinenergy: $126
  • 4 Pack Vigor: $126
  • His & Her 2 Pack: $65
  • His & Her 4 Pack: $126

Is Dr. Vim's Worth Considering?

When it comes to how women and men take supplements, their respective body types and functions should be considered. Both of Dr Vim’s Yinenergy and Vigor are worth considering because the herbal extracts used and its doses reflect the requirements of the two different bodily functions.

In addition, each ingredient is categorized based on its associated benefits, which allows consumers to better understand its role in helping achieve enhanced health. The overall prices are fairly set given that the formula consists of natural plants versus others that may contain synthetically produced components.

To find out more, go to: https://drvims.com.


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