Vinaya – Smart Wearable Jewelry For Better Lifestyle Research?


There is now a growing demand for smart wearable's. According to a statistical report published in The Statistics Portal, the smart wearable industry was valued at more than $2 billion in 2015. The website forecasts based from the current data available that by 2018, this industry will skyrocket to $5.8 billion.

The popularity of smart devices could be credited to the need of people to live a healthier lifestyle. Smart wearable devices now come in varied shapes and sizes – these could be in the form of jewelry, glasses, trackers, watches, health and fitness trackers, and others.

One of the names that have recently been put on focus in the smart wearable industry is Vinaya and this article will be talking about its background and products.

What is Vinaya?

Vinaya is a London-based company that started out in 2013. This is spearheaded by CEO Kate Unsworth, a mathematician and artist. Unsworth’s fields of interests are reflected upon the products of Vinaya.

The company was an idea born from the unusual lifestyle led by its CEO. According to Unsworth, she was always in tune with her devices. Her family complained that she was never really present whenever they were with her.

The CEO realized that being connected with her devices all the time was making her disconnected with what was going on around her.

She soon realized that she needed a tool that would make her live realistically, but during that time, this tool did not exist yet. Unsworth decided to quit her job and built the tool herself and in 2015, Vinaya’s first product – the Altruis – was born.

Product Highlights

Vinaya creates and sells smart jewelry. Their website currently features the Altruis X, which comes in several designs. According to the information found on the website, the Altruis X is a “modern well-being that you can wear” that comes in these variants:

  • The Sport Collection ( Black Frame with Black Silicone)
  • The Leather Collection (Black Frame with Black Leather)
  • The Metal Mesh Collection (Silver Metal Mesh
  • The Metal Mesh Collection (Rose Gold Metal Mesh)

The Altruis X is designed to work with the Vinaya App, which is available for free in the App Store. The app can work with or without the accessory. Some of the features included in the app are as follows:

  • DAILY: daily reflections in several categories
  • TOOLS: set of tools that were intended to create balance in the life of the user
  • INSIGHTS: personalized insights for individual users that monitor the likes of sleep, activity, and phone usage

Vinaya Reviews

Reviewers are divided about their opinion on the Vinaya App. Some say that they were satisfied with it, but one reviewer in the Google Store complained that it’s not yet fully functional.

Meanwhile, the company website displays positive reviews from different publications like Elle, Financial Times, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

Where to Purchase Vinaya

Vinaya products can be purchased from their online store which can be easily found on their website. These are also available in select online retailers like Thrive Global and Gadgets & Wearables.

Vinaya Review Summary

Vinaya wearables are not the first to enter the industry, but if there is one thing that they can call uniquely theirs, that is the merger of technology and fashion with their smart jewelry accessories. These are made for people who love to look good and lead very busy lifestyles.


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