MakeMyPlate – Complete Visual Healthy Diet Meal Planner?


MakeMyPlate as a app develop for both iOS and Android devices that gives users support in eating healthy based on their lifestyles.

What is the MakeMyPlate App?

MakeMyPlate is a new app available on both iOS and Android devices that help users lose weight by giving users support in choosing meal components based on visual pictures.

Additionally, this app gives users access to thousands of low calorie meal suggestions, easy to follow grocery lists, and community support to help keep people motivated and dedicated.

Make My Plate utilizes a team of registered dieticians and nutritionists who help design healthy meal plans and offer ingredient alternatives allow users to truly customize their meal based on dietary restrictions and preferences.

The app also provides a visual guide for creating balanced plates and give users insight into calories, portion size, protein content, and carbohydrate levels.

This app even helps users choose restaurants while eating out to help them not break their diet. The Make My Plate App offers users access to a live support group and provides real time live support to help people make the best choices when eating.

The Make My Plate App gives users the ability to create a plate visually through the app and get advice from a nutritional expert to help them improve the nutrition or reduce the calories.

MakeMyPlate App Features

This app truly gives users a variety of ways to help coach themselves in making healthy choices when deciding what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks.

This App is perfect for men and women who want support in achieving their weight loss goals by changing their diet and making healthier lifestyle choices.

This app requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Make My Plate App is available in either English or Hebrew.

MakeMyPlate Meal Plans

Currently the Make My Meal App offers four different meal plans that are available through in app purchases. Soon the Make My Meal App will offer a Healthy Vegan component but it is not currently available for download. Please read below for a bit more information about each meal plan.

-Red Carpet Loss:

This meal plan is designed by Basheerah Ahmad who is a certified personal trainer and a celebrity fitness expert. Basheerah has helped celebrity clients improve their diet and improve their health. Her clients have included Vivica A. Fox, Jordin Sparks, Steve Harvey, and Carrie Underwood.

-Gluten Free and Paleo Plans:

These plans are available to be purchased separately but are led by the same person named Betty Murray. Betty is a certified nutritionist and a certified functional medicine practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Betty specializes in helping people make nutritional choices that support their autoimmune condition or digestive orders. Betty has also a wide range of experience in helping people with hormonal balance issues.

-The New York Body Plan:

This popular plan is developed by David Kirsch. Many people may recognize his name due to his namesake business in New York City called David Kirsch Wellness as well as the Madison Square Club also in New York City. David helped develop this app following the publication of his first book called

The Ultimate New York Body Plan. David’s clients have included Liv Tyler, Heidi Klum, and Kate Upton.

-Healthy Vegan (coming soon):

This program is led by Nicky Holender whose clients have included Gerard Butler, Robbie Williams, Kendra Wilkinson, Gilles Marini, and Chris Harrison. More information will come as the app is ready for download. Currently there is no release date information available about this diet plan component.

MakeMyPlate App Pricing

The basic Make My Plate App is free. The company does offer in app purchases for each specialized meal plan. This app can be downloaded through Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

The Red Carpet Loss Plan is available for download for $5.99, the Ultimate NY Body Plan is available for $5.99, the Paleo Plan costs $5.99, and the Gluten Free plan is $5.99.

Users can choose to pay $9.99 and gain access to all four meal plans.

The Healthy Vegan plan is coming soon but there is not a specific release date mentioned on the apps homepage

Should You Buy the MakeMyPlate App?

The MakeMyPlate is a good option for people who are trying to stay on track when dieting and want a support system to help them make choices and stay focused. This App offers a variety of ways to use the contents to help no matter if people are cooking at home or eating out.
There is more information available online at People interested in downloading this app are encouraged to visit this webpage to see screenshots and read more information.

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