Vaxxen Labs – Muscle Builder, Pre-Workout, Fat Burner & Protein?


Vaxxen Labs is a supplement manufacturer that just launched earlier in 2017. Find out everything you need to know about Vaxxen Labs today in our review.

What is Vaxxen Labs?

Vaxxen Labs is a nutritional supplement manufacturer known for supplements like Androxx, Axxis, and Cinerate.

The company is based in Warren, Ohio. They sell their supplements online through Amazon and through their official website at

Today, most Vaxxen Labs supplements are either prohormones or cycle support supplements. The company sells testosterone precursors – which are totally legal in the supplement industry. You take these supplements, and your body has the building blocks needed to make more testosterone. Vaxxen Labs has supplements designed to raise testosterone levels with minimal side effects or liver damage.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Vaxxen Labs supplements available today.

Vaxxen Labs Supplements

Vaxxen Labs sells about 10 different supplements. All company supplements come in a red, white, and blue bottle or tub. Most of the supplements are capsule supplements, although the company’s preworkout formula and protein powder come in the form of a powder.

Androxx ($79.99)

Androxx is categorized as a “lean muscle agent”. What does that mean? Androxx is essentially a testosterone booster. The ingredients include a 1-DHEA blend consisting of various testosterone precursors (including 1 androstene). These ingredients convert Androstenediol to Androstenedione in your body, then convert that to 1-testosterone. Each container has 60 servings (60 tablets).

Axxis ($79.99)

Axxis contains a 4-DHEA blend featuring similar ingredients to Androxx. It’s categorized as a “mass agent”, but it works mostly as a prohormone. Key ingredients in Axxis include 4 androstene in various forms. The company describes it as their “most powerful mass anabolic agent” and claims it can produce rapid gains in strength and size within a few weeks.

Cinerate ($44.99)

Cinerate is a fat burner that promises to burn fat away from your body while also reducing your appetite and increasing your energy. It’s a thermogenic fat burner that contains a high level of caffeine in each serving. Each 3 capsule serving (30 servings per container), for example, contains 275mg of caffeine anhydrous. Other key ingredients in the formula include acetyl-l-carnitine, green coffee bean extract, olive leaf extract, green tea extract, and Hordenine.

Descend ($69.99)

Descend is a post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement that helps your body “descend” from a cycle with minimal side effects. To ease your body into a post-cycle routine, the formula uses ingredients like N-acetyl-cysteine, tribulus terrestris, stinging nettle powder, saw palmetto, and milk thistle. Some of the ingredients are designed to raise testosterone levels in your body (mildly), while other ingredients (like milk thistle) are designed to support your liver.

Exxstane ($49.99)

Exxstane is a cycle support supplement that contains two active ingredients: 500mg of Safed Musli (50% saponins) and 75mg of Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione. Exxstane describes itself as “the key” to maintaining a healthy steroid cycle. You can increase your lean body mass and decrease your body fat without impacting your estrogen and sexual function permanently. Exxstane is an aromatase inhibitor that “raises your natural myotropic state”, explains Vaxxen Labs on its official website. Ultimately, it means you won’t have to worry about an increase in estrogen production during or after your cycle.

Fulcrum ($39.99)

Fulcrum is a preworkout formula that comes in a flavor called “Bombsicle”. There are 30 scoops (11.5 grams per scoop) in each container. One scoop contains a very strong dose of caffeine (350mg of caffeine anhydrous) along with strong doses of vitamin B6 (1000% Daily Value), vitamin B12 (8335% DV), L-citrulline malate (4g), and beta alanine (2.5g). Other ingredients include Alpha GPC, theobromine, and Huperzia serrata. Based on the ingredients listed, Fulcrum should significantly boost your energy while also sharpening your cognitive function and focus.

Norexx ($79.99)

Norexx calls itself a lean mass agent. In reality, it’s a prohormone that claims to be “six times more anabolic than testosterone but with fewer androgenic side effects”. How can Norexx be more powerful than testosterone despite being legally available in a nutritional supplement? Well, as mentioned above, you can legally sell the building blocks to testosterone in the form of a supplement – you just can’t sell anabolic steroids and pure testosterone. The active ingredient in Norexx is 75mg of a 19-NorDHEA blend containing three types of 19-NorAndrost. You take the supplement daily to improve lean muscle mass without side effects. Compared to testosterone, only 20% of Norexx is converted into estrogen. So you can reduce side effects while protecting your liver.

Pillar ($39.99)

Pillar is a cycle support supplement that contains a blend of liver support formulas and antioxidant blends. Key ingredients include N-acetyl-cysteine, red yeast rice powder, saw palmetto, hawthorn berry and leaf extract, celery seed extract, and grape seed extract.

Wheyxx ($36.99)

Wheyxx is a whey protein blend available in birthday cake flavor. Each serving (1 scoop / 28 servings per container) has 24g of protein. Key ingredients include whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and sucralose for sweetening.

Vaxxen Labs Pricing

We mentioned supplement prices above. There are a couple other important points to note about Vaxxen Labs’ pricing:

  • 25% discounts are available to students, first responders, and military
  • $9.99 worldwide delivery is available on all orders over $100
  • Free shipping is available to all United States addresses on orders over $50

The company has an online store at the official website. Some of the company’s supplements are also sold through Amazon – so you may want to shop around to make sure you get the best price.

About Vaxxen Labs

Vaxxen Labs is based at the following address in Ohio:

118 East Market St

Warren, OH 44481

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-406-2449.

Should You Buy Vaxxen Labs Supplements?

Vaxxen Labs is a supplement manufacturer that specializes in prohormones, PCT supplements, liver support supplements, and similar products. They also sell a preworkout (called Fulcrum) and a protein powder. The company is based in Ohio.

Vaxxen Labs is a relatively new company. There’s limited information or reviews about the company available online. They just launched in 2017 – so expect more reviews to appear online over the next few months. Typically, prohormones taken orally have significantly lower bioavailability than other steroid-like methods (like, 2 to 5% bioavailability compared to 90 to 100% bioavailability). That means many of the active ingredients in Vaxxen Labs’ supplements could be broken down before they reach the desired areas of your body.

It’s also important to note that Vaxxen Labs doesn’t link to any scientific studies or clinical trials supporting its claims. The company makes big claims about how its Norexx supplement is “six times more anabolic than testosterone but with fewer side effects”, for example, but it doesn’t link to studies reinforcing that claim.

Overall, we would have liked to have seen more evidence. However, if you’re looking for prohormone supplements legally available to purchase online and around the world, then Vaxxen Labs may be the right choice for you.

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